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The Story

Animal Control of a small town in Humboldt County, CA requested our assistance with a hoarding situation of what they thought were 200 guinea pigs or so. 
We responded and drove the 10 hrs North On October 17, 2017. We ended up staying for two days because what we initialy thought were 200 pigs turned into 700once we started sexing and counting. 

There were guinea pigs absolutely everywhere. 
Upon arrival I observed guinea pigs all over a yard that resembled a junk yard. Two ramshackle sheds attached to the home contained stacked kiddie pools overflowing with guinea pigs. Random cages set up with animals everywhere. No food in the cages, water bottles with thick green sludge inside were provided for some of the cages but most contained no water.  There were 300+guinea pigs on the ground competing for what little food and water there was. They were fed raw potatoes, some pellets, yellow hay and a dish for water that would last all of 3 minutes as they all dove for it and fought over it as soon as it was put down. 

The sheds contained stacked kiddie pools stuffed full with guinea pigs.Many mamma's with teenie babies that were being trampled.  There were 411pigs in the pools and cages. 

Many animals were in terriblecondition and I observed multiple bites, scurvy,  abscesses, mange as well as ringworm in the population. No adequate water access and no adequate or appropriate food. 

We systematically set about separating and sexing the guinea pigs, counting and medicating as we went along. 

All in all we counted 700 guinea pigs.

411 females and babies
300 males

To put an effective stop the breeding we brought all 411 females back to our ranch in Chatsworth, CA. We estimate that 80% of those females are pregnant.

Guinea Pigs have an average of 2 - 6 pups per litter, and a  gestation period of 8 weeks.
In the next 8 weeks we estimate this population will grow to close 1335 guinea pigs. Here is the math.
308 possible pregnant
3 babies average per birth
924  new babies to be born
924 (to be born) + 411 (original group)
In the next 8 weeks our total of rescued guinea pigs will likely swell to 1,335 guinea pigs.

We had an out-pour of support and many supplies were sent! But we sadly need more. We have hired two part time staff to provide proper care.  And with this explosion of babies that has already started we are going to hire 1 full time or 2 part time people to provide the proper care. As volunteers there is only so much we can do and only so many hours in a day and we need to make sure these guys receive the care they deserve. they have already been through so much. 

Here is our conservative estimated budget for the coming 12 months 

$7,200    veggies
$0           pellets (we already received from our wishlist)!
$5,280   hay
$5,670   bedding
$28,800 full time care taker
$9,600   part time care taker (weekends)
$14,400  vet care
$2,925   cages and other supplies
$6,000   trash removal (used bedding shavings - city of LA is expensive)
$79,875  subtotal
$20,000 - (already fund raised)
$59,475  GRAND TOTAL 

Please please help these guinea pigs. We are going to make sure they all find loving homes according to our guidelines and adoption contract that provides tons of protection for the guinea pigs. We stand behind every single guinea pig we adopt out and if for some reason the adoption doesn't work out anymore then per the signed  contract the guinea pigs are returned to us only us. Adopters are not allowed to find a new home themselves So we are there for each and every one them not only right know but in the future as well if the need arises. 

Please also come visit if you can and see what the money is spend on. We are a total open book. I always get so very touched when a donation comes in. That means someone really cared to send some of their heart earned dollars and trusts us to spend it wisely and spend it what we say we will. I take that responsibility very serious. I know hard most of us hard we must work to put food on the table, provide for the kids. elderly parents perhaps. We all have our lives and stories and money is not easy to come by. It takes hard work and sometimes at jobs we don't even like but we keep going. So, I am aware of all that and that is why your donations really touch me deeply and I then know I am not the only one who cares about these precious little critters with their huge personalities. There is a village out there and we all feel the same.!

Take a look at these videos from the site to give you a good idea

Also use Paypal directly through our unique link or
on our website or make it a direct donation to [email protected] they also have a wishlist on Amazon the link would have been posted on the page previously We are a 501c3 and all your donations are tax deductible! EIN 27-12922 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 10, 2017

Posted on December 10, 2017

It has been a whirlwind of activity and hard work these past 7 weeks after rescuing The Norcal 700

We were supposed to go in, load up and head back         but ended up staying two days. It is hard to describe what went through  my head when I arrived at the property and seeing that many  guinea pigs                                                  

We were supposed to go in, load up and head back but  ended up staying two days. It is hard to describe what went through my head when I arrived at the property and seeing that many  guinea pigs. I had been told that there were 150, possibly 200. Gabe, my wonderful and supportive husband thought we could just load them all up into boxes and into the horse trailer we brought, sort by  gender and treat the guinea pigs once we got back to the ranch in Los Angeles, but as we walked around this property our hearts sank.  After all of 10 minutes we realized that this was going to be the largest documented rescue of guinea pigs in the USA and not at all as simple as we had thought it would be.                                                

Once we got back to the ranch with all the females, after an exhausting 14 hour drive,         many wonderful volunteers were waiting to unload the boxes and prepare  horse stalls. We put the pregnant females in cages and the girls that were not showing yet were placed in the warm and comfy stalls with plenty fresh hay, water and tons of veggies. It took them a little         while to figure out that Romaine and Parsley were good eating, they  were fed a diet of raw potatoes and low grade pellets and probably never had any good quality greens. 

