Help Maria Cucuteanu defeat Hepatitis C!!!!

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Help Maria Cucuteanu defeat Hepatitis C!!!! (Maria Cucuteanu)
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The Story

Dear Family, Friends, Rescuers and Prayer Warriors,

On October 2nd 2017 my good friend 20 year old Maria Cucuteanu was diagnosed with Hepatitis C as well as damage to the liver.  It is difficult to express how deeply saddened and outraged...and I mean downright outraged I am over this latest setback in her life!

Yet despite the incredible hardships and pain she has endured throughout her young life, Maria has always been able to maintain her poise, her dignity, and a passion for life that refuses to be extinguished.  Maria possesses a personal courage few people her age has.  She is my hero.

Romania has the highest occurrence hepatitis C of any country in the European Union.  This is possibly due to tainted blood transmissions 30 to 40 years ago according to the European Liver Patients Association.  The real tragedy is that big pharma has made it almost impossible for the common citizen there to obtain drugs that can combat the disease and halt damage to the liver at reasonable costs.  

Well while local politicians figure out how to combat the pharmaceutical corporations inflated prices my friend is still suffering!  This initial campaign's goal has been set to a reasonable amount to hopefully ensure quick attainability to meet the following core objectives:

  1. Obtain various medications designed to combat Hep C
  2. Fund a special diet plan designed to help the body recover as it fights the disease
  3. Paying for various livings expenses (rent, etc.) for a set amount of recovery time so she wouldn't have to work while enduring the physical pain

If the response to this campaign doesn't turn out as we hope then even a modest amount of funds would be helpful.  We will improvise and adjust as funds come in.  Donations will focus on the medications first.  If we can't fund meds for 6 months then she will do a half order.  At the very least we need to be able to start her on the medications...any amount of soon as possible!  The window for her to start combating this is growing smaller by the minute.  Eventually there will be a point of no return where the liver will not be able to recover!

I have always believed with all sincerity that Maria was called by God to do something special in the earth to help people.  My prayer is that the will of God be done in this situation.  If you can not give to this campaign please pray.  Please pray for Maria.  But if you can act, if you can do something to help in this situation please do.  Please contact me if you would like more information.  Perhaps there is something you can do beyond simply donating.  I will post updates as they occur.  Thank you all.  God bless all of you! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 2, 2017

Posted on November 2, 2017

It has come to my attention from a Romanian that the fundraiser seemed fake because of the Romanian language  on the description was badly done.  Let me assure you this is not fake!  I simply did a google translate.  I will remove the romanian translation and let the english translation stand alone.  This is getting ridiculous!  Things are growing progressively worse for the girl.  At this point only God can do something for her.

Posted on October 31, 2017

Posted on October 31, 2017

As of the time of this posting, traction for the fundraiser has remained slow even as Maria's situation grows worse by the day.  To date Maria has not yet received treatment.  Her body continues to slowly shut down as she is not able to properly eat anymore or live without assistance.  Desperation is beginning to set in as she tries to find funding for treatment.  If anybody out there knows of a possible sponsor or can share this fundraiser with someone who can help please please do so!  And please pray!

Posted on October 19, 2017

Posted on October 19, 2017

The fundraising has been slow going so far as I am researching how to increase the online sharing.  In the meantime though the small amount of funds have been put to immediate use.  The few hundred euros to date is simply not enough for her to begin treatment.  But the money can at least go toward some dental work.  As a complication of the Hep C, her body can't maintain proper levels of calcium and she has lost a couple teeth as a result.  It is important for her mental nealth that she maintains a proper smile.  Vomiting also continues.  Without treatment she will progressively get worse.

Please, continue to share this to your social media, friends, church members, doctors, charity groups, anybody who would care and help.  Thanks.

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Help Maria Cucuteanu defeat Hepatitis C!!!!

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