Lynn's Animal Rescue Must Move in less than 7 Days!

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The Story

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Lynn's Animal Rescue works with hoarding situations, Trap Neuter & Release programs, owner surrenders, management of feral colonies and of course - strays.

Lynn is the sole care taker of all of her cats. She does her own fundraising events, adoption interviews and all of the complicated paperwork. Every day she works tirelessly feeding, scooping boxes, making sure all are healthy, taking them to the vet when necessary and socializing them so they are adoptable. She makes sure every cat is suited for their prospective forever home and regularly checks up on them. But if ever it doesn't work out she always takes them back - no questions asked. She has basically sacrificed her life just to care for these poor homeless animals.

I have worked with Lynn for many years. She is the most dedicated, selfless, loving and compassionate person I know. She will not abandon her babies - they are her life and soul. To date she has placed over 500 cats! Just since the founding of her own rescue!

Finding a new permanent place has been very difficult. But after much searching with the help of a very patient realtor, her dream is about to come true. She found a lovely, secluded property where the cats will be well cared for and safe. The best part - it has four large out buildings!

One will be used exclusively for kittens. Another for seniors and for a few that will probably stay with her for the rest of their lives . The third will act as a quarantine area where she can keep the cats that need medical attention until they can be introduced into the general population. The fourth will be for the adults who are waiting to be adopted .

These buildings are awesome - roomy and with lots of windows! However, they are not insulated and do not have heat or air conditioning.
She needs money to insulate, put up room dividers and drywall and most importantly -  heat. The most economical way to do this is to run gas lines to each building and install gas heaters. This is going to be very expensive. And the ongoing cost of gas and electric is going to be a heavy burden.

Please help me to raise money for Lynn's Animal Rescue. There are many other needs, but this is her top priority. These buildings must be ready and heated before winter.

Lynn's Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization and runs solely on donations. It is a registered 501(c)3 with the State of NJ. It receives NO FUNDING from the state because Lynn does not euthanize. Every monetary donation is 100% tax deductible. So is the value of items donated. And for those who would like to help by fostering - all of your expenses are also tax deductible!

So dig deep. Help us help the homeless, the rescued strays, the ones that are dumped by their owners when they move, the loved animals who some can no longer care for due to unforeseen situations.

We need your help. The cats need your help.

Thank you.

FYI - You make a donation through this page or through PayPal.

Also, checks made me sent to: Lynn's Animal Rescue,123 Main Street.,PO Box 129 ,Marlton NJ 08053. Thank you!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 25, 2017

Posted on April 25, 2017

We apologize for not keeping in touch and we are making sure everyone knows how much we appreciate your support.
Lynn's Animal Rescue is now heading in a new direction. Lynn has been doing intense research to find new and natural ways to help cats fight disease and age gracefully.
She has been working with a renowned doctor who believes in plant derived minerals. She has helped many of her own cats and is getting ready to announce her findings to help others who may be interested in this new approach to good health.
This research takes up a great deal of her time leaving her little time to work her "real job".
She still needs funds. If you can find it in your heart and your wallet to continue to donate we will be eternally grateful.
Blessings to all who care for animals.

Posted on November 20, 2015

Posted on November 20, 2015

UPDATE - -  we reached our goal of $1,000 in 10 days.  Thank You Everyone for your  help.  The donor will deliver a check for $1,000 to Lynn's Animal Rescue this weekend.  We're almost to our goal of $5,000.  

Posted on November 15, 2015

Posted on November 15, 2015

The Story of Gracie:
A young couple found Gracie sitting in front of their house and and for several months they fed her not realizing Gracie was in bad shape.  They didn't know too much about cats and they're dog was NOT happy with Gracie living on the porch all summer.  Eventually the couple realized Gracie was losing weight and needed help from someone who had experience with cats.   They found Lynn's Animal Rescue and sent over photos, the moment we saw her shaggy coat we knew she needed immediate HELP.  Lynn raced to the house and when she arrived Gracie was on the porch enjoying attention from her temporary pet parents.  She was very thin and her coat was matted, she wanted to eat but only licked the gravy off of her wet food. She had ear mites, fleas and terrible teeth.
Lynn took Gracie right to the vet for blood work, flea meds and dewormer.  We found out that she had a nasty UTI which explained why she was dripping urine.  Her coat was so matted she had to be shaved.  She was scared and sick but still extremely sweet.  She has 2 rounds of antibiotics and a few trips to the vet for various test but finally after 3 months Gracie is amazing. 
She loves to eat, everything and anything and she trots around the house as if she's running a race, on her tippy toes!  She fit in as if she's lived here her whole life.  Her favorite place to hang out is in the hamper, which she's claimed as her spot.
We believe Gracie about 20 years old and is deaf but that doesn't stop her! It was a rough start but saving her innocent soul has brought so much joy to everyone involved.
Unfortunately, the other cats in her current living arrangement aren't happy with the new "old" lady in the house and things aren't going well for all involved.  Gracie doesn't fight with any of the other cats in the house,  but the other cats are acting out and we're worried about continued behavior issues and possible fights.  So we're reaching out to find Gracie a happy, safe home to live out her senior years. 

Please Message us or go to our website, to get an adoption application."


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Lynn's Animal Rescue Must Move in less than 7 Days!

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