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The Story

Levi Felix (aka Fidget Wigglesworth) is a storyteller, world-traveler, spear fisherman, has been playing funk/jazz drums for over 18 years, loves making homemade sushi and enjoys playing chess. He’s a camp director, workshop leader, bend-over-backwards retreat host, and is currently writing a book. It’s an honor to have him as my Fiance, and inspiring to watch him light up the camp campfire, sing with his family and friends, and simply be himself.  **AND...Levi has been diagnosed with a (GBM) Brain Tumor in the majority of his left hemisphere and his frontal right brain lobe. 

6.5 weeks ago we discovered that the last few months of random migraines and ongoing headaches have been far more serious than anyone could have imagined. The situation can feel scary, and, I know that WE GOT THIS! His doctors are very optimistic. Levi's positivity + youth, being in good health, grateful outlook on life, incredibly supportive family, amazing network of friends, and the best doctors in the world- we are all ready to do whatever it takes to beat this tumor. And my last few years studying nutrition will now be put to the test.

This is all happening very very fast and now we can use all the support we can get.  With all the unexpected hospital bills, CT and MRI scans, 100% organic diet (we are doing Ketogenic), alternative therapies (acupuncture/massage), potential University research trials, vitamins and supplementation, and other little things that we can’t even think of... we can use your help. From Levi’s mouth to your ears, “We are taking each day as a new opportunity to fight this tumor, and replace it with gratitude and joy for life. It’s from within this experience that we’ll emerge with new narratives, even deeper eye contact and a deeper understanding of what we thought we might have known already... and love, love, love and love. Thanks for being you! And when I get out out of radiation - lets please play music!!!”

Thanks for your support. Thanks for believing in the power of YES! And as always - send love, healing vibes and whatever else you've got for us.

all love,
Brooke (aka Bruce Here)

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Posted on May 4, 2016

Posted on May 4, 2016

And a hush went over the crowd… I LOVE YOU!!!!



Thank You. Thank you for all your positive words, support, messages, letters, snailmails, positive vibes, weird packages, totally random text messages, food drop-offs, dinners, comfy socks, gift cards, BBQ’s potlucks, walks in the park, and YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS VIA THIS YOUCARING WEBSITE. Brooke (aka Bruce) and I have found ourselves in tears of joy, comfort and we feel more seen than ever before. Whoa whoa whoa. Serious gratitude:  We are feeling your energy....It's unreal the love, understanding and grace that is flowing from the community. Totally amazing and (over)whelming in the best way!! The compassion and love you have all shared is just beyond any and all expectations we’d ever have. Holy amazing community of yes, love, life and everything :)

It’s incredible what happens when life forces you to slow down. Like, it’s magic. Really. Everything starts to show up when you look deeper. I’d NEVER ever ever wish or want anyone to have cancer or a tumor or go through anything like this. NEVER. And, for me, the serendipity and natural connection we have to almost everything is real -  the realization of our beautiful mortal delicate existence on this planet has become more apparent and special. It’s almost each and every day I run into someone who either has had cancer, has a relative with cancer, or has just been studying at or knows someone working at UCSF/in Oncology: from a Lyft driver to a server being trained for his second day (his mom has the same cancer I have, and “they” gave her 6 months… she is now three years in and counting).

Seriously, it’s everywhere. I’ve found that just by taking off my hat at restaurants, walking into a barber shop to get a trim, getting my nails done (it’s harder to be a jerk on steroids when you have glittery nail polish on), or simply saying hi to everyone I walk by…  I uncover conversations with people and realize that everyone is on the Team #WeGotThis! Like really, angels, mystical humans and support come from all directions. We are all connected in some capacity, as long as we open up our connection to others.

This is a totally crazy journey. It's like 50 chapters in an epic novel where I get to truly choose my own adventure with each page I turn; positivity vs doubt; smiles vs. tummy aches; meditation vs. just waking up, singing or playing guitar or walking vs. laying on the couch; vinyl record player vs. iphone music. It's wild. And it’s all apart of breaking the habits and expectations of self, and giving oneself the permission to be and do. AND, also, it’s ok and totally expected to feel some pity, doubt, fear, upset, tears, sadness… and it’s all about how we shape that experience into the next near moment (as it surfaces) that is receptive to celebration of life. What a definite journey!

And, I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard: After I started Radiation (they took me off of steroids and the anti-seizure medication), I had an unfortunate SERIES OF 4 SEIZURES that threw me back into the hospital for 2 nights, jarring my memory and family pretty bad. It’s like your brain is coming out of a washing machine that has a really bad electrical setup and it gets totally zapped… and it's super scary for everyone who witnesses it, though as the one experiencing it, you have no knowledge of what you are going or have gone through. It’s pretty insane. Luckily my Dad (who is an incredible surgeon) and Mom (who is the best mother in the world) were there to care for me… Only in the last few weeks, in all honesty and vulnerability, did my brain really start working again (memory, putting pieces together, making connections, etc). Each day is a new day, an opportunity to be open, humbled and honest with myself and the world...It's really scary, totally real, a little shattering... and together #WeGotThis. Like really!!

