Help Makiko Damon & her family as she fights for her health

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The Story

Makiko is a vibrant, hard working woman with two young daughters. She is a massage therapist and a dancer. A few days before Thanksgiving, 2015 she became sick with a high fever. By the end of that week Makiko was having difficulty breathing and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in Berlin, Vermont with pneumonia. After two weeks, she was transferred to the University of Vermont ICU. Makiko is now in the ICU at Mass General Hospital in Boston, in critical condition.

Everyone has been shocked at this progression, since she was very healthy to begin with!

The doctors still have not been able to determine the cause. She is fighting hard to recover the use of her lungs and has become thin and weak from being immobile for so long.

If her lungs don't recover, the last resort will be a lung transplant. She is on a transplant list...

We want to help by raising money for expenses that continue to add up while she is in the hospital and unable to work; her rent, car payments and expenses for her two daughters.

At this time, we are unable to calculate her future medical expenses. It is clear that she has a long recovery ahead of her and will not be able to return to work for some time.

To help Makiko and her daughters, please donate online. Thank you in advance.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 5, 2017

Posted on January 5, 2017

Happy New Year, dear friends! It's Makiko.

First, I'm sorry I'm not good at updating my stuffs..

Now it's been 7months since I came home from the Hospital, and I feel much better. My lungs are still recovering and I still need Oxygen support but the amount of O2 I need is a lot less compared to 7months ago. As you can imagine, my life is slow and simple, but I'm so grateful for everything. 

2016 was a big challenging year to me and my family, but we gained so much more from this.. especially huge LOVE and support from You! So many people helped us in any ways, I appreciate so much.

Doctors couldn't find out why my lungs got so sick and got better like now. People said it was miracle that I got better. I believe miracles and I know EVERYBODY'S LIFE IS MIRACLE. So much miracles happened for you to be here..

Let's share happiness and smiles more and more this year!
Wishing all we have a peaceful and healthy year together!

much love,

Posted on May 19, 2016

Posted on May 19, 2016

Hello, Everyone.

I am Noriko, Makiko’s long-time friend from New York. On behalf of Makiko, I would like to say thank you for your generous support.

First, I want to say sorry for not updating you for so long. I could not give you any sold information because there has been so many ups and downs, too many uncertainties. I just could not comprehend the situation.

But now the worst is finally over, I can finally announce some good news. The first 3 months of this year I was told by her medical team that there was only a very small chance she would ever be able to breath on her own and that she would most likely need a lung transplant. "Lungs that are damaged this badly do not regenerate", but against all odds, Makiko is recovering. She has been making amazing progress considering she almost did not survive! From being in the medical ICU for 3 and 1/2 months, then to the pulmonary acute care unit and finally to a rehab center. The team of doctors at mass general hospital said “most adults never survive being on EMCO (a total life-support system) for even a week” Makiko is now a walking (with oxygen) miracle!!

As you can imagine, it has not been an easy path and Makiko still has a long way to go. From being on total life support with 10 separate tubes attached to her little body, in a drug induced coma. Being completely immobilized for months caused her to lose much of her physical strength. She is now off the EMCO and the ventilation system. She is still on Oxygen 24 hours a day. Doing daily activities, like brushing her teeth, walking and bathing is still not easy for Makiko.

Since she has been transferred (13 days ago) to a rehabilitation facility in Boston she is getting additional physical therapy, as much as 4 times a day and the tracheotomy was removed only 6 days ago.

Makiko’s medical insurance for the rehabilitation center will run out shortly and she must go back home soon, no matter that her lungs and physical capacity is not completely recovered.

This is why your generous support is and has been a lifeline for Makiko. She is so very grateful and blessed to have such good friends. She will need to continue to be on oxygen and receive physical therapy treatment when she returns home. It will be quite a challenge going back home alone with 2 small children, Akari 4 and Neiro 6.

Makiko is extremely grateful for her life but as you can imagine…. she has lost much time with her little daughters and feels the financial stress and sadness of losing her massage studio. It may be as long as a year before she is able to work again…. but one step at a time…. For those who can and would like to help Makiko any donation you can give is most appreciated.

With heart felt thanks for all your support, thoughts and prayers for sweet Makiko returning home to her beloved little girls.

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Help Makiko Damon & her family as she fights for her health

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