Help Lovable Loudon Fuhrman Trounce Histiocytosis

For: Loudon Jack Fuhrman
Baltimore, MD
Organizer: Alena Fuhrman
Help Lovable Loudon Fuhrman Trounce Histiocytosis (Loudon Jack Fuhrman)
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The Story

Loudon Jack is a sweet baby born early in the morning on June 9. Little did we know that an innocent looking red spot that he was born with would cause such a hullabaloo.

Before even turning three months old Loudon has had multiple CT scans, MRI, labs, and appointments with all kinds of specialists. All this to be diagnosed with systemic Juvenile Xanthogranuloma (JXG), a rare and aggressive type of Histiocytosis on his skin, in his lungs, around his spine, and in his brain. It took months just to get a diagnosis and begin to form a treatment plan. Treatment is with chemotherapy which will start Monday September 26 and continue for eight cycles of three weeks each. Due to the rarity of his condition and presentation we're not sure how it will respond to the treatments but we're hoping for the best with minimal adverse effects.

It will be a long road for Loudon and his loving family and friends. We're prepped for the journey and hope you'll join us in supporting him. Be assured your donation will go to covering his medical expenses and ensuring that we can focus all our energy on getting him through this.

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 25, 2016

Posted on September 25, 2016

Wow! In just a few short weeks we more than met our goal thanks to your kindness and generosity. We are truly blown away and so deeply humbled and grateful. Not only by donations here but by people offering to bring meals or help clean the house or hang out with Harvey. Or just by so many people taking the time to reach out and send us personal messages or texts or leave comments on our Caring Bridge site. I know it's hard to know what to say or even if anything you have to offer or say would be helpful- let me tell you that we read and appreciate every message, thought, and comment. If you say something earnest or just offer a funny memory you can't be wrong! "Speak from the heart" etc etc.

Tomorrow, Monday, we finally start the treatment phase of this journey. Chemotherapy will be outpatient (if all goes well)- infusions everyday Monday through Friday for a week and then two weeks off. Then we do it again and again before checking our progress. During treatment is when your donations will truly be put to work. Every day he gets an infusion is a $30 specialist copay, plus about $10 for parking at the hospital, plus food. Then there's the prescription copay for medications to manage side effects and prevent infections now that his immune system will be non-existent. And the cost of supplies to care for his central line at home- sterile dressing change kits, alcohol wipes, gloves. With all the copays it's like a car payment without the new car.

The cost of a diagnosis like this goes far beyond basic medical expenses too. There's the cost of specialty air filters, cleaning supplies, help with cleaning, gallons of hand sanitizer. Cost of replacing every toiletbrush and sponge. The cost of onesies and baby clothes that accommodate and protect a central line. Luckily after a round of chemo I will be returning to work and trying to get to a new normal. Unfortunately it's almost cold and flu season and, despite our cleaning efforts, with no immune system every cold is bound to land Loudon in the hospital. 

All this to say...THANK YOU. A diagnosis like this- even with good insurance and even if headed for a good outcome like we all so hope- is a large and unexpected burden for our young family. But "many hands make the load lighter" and through all of your acts of kindness and generosity you have made (and continue to make) our heavy load lighter. We cannot thank you enough.

With Love,
Alena, Wes, Harvey, and Loudon (LJ)

Posted on September 12, 2016

Posted on September 12, 2016

Wow! In just one weekend we are well over halfway to our goal! We are so grateful for and humbled by your generosity. Every donation that comes in brings back fond memories of friends and fills us with hope for better times ahead. Please don't feel as if any amount is too small- $10 pays for a day of parking at the hospital or a meal in the cafeteria. 

Tomorrow is is a big day. Loudon will be getting the lung nodules biopsied and a central line placed to deliver chemotherapy in the near future. We are anxious for this day and ready to put it behind us and move forward with getting our baby better. We can do that even better thanks to your help. Your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, donations, and sharing of Loudon's story is so appreciated. September is Histiocytosis Awareness Month and sharing his story spreads awareness. So thank you thank you again and again. Please think of us tomorrow and send strength and comfort for Loudon, patience and peace for his nervous parents, and wisdom and steady hands for his surgeons. We'll update you ASAP. ????

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Help Lovable Loudon Fuhrman Trounce Histiocytosis

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