We always used to think that raw potatoes were toxic  and piggies would die eating those. Well I saw them fighting over   a bag of potatoes after it was put down on the floor. Pandemonium broke  out and guinea pigs appeared from absolutely everywhere and started         gnawing through the plastic to get to the raw potatoes, they were  starving and it looked like this was not their first potato party.  

The first babies were born that very first day  and babies continue to be born daily. Aside from a few days here and there with no births we have had newborns pop up every single day for the past 7 weeks. Guinea pigs have an 8 week gestation period and  we are going to see babies born daily till approximately December the 13th as that will mark 2 months since we rescued the them. It is then that we will do an official count of the total impact and total number of babies born. As of today though 120 guinea pigs were already  adopted out in to new homes. 

We had lots of help from Wee Companions in San Diego, Piggypoo in Arizona, Bunny Bunch in  Montclair and BUNS in Santa Barbara. All four of these rescues have  taken in pregnant sows from this lot and that helped us so much! We  will be getting their total tally of babies born next week as well and  will be releasing the tally then. A bunch of former adopters stepped up to foster some of these pregnant mommies as well. Thank you!                                                

We finally have the ringworm under control.    Many of the pigs had a bad infestation that required baths and daily  creams. It was quite overwhelming and medicating in the early weeks  took about 4 hours a day. We have the feeding down, we cut up veggies   and put those in big buckets that we then serve. Feeding these days is quite a spectacle and a very noisy affair, hahaha. We make numerous trips to the restaurant supply warehouse to buy cheaper  veggies in large bulk lots. We bought a large 2nd hand commercial  fridge with donation money to keep those greens from spoiling. 

We were a little famous for a little while.  The rescue was featured on the local news, ABC7 sent a crew to do a  story. The Dodo contacted us and released a video of the rescue. Many  people do not know that such a thing as guinea pig rescue exists, The Dodo and ABC7 helped spread the word.  

Adoptions  have been great so far. Many people saw us on the news  and made appointments to adopt instead of buy from a pet store making us and the piggies so very happy! We just have started neutering some  of the oldest young males and hope to have some ready for adoption in         10 days or so. 

All adopters are educated about proper guinea pig care  and we also make sure that all guinea pigs that are adopted get to live in appropriate cages. We provide lifetime support, free health checks and nail clips for all guinea pigs and make people sign a contract that  states that in the event they cannot keep their guinea pigs they understand the pigs have to be returned to only us.                                                                                                     

We received such an outpouring of love and support the first few weeks, it was extremely touching and more than once put tears in my eyes. We received cash donations, people bought items of our  Amazon wish list and some of you sent checks in the mail. I know how         hard folks work for their money and I keenly feel that trust and  responsibility to spend those donations for these guinea pigs wisely  and frugally. We received an emergency grant from the wonderful ASPCA that will be put to great use to help feed and house these sweet         deserving guinea pigs. We honestly would not have been able to help these pigs if it wasn’t for all this support, the bills so far have exceeded tens of thousands of $’s and we have still do not have all the funds we need to see this through.  

Oxbow, Kaytee and Small Pet Select donated pellets, donated supplies. Thank you so much for stepping  up!! And we are the Small Pet Select "Rescue Heroes" 2017 in the small independent rescue category and won $2,500 for the Norcal piggies.  

But we are not there yet. There are over 300 male guinea pigs  that remain on the property still. Local animal control is making weekly visits to check up on those boys  and to bring some of the supplies we donated. So at least those boys are eating better and have clean water bottles now. Portland Guinea Pig Rescue is thankfully coordinating a transfer of some of those we had to  leave behind. There were some offers from other organizations in the area to take in some but nothing concrete yet. So basically they have nowhere to go right now. We are hoping that we can go back  soon and load up our trailer once more but that all depends on funds  and space. We need many more adoptions and more donations if we want to  commit to bringing them to safety.

Much Love
The piggies

Here is a collection of short videos of babies

Update video on the mama's and babies in the barn.

Update on the pigs in the  converted garage

Cleaning day video

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