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Permanent Healing Transmission (LOVE)
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The Story

So many of our Beloveds around the world are in need of Love, Healing, Supernatural  Support, and Restoration... to receive Healing, Loving Presence, Sustenance, and the Transformation of suffering into strength, courage, new opportunities, and Miracles ... 

This Healing Transmission is a Living Broadcast of Healing, Love and Miracles. It has unlimited potential and can change life in permanent ways for all who are drawn to receive it.

This is a labor of Love that will eventually result (through Your Support) into Live Healing Transmissions and Events around the world that you can attend live!

SO much is possible when two or more are gathered in the name of LOVE and Miraculous Possibilities!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 27, 2018


Posted on March 27, 2018

I am So deeply humbled and honored to receive your Love and Support in my personal life experience right now ... it means far more than I could ever say! Thank You from the depth of my Heart...

I welcome your creative inspired ideas, solutions, inspirations, and support in moving through this time with Grace, Ease, and Divine Flow ... I am Open to Give and Receive ... I am Open to Receive all support, all suggestions, all inspirations, LOVE ... and all opportunities to GIVE and GROW and EXPAND what is Possible!!

I feel so touched, inspired, and uplifted by YOU and Your support of me. I have always felt like we are a village of humanity, and when there is a problem with one of us, any of us ... it is a problem for ALL of us ... where the solution always involves opening more, being open and willing to seeing the big picture, and really getting how important Your contribution is ... how each individual is needed to LIVE the Solution into being .. this is why I do the work in this world that I do ... I KNOW how powerful each of us are ... and that the answer is always about BEING LOVE in the face of whatever challenges we encounter ... to be vulnerable and open to receive the Divine Supernatural Solution ... many times lived through our Beloveds who are Awake to the Reality of our Oneness ... we are truly IN all of this together! This is what I live daily. I feel You. I see You. I know your struggles, and I am always attuned to BEING the LOVE that makes the ultimate difference for You too! Every day.

In my transparent vulnerability and humility ... I will share the reality of what I am currently facing... and YES it appears that aa few MIRACLEs may be needed ...

My current financial reality is as follows:

Debt Crisis: (Unserviced, no payments are being made one the following)

  • Irs tax lien $70K+
  • Credit Card and PayPal Debt over $90K (including debt received through a relationship that nearly cost me my life)
  • Business Expenses $ongoing and growing
  • I have zero credit left, and have zero backup funding sources for our daily or urgent needs

Current and Ongoing Living Expenses:

  • $14K per month (current income is so far totaling $1K!) Basic Living Expenses include: Housing, car lease, car insurance, cell phones, data, nanny, food, children's activities, educational expenses, there is no ability to finance any urgent medical, dental, health care, or other life needs.

Urgent Health Needs:

  • Chiropractic Care $6,000 
  • Dental Restorative Care $12,000 
  • Naturopathic and Medical Care, medical exemption for my children $8000

Housing Crisis:

  • Immediate $8000 needed. We are in a temporary vacation rental where $8,000 is needed to keep us here through the end of May, (only two months from now.) This amount is overdue by 2 months, and we risk becoming homeless without meeting the financial obligation on our lease agreement by the end of this month, or at the latest, in the beginning week of April...GOD willing!
  • Home of Our Own Needed! In June, We need to move to a secure stable healthy happy  4+ bedroom home with a Yard! (preferably OWN OUR HOME!) so that my children can enjoy the safety and security and stability of OUR HOME. Elijah is desperately crying out daily for his Animals, his room, his treehouse, his HOME! Bella is wanting to attend High School (in August/September) and STAY in OUR Home for 4-5 years where she can attend school in a stable home and environment of friends, community, friends, and safe adventures! We need room for a nanny and my home office and family art studio.

My current life, Service, and Work is under development in San Diego, California, and in the Remote Mountain town of Durango Colorado. Ideally we will have two homes to travel back and forth between as service, life, and work calls. With an additional RETREAT location in Kauai's north shore. Know of anyone who needs to GIFT or Trust Fund or Donate a Property?

We also need: 

  • A Live-in, full time devoted, loving, Happy, healthy Nanny who ADORES and TREASURES my children as her very OwnPrecious Ones, to live with us.
  • A Personal Assistant / Business Manager to manage daily business, management, and details.
  • Business Attorney for proper legal business structures, and set up of 501c3 status for a handful of nonprofit outreach programs that I am deeply inspired to Serve!
  • A Project Manager to design, launch, and manage all the inspirational worldwide service projects and businesses that I am called to Source!
  • Amazing Heart-Based Sales professionals who naturally align perfect clients with perfect services to generate abundance, supernatural Love and Support for all.
  • My Beloved Divine Masculine Life Partner One ... who joyously celebrates and completes our Precious Family! (Just thought I would throw that one in... maybe you are here? I have been preparing for You ... and trust you have been preparing for me too!)

Thank You for reaching out and touching my heart ... listening and caring and loving as only YOU can ...

With My Fully Surrendered Heart,


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Permanent Healing Transmission

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