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The Story

Toby here.   This is hard for my human to do, so I'm taking the lead for her.  And since I'm a Shiba, let's make this first about me.  I have luxating patella in both knees, which basically means my knees slip out of place, but earlier this spring, I also tore my ACL.  These days, I can't put down my right leg at all, and as you know, hobbling about on three legs is not the preferred Shiba style!  My human has taken me to three different vets to explore all possible options.  There is one vet who can do a nonsurgical option for approximately $1200.  Our regular vet will do the old style surgery for $1800-2000.  A third vet recommended the "new" surgery with a board certified orthopedic surgeon for $5000, which was so much it made my human cry.  

My human had put away some money to cover vet expenses, of course, and would not normally be doing something like this.  But she's had some other problems too, which I'll let her tell you about, and has had to do some care taking of her mother, which has drained her financial resources.  Hence, this page.   

As for me, I'm 11, and I'm an alert, magnificent Shiba, who would like to walk again without pain. I've had a rough life, but I'm still here, I know that I still have quite a few good years left, and this surgery will make sure I keep going!

You can read more about life so far here:

From Lisa:

Thanks for your intro, Toby!  I'm trying to raise money to help with Toby's surgery, but also to pay off some of the very unexpected debt I found myself saddled with.  In May, I got a call that my mother, Sandy Sedwarft, tried to kill herself.  I flew to Alaska, expecting to plan a funeral for her.  Instead, after 5 days unconscious, she woke up.  That was a huge blessing, but when I arrived in Alaska, I discovered a much bigger mess than expected.  My mother is 70, and unknown to me, has been experiencing memory problems for at least two years.  When I arrived, I discovered that she had not been opening her mail or paying her bills for well over a year.  Some of this bills were in my name (I now have them all back in her name, but there are still outstanding balances I don't have the resources to pay.)

I've also had to make unexpected trips to Alaska (one in May and one to come in July) to deal with this, and have quickly run through the savings I had, which would have gone for Toby's knee.  Here are the expenses I'm looking at:  $4200 in property taxes on the house in Alaska which was in my name, $400 for outstanding trash collection on the house in Alaska, and $1800 for Toby's surgery.  My goal with this fundraiser is to first raise money for Toby, and then, if there is enough leftover, pay off the debt incurred in my name by my Mother.

A few words about my mother:  My mother had me when she was 17, and raised me mostly on her own.  She has had a lot of challenges--the normal ones of a single mother, but she also struggles with bipolar disorder, and has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis as well.  For most of her life, though, she has been extraordinarily strong, in spite of her illnesses.  I am hoping to get her into Assisted Living, but for now, I'm just trying to deal with the most immediate needs.  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 25, 2015

Posted on June 25, 2015

Big news!  Toby has an appointment scheduled for Saturday to begin the nonsurgical option of treatment for his knee!  We're going to start with this, and the vet will begin with a ultrasounds to make sure his method (which is highly recommended by vets and other dog people), will work for Toby's situation.  If not, we'll have to go with a surgical option, but I'm hoping we'll have good news on Saturday for my Toby!  

Thank you to all who contributed; it has been a huge help and really made this possible!  I also paid off one of the bills outstanding in my name (the trash bill) so I am making progress!  Thank you all!

Posted on June 18, 2015

Posted on June 18, 2015

Just an update to thank everyone--your kindness and generosity means so much to me, to my mother, to Toby.  We now have enough, I believe, to get Toby's treatment scheduled for July, after I return from another trip to Alaska!   Thank you all who donated, and thank you to everyone who sent shared this fundraiser or sent me words of support--any amount has helped, but so has kind words!

I have been on a rollercoaster with my mother, and things change daily, but it seems that Adult Protective Services believes my mother cannot take care of herself, so they are going to petition the for a guardianship.  This means I would likely take over for her.  I am hoping to get her to New Mexico, which has its own challenges--actually getting her here when she doesn't want to come, for example!  I will also need to hire an attorney to help me navigate the complexities of guardianship, so we're still in need of a bit of help.  

Thanks everyone!  

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