Let's Bring Mark Home: We Are Family Fund

For: Mark Lewis
Los Angeles, CA
Organizer: Tef Foo
Let's Bring Mark Home: We Are Family Fund (Mark Lewis)
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The Story

Hello my brothers and sisters,

Thank you for reading my letter and your support for Mark Lewis.

A quick recap: I am pulling together a group effort of $300 per person, to raise up to $30,000 of partial support for Mark's sister to retain the best legal counsel in Seoul for Mark.

(of course, any donations are appreciated)

Please rally and help us reach the $30K goal as soon as possible. Time is of the essence if we are to save Mark's life.

I will also hold a reception at Jean Louis’s cafe in Santa Monica when we hand over the money to Mark’s sister and family. All contributors are welcome to join.

Thank you for your urgent contribution.

Let’s handle this for our brother Mark Lewis and get him home.

Love you all.

Your brother,


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 12, 2016

Posted on September 12, 2016

Greetings everyone,

Hope your weekend went well.

A couple of updates and a letter from Mark’s sister below;

I have officially signed over the withdraw access to Mark’s sister Anna Armstrong; The fundraising will continue until we reach our goal, meanwhile Mark’s family would have access to the funds raised anytime as we keep going.

Thank you everyone who had donated this last week: Mitch Deyoung, Rudy Artavia, Matthew Grim, Megan Mygatt, Isaac Campos, Malin and Francois Starr, Marcus and Cissi Willner and Wade Hampton – I love you and Mark would be appreciated beyond words.

Please continue to help spread the words and support Mark’s journey home.

Here’s a letter from Mark’s sister Anna Armstrong:


Firstly, I would like to introduce myself - My name is Anna Armstrong. I am Mark Lewis’s older sister. Growing up in the U.K. Mark and I we were always inseparable - I would follow Mark almost everywhere. Mark was always very popular - Mark would make friends wherever he went. Mark would see the good in all people no matter what. Mark would always make people feel good about themselves. Our Mom and Dad brought us up right – we certainly knew right from wrong and knew never to touch anything that did not belong to us. We were privileged kids and never went without.

Back in the 80’s Mark decided to leave the U.K. and move to the United States to see his fame & fortune. Two years later I of course followed… Mark made lots of friends in the States one of which was Tef Foo. Mark assisted and helped out Tef on many projects. When I received word that Mark was in trouble Tef Foo reached out without hesitation. Tef blew us away with his kindness & ran solo to set up and administer this donation page on Marks behalf. Tef worked diligently to raise funds and all funds donated would go towards Mark’s legal fees. Tef your kindness will never be forgotten!

My family and I understand that without the following Contributors None of this would have been feasible! We Sincerely want to Thank You All for assisting, giving/donating and supporting my dearest brother Mark Lewis in this time of need! Thank you, Tef Foo, Solomon Mansoor, Brenna Rochelle, Shapour Morovati, Daven Michaels, Laura Labelle, Yan Birch, Gio & Myra Brembilla, Jana Joy, Gary Richards, Michael Tullbery, Abdi Morovati, Sudan Ordona, Jake Peterson, Danny ‘B’ Bitar, Mitchell Deyoung, Rudy Artavia, Matthew Grim, Megan Mygatt, Isaac Campos, Malin & Francois Starr, Marcus & Cissi Willner for all your efforts. Mark is Truly Blessed to have friends like you. Thank you for showing Mark your unconditional Love and being proactive and for this my family and I will be forever thankful and deeply appreciative!

Mark put his trust in someone who he regarded as a friend (for No financial gain). This journey Mark is on was indeed pre-planned and all a Big Set Up…

Mark has been blessed with so many gifts in life, music, relationships and family based on being a DJ, entertainer while living in LA with Passion to the Global dance floor of clubs, festivals and celebrity events.

We understand our Mark shared Magic Moments, Joy and Unity with You All and You All mean so much to him. You have known Mark for so many years and have felt touched by his music and soul. Mark asks for your compassion and not to judge him to hard based on bad press and on what you have read or heard as gossip on the streets... Our family cannot go to press at this time but when the time is right we will tell Mark’s story.

Mark sends Much Love to you on understanding and keep the pure love and light burning bright in the Universe and in your musical hearts for our Mark and always

“Celebrate Life Through Dance”

God Bless for Now

Anna Armstrong & Family x

Posted on September 4, 2016

Posted on September 4, 2016

Greetings everyone,

Hope you are well and enjoying your long weekend.

It was a week ago we started this fundraising for our brother Mark Lewis, and we will continue to keep going until we reach our goal.

I would like to remind everyone again, our dear brother Mark Lewis is still in the custody of the Seoul authorities; Mark and his family are still in needs of any financial support we can give them to retain the best legal counsel he can get.

Herewith also, I would like to thank the following brothers and sisters who had contributed and sharing their support for Mark, Mark would be deeply touched and appreciated:

*In the order of the online contribution timeline:

Tef Foo

Solomon Mansoor

Brenna Rochelle

Shapour Morovati

Daven Michaels
Laura Labelle

Yan Birch

Gio & Myra Brembilla

Jana Joy

Gary Richards

Michael Tullbery

Abdi Morovati

Sudan Ordona

Jake Peterson

Danny ‘B’ Bitar

Extra thanks to Gio & Myra Brembilla for their extra generosity; and the Morovati brothers for making two contributions within a household name.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Next, I will be getting in touch with Mark’s family and see what they would like to do with the funds we raised so far.

Meanwhile, keep praying for our brother Mark Lewis.

We love you Mark,


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