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The Story

It with the heaviest of hearts & the utmost humility that our family reaches out to the public for support and help saving our loved one, Logan Tyler Jones. We know a lot of friends and family are worried & wondering what is going on. Now that all immediate family has been informed we would like to elaborate on this very scary experience we are all going through.

My nephew Logan just turned 18 on March 7, 2017. He's a healthy, bright young man who has had zero medical issues. Last week he contracted Influenza B. On Sunday he wasn't feeling well but didn't feel bad enough to be seen; he wanted to rest in hopes that he would feel better in the morning. Sadly, Monday morning his mother awoke to Logan in respiratory distress. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was induced into a coma & put on ventilators. He has pneumonia, a collapsed lung, pneumothorax & he was getting dangerously low oxygen levels. The ventilators were not enough & a last resort decision was made to place him on ECMO (Life Support).

Ecmo removes the blood from the body, saturates it with oxygen & puts it back into the body; essentially doing the work for the lungs. In the wee hours of the morning he coded & they were able to get his heart beat back. However, his heart was then only operating at 5% so they took him back into surgery to place him on heart machines as well as kidney dialysis machines. This afternoon the surgeons said the perfusion to his lower legs was compromised from the life saving lines needed for the ECMO. They needed to return to surgery to try to find a clot which would allow healthy blood flow back to those lower extremities. He was too unstable to move him to the OR for this procedure so they opted for bedside surgery but were unable to find any clot causing the lack of blood flow. This is the least of Logan's battles right now. As the doctor stated, life over limb. Post-operatively Logan was struggling on the ventilator and diagnostic imaging showed that his tissuepaper thin lungs had begun to pop holes that were pushing dangerous levels of air into his chest cavity. This compromised his heart rate so they were forced to turned his ventilator off and add additional chest tubes. Logan has a lung infection but also an infection in his blood stream and surrounding his heart. This is an extreme critical, scary time.

Logan is still fighting! He is stubborn, witty, young & no matter what he's faced in life with he's always rose above it all. Logan needs prayer. He needs positive energy, hope, support & love sent his way. Stefanie, Logan's mother, needs all the prayer, love and support you can lend her as well. As many of you know, ICU, Diagnostic testing, ECMO, surgeries, the whole nine yards are outrageously expensive. Stefanie is unable to work as the most important place for her to be is right by her child's side as he fights minute by minute to survive. Logan has insurance, thankfully, but not enough to cover this catastrophic event. Your help is desperately needed & deeply appreciated. 

His grandparents, baby sister & I are here and we are wrapping our entire family tightly around Stefanie & Logan. I will keep everyone updated here so that Stefanie can focus solely on being in the immediate vicinity of Logan at all times.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 3, 2017

Posted on May 3, 2017

Greetings Logan supporters & loved ones, 

The Memorial Service for Logan Tyler Jones will be held on May 11, 2017 at 5:00pm located in the performing arts theater on Maricopa High School campus in Maricopa, AZ. 

We welcome all of Logan's family, friends, co-workers, teachers & peers to his celebration of life. 

All questions can be directed to my email at [email protected] 

Thank you for your continued outpouring of love & support at this difficult time, 

Logan's family 

Posted on April 28, 2017


Posted on April 28, 2017

It is with the deepest, most sorrowful hearts that we make this update to bring Logan's journey full circle. As most of you know, we lost our sweet guy at 10:49pm last night after a harrowing battle to save his life. Logan fought with all his might and his strength was nothing short of astonishing. 

Last night we were delicately informed of the grim reality of Logan's health and what that looked like for his future. Essentially, multiple organs were failing and he was not a candidate for transplant. His lungs were no longer salvageable, his four limbs would have to be removed & they were unable to replenish what his body had already lost. He was hemmoraging and clotting simultaneously and nothing would stop the teetering from one spectrum to another. His new life, however many days they could prolong it via machines, would have been painful and riddled with suffering. Logan would never have any good quality of life & they generously gifted us with this knowledge for Stefanie to make the hardest decision a mother could ever make and the compassion to support all of us through the process of saying goodbye. Last night we watched Logan transition peacefully into his next form. He was cradled by his mother, his hands held gently by loved ones, his forehead delicately stroked and an infinite of "I love you" whispers as he passed on. Logan put up a fight nothing short of miraculous. His strength, his courage... there are no tangible words to describe. 

This handsome young man, just barely 18, was a total wiz kid! He excelled at technology, loved working, enjoyed skateboarding with his squad & while he hated school work he thrived on learning new things! Logan was kind, tender, compassionate and a GOOD human. His head was on as straight as they come and he never waivered with peer tempation. Logan took pride in himself, his morals and goals. He was the rock of many lives as he was many of our firsts; first child, first grandson, first nephew. 

Although we are torn to pieces and our worlds have been shattered we are digging deep and finding solace in two things. Logan's fight gifted priceless knowledge to his numerous specialty teams in the world's most coveted hospital facilities. Information that undoubtedly will save another mother's baby. We also find an inexplainable comfort knowing that the moment Logan left his humanly shell, he transformed into Sarah's very own Guardian Angel. 

Please be patient while we move into the next phase of planning a memorial service. We will surely let everyone know when & where this will be held so you can attend in person or from afar. 

Posted on April 27, 2017


Posted on April 27, 2017

It is with great sorrow & heartbreak that we let all of Logan's supports near & far know that he has moved on to rest with the Angels. 

We will update everyone soon, but for now we're comforting one another as we try to come to terms with our loss. 

Please continue to keep our family in your hearts. Thank you. 

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