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The Story

Shirley Adams was one of the most loving, caring and giving persons on earth before her wrongful death at the hands of hopelessly corrupted State of Michigan USA public officials, July 15, 2015.  Shirley's life, family, property, family business, all that she loved and lived for were systematically destroyed with impunity following some of the most despicable acts of domestic terrorism ever perpetrated on American soil.

In the end, Shirley Adams beautiful life and world were turned upside down and snuffed out. Shirley and Mark Adams were dragged through a living hell on earth before her wrongful death.  Shirley never had her day in court.  Not one government official, no one from law enforcement, not one of six judges making judgments and court Ordered defilements in her case leading to her untimely death ever cared to speak with, never set eyes on Shirley, or preserve her well-being, safety and happiness in her Frankenmuth, MI home.

Six days before Christmas 2014, Shirley Adams was denied Due Process and Constitutional protections, stripped of her human rights and dignities.  Shirley Adams loving son, her primary caregiver and protector, her lawfully appointed Durable Powers of Attorney for both medical and financial matters, her accountants and attorney, ALL were taken from her by corrupted State of Michigan officials when she needed them most.  Corrupted State officials assured Shirley Adams would never be seen alive again, not even to say goodbye.  

All Shirley Adams careful estate and end-of-life planning were abruptly undone by corrupted State of Michigan officials STILL obstructing justice to this day.  Shirley was forcibly drugged, abducted from her home, taken out-of-State against her will, was dead within 7 months of said State-sponsored terrorism and her estate looted.  Shirley Adams body was desecrated and shipped home naked in a cold shipping container.  The persons and parties responsible have yet to be held accountable, face justice, and no corrective actions taken to safeguard the elderly and most vulnerable, make sure such atrocities, cruel and unusual punishments don't keep happening with regularity in Michigan.

For all his good deeds and selfless acts, Mark Adams has endured decades of ever-worsening State persecutions, false charges, arrests, abductions, forced druggings, tortured, terrorized and worse at the hands of some of the worlds most corrupted law enforcement, judiciary, and public officials still in positions of power today.  

The Shirley Adams Justice Fund was created with a happier ending and legacy in mind.  All proceeds are earmarked toward restoration of Human Rights, Environmental Protections, Liberty, Justice, Accountability, and Transparency to America, to make sure the story about what happened to Shirley Adams and her family is told, and STOP this epidemic State sponsored terrorism before it destroys others.

Until now, this family has always taken care of themselves and others, self-funding all the family's environmental justice and human rights initiatives through hard work and diligence, depending on no one else UNTIL the State of Michigan unlawfully seized control of Adams family businesses and assets, December 19, 2014. 

Please do what you can (it takes much more than just money) to see the corrupted Local, State, and Federal officials responsible for Shirley Adams wrongful death, looting of her estate and ongoing despicable human rights abuses throughout America are removed from public office and justice is restored, ASAP.

Your donations to The Shirley Adams Justice Fund are deeply appreciated and essential to successful grassroots efforts urgently needed to facilitate truth, justice, meaningful corrective actions, political, legislative and judicial reforms via a new website, Twitter, Facebook, and social media.  

With enough generous donations, successful social, political, media, and legal campaigns will reaffirm America's Constitution still stands strong and protected. Mark Adams especially appreciates your contribution as it exemplifies the power of one, what one person can do to help honor Americas commitments to liberties and justice for ALL, uphold laws and enforcement to protect rights of all citizens starting with children, the elderly, the mentally infirm, the impoverished and most vulnerable among us.

Please visit for more details and updates.

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