Marsha Malamet, songwriter and LGBT activist,needs our help!

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Marsha Malamet, songwriter and LGBT activist,needs our help! (Marsha Malamet)
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The Story

As you can see from our promotional flyer, we are holding a benefit concert for the singer/songwriter Marsha Malamet this coming May but there is critical need for funding right now to address her serious medical condition - scroll through the rest of the pictures and video on this site and we're sure you'll agree.

Marsha is a legendary songwriter - and when you see the artists she’s worked with and hear about her contribution to the world of music as well as human rights, it’s clear she holds an important place in the history of both!  Her songs have been recorded by Barbra Streisand, Faith Hill, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Meatloaf, Jessica Simpson, Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, Hugh Jackman, Judy Collins, and many more.   But most importantly, Marsha collaborated with superstar Peter Allen and legendary AIDS activist Michael Callen on the iconic AIDS anthem, "Love Don't Need a Reason".

That song was the spiritual rallying cry at almost every AIDS event during the worst years of the crisis. It has been recorded by over 35 singers including Barbara Cook, Holly Near and the three writers themselves. And it has become a staple of gay choruses around the world, not only to raise money and awareness about AIDS, but to underscore human rights for the whole LGBT community! For instance, when the LGBT community in Britain rallied for marriage equality, they sang “Love Don’t Need A Reason” as a spiritual protest song during rallies outside the walls of Parliament.

Marsha helped many suffering with AIDS and other afflictions with her positivity and uplifting music and raised millions of dollars for the cause. Now she is ailing and needs our help.  Her health has suddenly and dramatically declined, making it impossible for her to care for herself – or her two beloved dogs – and impossible to play piano, sing, or write music.

Her doctors say her tremors, weakness and severe exhaustion may possibly be cause by Parkinson’s disease, possibly be caused by chronic Lyme disease.. no one is quite sure. That's because these sorts of disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose with any certainty. But no matter what the cause, mainstream doctors have very little to offer in the way of a cure or even symptom management!

However, there is hope. Dr. Lonnie Herman is a highly regarded, innovator in the field of alternative healing in Florida who has had great success in restoring wellness to people with these kinds of debilitating neurological symptoms, whatever their origin. Their record is verifiable, his results are impressive, and his prices are significantly lower than other clinics of this nature. But Marsha has not got the financial resources to receive what could be a life-saving protocol and remain in house and home, since she hasn't been able to work for over a year, and it may be a while before she is able to.

That’s why, as her friend and fellow artist, I’m reaching out to ask you to help Marsha Malamet on her road to recovery. Without our help, the next step for this creative, dynamic and generous spirit is a wheel chair and the loss of all her functions and her independence. And that would be be a huge loss to the rest of the world, because there are so many more songs waiting to be written and shared by this talented artist. When Marsha recovers, we plan to produce a fundraiser concert to help others in her situation and she looks forward to writing new powerful music that can change the world. But right now, let’s give back to the woman who has already so much to her community.

Thank you for caring!

Hillary Rollins, Clifford Bell, Ralph Lampkin, and a team of other Marsha supporters!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 11, 2017


Posted on June 11, 2017

Dear Friends of Marsha Malamet,

Marsha is continuing to fight, but her symptoms are continuing to progress. We will likely readmit her to Cedar's for more supervision this week and then probably on to some more comprehensive 24-hour care. 

In the meantime, there are two practitioners in the Los Angeles area with which Marsha needs to begin treatment and unfortunately, her health insurance provides little to no coverage for these.

We are once again at a critical juncture, when Marsha is in need of higher level medical attention from specialists, more one-on-one daily care and more modalities to keep her body from shutting down. Therefore, we are asking for a new level of giving from everyone so that we can help her over this large hill she is mounting as we speak.

To break it down, we are asking for approximately $15,000 for her immediate medical, nutritional and living needs for the next several months and another $15,000 for the next 9-12 months for medical and day to day nutritional maintenance. And then, with luck, she can return to a quality of life that will allow her to be more present and productive once again.

Marsha has given so much to her friends, to music, to the LGTBQ community and to all who have had the good fortune to know her and love and laugh in her presence. As time is of the essence for getting her to the next treatment and care phases, we cannot continue without all of us digging deep and doing what we can. We love Marsha and want to see her improving each day rather than declining, and we believe she has a good chance of recovery with the level of care we hope to access.

Please consider giving what you can to help this talented, special woman, so that together, we can endeavor to improve the quality of her life substantially, get her through this trying time as a team, and with a little luck, grace, and your huge generosity, send her on her way back to a more functional, healthy and creative life once again. 

Thank you all for your love, your hope for her recovery and your wonderful generosity!

Marsha's Care & Recovery Team,

Diana Grasselli

Robin Lerner

Hillary Rollins

Reach us by phone: (612) 630-1599

Posted on March 10, 2017


Posted on March 10, 2017

Ok, I'm finally getting a chance to send you all an update on Marsha's recovery.

First of all, thank you all so much for all your kind notes and generous contributions! Your love and support have contributed so much more to Marsha's work toward recovery than we can ever express! 

