Maya Hieroglyphic Renaissance

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Huehuetenango Department, Guatemala
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The Story

Mayas teaching Mayas the Ancient Hieroglyphic Script

For hundreds of years, Maya people have been denied access to their own rich history. Following the invasion of Europeans, the Maya were forbidden to read and write in their own ancestral script, and knowledge of this incredibly complex and beautiful writing system was largely lost to time.

In the past few decades, archaeologists and epigraphers have made significant progress in the decipherment of the Maya script, while Maya people themselves have had little access to this extensive, rediscovered knowledge. In educational systems that mostly value European history, Maya children typically learn little about their own history and the achievements of their ancestors.

Momentum is Building! See below...

Our mission at MAM ( is to take the hieroglyphs and calendar out of the academic institutions of North America and Europe and bring them to the living Maya. Beginning with a handful of glyph workshops  in the 1990s to dozens in the 2000s, we have funded 85 workshops in three countries (Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala) in the past three years. This year we are  sponsoring the Fourth International Congreso on Ancient Maya Writing, or Ojer Maya' Tz'iib', to be held in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, July 2-6, 2018. At this historic event, 100 indigenous Maya scholars and teachers will gather to teach, learn, and share with one another their knowledge about the Maya Hieroglyphic Script and the Maya Calendar.

Our goal is $30,000 ($300 per attendee), which pays for travel, meals, and lodging for four nights. Every cent will be spent on the Congreso, no overhead, nothing goes to MAM. MAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit; each donation made in the US is tax deductible.  

*This year, YOU can be a part of this historic event!! The event is organized and run completely by Maya people for Maya people, but this year, they are allowing a small number of up to 20 donors to observe and participate in this Congreso!

For the generous donation of $1000, at the K'ATUN level, you can accompany me to the Congreso as a MAM Patron! Please see below, and be sure to contact me for further details or questions: [email protected]

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, for a Benefactor's donation of $3000 at the BAK'TUN level, we are partnering with the Maya Exploration Center to offer you an unforgettable trip to join me in exploring the The Inscriptions of Copán and Quirigua, The Edge of the Classic Maya World, June 24-30, 2018. We will also offer this trip in combination with participation in the Congreso, as well as options for two people traveling together. See below for details!

MAM Donation Levels:

We appreciate any and all donations! As our way of saying thanks, we offer a number of unique gifts and travel opportunities. 

  • K’IN                 $50:         A 4 x 6 color photo of the Congreso, signed by MAM president Michael Grofe, with a thank you note.

  • WINAL          $100:      Exclusive white-on-black-T-shirt of Linda Schele’s drawing of the Palenque Foliated Cross, with the MAM logo on the back. (Please specify Medium or Large).   

  • TUN               $200:       A copy of one of the following (supplies are limited, please specify your preference):   
  1. The Inscriptions from Temple XIX at Palenque, David Stuart.  
  2. A Forest of Kings (hardcover), Linda Schele and David Freidel.  
  3. The Code of Kings (hardcover), Linda Schele and Peter Mathews.  
  4. Maya Cosmos (hardcover) David Freidel, Linda Schele, and Joy Parker.  
  5. Blood of Kings (paperback), Linda Schele and Mary Miller.      

  • K’ATUN          $1,000:    MAM Patron, participant in the Fourth International Congreso on Ancient Maya Writing in Huehuetenango,  July 2-6, 2018. Includes ground transportation from Antigua to/from Huehuetenango and four nights at a nearby hotel. Does not include airfare to/from Guatemala City, meals, or travel insurance. Please email [email protected] for details!    

  • BAK'TUN        $3,000:    Maya Exploration Center Trip: The Inscriptions of Copán and Quirigua, The Edge of the Classic Maya World, led by Dr. Michael Grofe, June 24-30, 2018. Includes all lodging, private transportation, all entry fees, private course instructor (Dr.Grofe), local guide at Copan, lectures and workshops, course notebook, breakfasts, and lunches. Does not include airfare to/from Guatemala City, dinners, or travel insurance. Please email [email protected] for details, and view the complete itinerary at:   

  • PIKTUN           $3,600:     MEC Copán/Quirigua Trip (BAK’TUN) plus Participation in the Congreso (K’ATUN).   

  • KALABTUN     $5,200:     MEC Copán/Quirigua Trip (BAK’TUN) for Two people with a shared room. Double your donation and save $800!    

  • K’INCHILTUN $6,400:  MEC Copán/Quirigua Trip (BAK’TUN) plus Participation in the Congreso (K’ATUN) for Two people with a shared  room.                                

Please join us, and consider a donation to our worthy cause.

Thank you very much for your support!


Michael J. Grofe, President


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Posted on April 11, 2018

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