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The Story

The battle continues into Mexico but Mandy is beating it and despite incredible pain and discomfort is still positive and smiling.

We need you all more than ever!!  Don't abandon us yet, please.  We appreciate all you have all done but please stay with us for the long haul.

If everyone that has already donated can sacrifice a small amount just once more, we will reach our target.

This is Mandy's story.

Mandy Bridson makes this world a better place.  She is a loving mom, wife, daughter, and sister and none of those people are ready to lose her.

She is a teacher, just like her husband Steve.

She is passionate about helping people, it is what drives her.

She has stage 4 colon cancer and conventional medicine has had little impact. Over the winter this campaign and all its generous donors, helped Mandy and her family get to Arizona where she received integrative treatments not available here in Canada. These worked to shrink her large tumour and hold her steady until she could receive surgery here in Canada to remove the tumour. This trip to Arizona truly saved her life (even the oncologists here are admitting it) and we couldn’t be more grateful. However, Arizona was expensive and most of the funds raised so far, went to saving her life last winter. Unfortunately during surgery, more peritoneal cancer was observed (“studding” on random areas of abdominal lining and organs) and was inoperable. She is now suffering from the activation of this cancer and must receive some kind of systemic treatment for it, if she hopes to continue the fight. The only treatment being offered here in Canada is a new chemo that offers “88% worsening of symptoms or death” and an average of 7.5 more months to live. That just doesn’t cut it for Mandy or any of us who love her!! She is planning to head to a reputable clinic in Mexico this time, where care is more affordable, more options for immunotherapy and a much better prognosis.  The doctors at this clinic have 30 years experience treating cancer and thousands of success stories, treating each patient on an individual basis. Again Mandy and her family could use your help!

She does not want to die, she absolutely wants to live.

She wants this treatment.

Just a few stories and anecdotes about Mandy so you understand her.

Mandy has for many years been volunteering and teaching all over the planet, throughout Asia and Africa as well as public schools in her hometown.  Her love for her students is apparent to anyone who's ever seen her interact with children.  Through her compassionate and dynamic teaching style, she has inspired countless students and fellow teachers to expand their views of the world, to reach out and help others and to live a full and adventurous life.

While doing so she also has literally saved countless lives.  She runs an annual sponsorship drive that supports 150 children from poor families to go to school in India and Tanzania.  Mandy knows everything about every child as if they were her own.  She not only sends them to school she has people check on their health and makes sure they get medical attention when needed, she makes sure they have glasses when needed, she raises money at Christmas for them to receive gifts.  She basically became a mother to 150 destitute poor kids and took them from suffering to success.

One example of the tenacity and huge heart of Mandy occurred when she heard of one of her sponsored students, a young Nepali boy, was abandoned in a remote village by his single mother and was in danger of being sold on the streets.    Mandy hiked into the mountains crossing the border illegally from India to Nepal to find the boy.  She negotiated with a number of villagers that she would provide for the boy, hiked him back across the border to India where her host family adopted him and loves him like their own.  Now, 10 years later this boy is a top student, happy, healthy, loved, and importantly, still connected to his home village.

There are so many stories like this.  

Walking through the jungle in India you might come across a house and on it written in cement is the name Elephant Thoughts, the children's charity Mandy volunteers for.  If you inquire about the origin of the little brick house you find out that Mandy had heard about three children living with her single, unemployed father when a fire broke out burning down their small, makeshift, jungle house.  What does Mandy do? Very quietly and humbly, with no fanfare or recognition, she raises the funds to build the family a brand new brick home complete with cow and chickens to provide an income.

These stories go on and on.  She has built and operated tiny village schools in the remotest of places, started a library and a traveling library, she has organized food programs for hungry kids, she has raised funds for earthquake relief, she has done more great work for thousands of people than most you will ever come across.

And this is just a small piece of Mandy.

When you get to know her you find a tireless champion of poor children, tenacious, sassy, passionate, selfless, adventurous.  She has a laugh that fills a room.  When Mandy is with you everyone is aware of her presence and in a better place because of it.  You will never meet a soul more positive than Mandy and just having her in your life makes you a more better person by osmosis.

The world and every life she touches is so much better just for her being here.

How did this awful disease strike down such a vital person?!

That makes no logical sense at all, we just can't know.
What we do know is, that if anyone can beat it, Mandy can.

With your help.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 8, 2018


Posted on July 8, 2018

Although the cancer treatments (immunotherapy, low dose chemo, naturopathics) are going well, I’m having a rough go my friends.  Still unable to pass food or liquids and throwing up a lot.  Living off IV electrolytes and minerals.  Weight loss continues.  Hopefully the treatments shrink things and loosen adhesions soon!  Could use EXTRA PRAYERS and LIGHT this week. I just want to be able to drink liquids again! 

Posted on June 28, 2018


Posted on June 28, 2018

Here's a little video showing some of the events of our first days in treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.  It's been a rockie road with me in so much pain, vomiting and generally just not digesting.  But the doctors are so caring and I've been getting top-notch care, including house calls (and one at 2am even!).  They've set me up with a home protocol too and it's keeping Steve and Noa busy, organizing and filling bags with drugs to keep me happy and pain free.  I've gained some energy and and starting to get a little better already.   I could not have made it to the beach, no way, when I first came, but did manage to get there for my birthday and a nice afternoon.


Posted on June 23, 2018


Posted on June 23, 2018

Finding joy in little thing, I got my birthday wish and I made it to the beach for my birthday! We even saw some dolphins go by! 

(Getting there was a whole other story- Tijuana is not very wheelchair friendly!).

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