The following is an update on her care and progress!:

We had her scheduled for an appointment with the brilliant Dr. Lonnie Herman in Davie, Florida on 2/23, who has had tremendous results with patients with her similar issues. I was planning to visit her in LA after her appointment with him, but after several conversations with her, I did not like the way she was sounding, so I booked a flight for LA for two weeks prior. 

After a few days with her and witnessing an even more accelerated decline - severe edema in her legs, extreme weakness, fogginess, slurred speech and breathlessness - it was off to Cedars Sinai with her where they ran a full battery of tests on all her vital systems. The docs at Cedars were very thorough. All her vital indicators, enzyme levels, blood tests, ultrasounds, EKG’s came up strong, fortunately.  And after a lot of fine and stressful strategic movements and planning having to do with each level of diagnosis dovetailing into the next, the hospital released her 5 days later to a “Rehab” facility for PT and other monitoring.

When Robin Lerner and I arrived at the facility at about 8:30p to check in on her, we looked at each other in recognition of the fact that we had just entered THE INNER SANCTUM OF HELL! We hung out with her there for 2 1/2 hours, during which time, NO ONE in this horror house showed up to care for her. After taking a spin around the place, squinting in the dim light, holding our noses from the putrid stench and our ears from the ghastly sounds in constant play, we quickly packed her up and scurried her out of there and back to safe home.

In the richest nation in the world, this seems to be the quality of care available for the elderly and infirmed. It is a travesty. So that option flew off the table, and home she went. We were able to get a nurse and a PT person to come to the house a couple times a week instead, and her caregiver, Nancy has been working overtime for little compensation to keep her from harm's way during the nights.

As amazing as the team at Cedars is, medical docs offer ultimately only one treatment option for someone with her Parkinson's symptoms, even though she doesn't really have a definitive diagnosis of that disease, and that is the administering of L Dopamine - a powerful drug which allays symptoms for a short time while continuing to destroy intrinsic health and vitality, so that after time, the body crashes and bottoms out for good.

So, with the opportunity to work with a physician who is practicing what will undoubtedly be the future of medicine, and after getting her edema under control, a bill of health on her heart and other systems, and the assistance of her sweet caregiver, Nancy, we were able to put the two of them on a plane to Miami so she could keep her appointment with Dr. Herman!

Upon arrival, he did a thorough workup of her over the course of 3 hours or so and had encouraging news for her based on his innovative diagnostic procedure and proscribed protocol she will need to follow for the next 6 mo to a year and beyond, of various life-supportive substances, dietary prescriptions and other modalities. I’ll let her tell you more about it as she starts to experience her recovery.

As for now, we are in the process of stabilizing her living situation, meeting her daily/nightly care and expense needs, which are currently pressing and 24/7. We are connecting her with as many public and private agencies as we can whose foci are to provide added support to senior and disabled patients, but here again, America is a terrible place to be poor, sick and aging. We are looking into housing options, transportation assistance and much needed caregiving for evenings, among other things. Any suggestions, assistance or visitations you all might have to offer are certainly welcome, until such time as she can take care of her self again!

This is a very challenging time for her and for those of us who are caring for her and the support of her friends continues to provide much needed daily assistance. There is still work to be done - more fundraising, more strategic planning, more leg work, more treatments and more comfort and support to provide - and all we can do is thank everyone who has come forward to join us in the recovery efforts of this wonderful, talented and soulful woman, while we hope and pray for the best outcome possible for her.

Please pass this fundraiser on to your communities so that more people might be able to join us in this support web. In the meantime, we remain optimistic that, in time, these treatments, the help of us all and Marsha's strong will to thrive, will rebuild her health and quality of life for years to come!

We will keep this page active for as long as help is needed, continue posting updates and look forward to the time when we can take it down because she has made it through this gauntlet!

But for now, the work continues!

We on Marsha's care team - Robin Lerner, Hillary Rollins, myself and others, send you all much love, gratitude and hope for the future!

I am posting my phone number here in case anyone would like to reach out with questions, suggestions or words of support.

Until then,

Diana Grasselli

Posted on February 8, 2017

Posted on February 8, 2017

Friends! Thank you for all your wonderful support, your words of love and encouragement and your financial contributions to Marsha's treatment and recovery fund! Marsha’s treatment plan is evolving as we get more insight into her issues. We have found two doctors, one in Los Angeles and one in Florida who can better meet her medical needs and the urgent nature of them at this time. We are encouraged that, with their areas of specialty, we are getting closer to a diagnosis of Marsha's complicated set of issues. We will keep you posted as developments occur. Please keep sending your prayers and support her way and keep spreading the word, as these are what are sustaining and allowing Marsha to remain focused on the possibilities even as her body seems to be expressing the opposite. She is going to need all the strength we can muster in the coming weeks, but we are confident that together we can help her return to a quality of life that she can enjoy for years to come! Sending lots of love to you all! Hillary, Diana and Marsha's recovery team!

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Marsha Malamet, songwriter and LGBT activist,needs our help!

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