Let me say this. My radiation team is amazing. My doctors are brilliant. My family has been nothing but supportive and behind me with their sparkles of life, endless hands on (and off) approach, and just being present for us in all the ways. My mom even cooked a Ketogenic dinner for Passover and sent Kosher 100% Grass Fed Meat to our house. My Dad had a deep philosophical conversation with me about life, money and what’s real on our couch. And I’m incredibly proud of my brothers Shmu and Mobius and their work at Camp Grounded, their ability to show up for me and for the community simultaneously and for taking on leadership with poise and grace.

Of course Brooke (my Fiance) is the deepest and most magical of angels. Words can’t express how much healing, caretaking and support she’s provided. I don’t know if I could make it through this without her. I doubt it'd be possibly. I am forever indebted to you, my love... forever. You are so patient with me being a patient. We’ve changed our whole vocabulary around this experience as well, and that has made all the difference. GET TO vs HAVE TO; COULD vs. SHOULD; etc...

SO… This month, I relinquished much and most leadership to my team in order to focus on my healing. So much gratitude for Honey Bear, Popcorn, Mobius, Shmu, Mei Mei, Moose, Gypsy, Quesadilla and the entire posse of Camp Grounded & Digital Detox folks who's taken everything off my plate. AND to be totally open with you, since I historically made most of the business development, budget and marketing connections, it was not only incredibly hard to do (release and let go), but there is a gap now. So.

Here is where you come in if you are asking yourself, How can I support?!

If there was ever a summer to rally, invite, and assemble your childhood and adult friends together for camp… this is the chance! To be totally honest, if you are asking yourself, "How can I support Levi aka Fidget or Camp?" The best way to support us/me right now is to come to camp, get people to sign up for camp, bring a crew, and help us get BUTTS in BUNKBEDS.


SIGN UP.... if budget is an issue, email [email protected] and Popcorn will hook you up with a low-income ticket, a discount or a group/company code. I want Camp Grounded to succeed, to grow and continue bringing people together! The success of 2016 will bring me hope ('cuz I want to be there… rumor has it for 1st Session CA and perhaps NY/NC!), and having campers swimming, laughing and playing will truly help me fight and drive out this tumor. Seriously. When this diagnosis happened, we even considered not doing Camp Grounded New York and North Carolina... BUT instead, over the last few weeks, the team has decided to push forward and go FULL FORCE, trust in the universe and rally.

Thank you.... You give me hope. And it means so so much to Brooke/Bruce and I. So much gratitude for everyone and everything.. And please, take time to be more and do less these days... giving yourself space to slow down, as your own life develops and projects grow. Take time to pause and reflect, as you too plant new seeds for the future.

It also may still be a little bit quiet from our side of the neighborhood for the next few weeks. If you don’t hear from us soon - thank you for your patience. Keep sending love and support as it feels good to you… we appreciate each and every little message, note, package or bad joke. Thank You!

And again… “In the meantime, call your mom or dad. Squeeze your siblings. Tell everyone that you love them. Take time to meditate or breathe or just laugh. This is the moment. This IS the experience. This is it and this is it. And this moment too.” THIS MOMENT is all we really have… so take it in. All hope. All you. All us. All we. All everything.

All love.

- Levi aka Fidget

**Confused about what I’m talking about... wanna learn how to support camp? Click here

pps. Packages, snail mail, bad sticky note dad jokes and beyond can be sent to the following address through May 24th (which is the day before our next MRI scans)...

  • Via our best friend KJ: Levi and Brooke would love to get letters or little packages and it's a way that they can kind of take things in at their own pace and capacity, especially while we're being mindful of space, peace and privacy right now. Let’s be honest, they might not write back right away... but they are 100% receiving your love and support.
  • Levi Felix & Brooke: 1511 20th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122

Some possible things to send or bring in the future:

  • Good old-fashioned letters!
  • A drawing or some art you made!
  • Markers and craft supplies! (no more coloring books please)
  • They are so appreciative of things coming their way. They've also received, well for lack of better words, a lot of junk food! (Albeit, amongst a lot of very yummy healthy food) It's going to be imperative to eat healthy, whole organic foods, so bear that in mind if you send them things to eat. Nothing that turns into sugar (from chocolate to fruit to starches... no carbs). Please be mindful if you decided to send food.

Posted on March 25, 2016

Posted on March 25, 2016

Dear Beautiful Humans of Planet Earth,

If you can hear me take a big deep breath in. And another and another and another... The purpose of this post is to inform you of a super weird experience I am currently going through.  HAVE A TUMOR IN MY BRAIN! That's right.

And the trippiest part, is that I can use my tumor brain to think and write about itself. Meta and strange. This is the world we live in...

> > > > Love love love love love : That’s all there is

So, it turns out I have cancer. Casual, kind of. I like to think of this experience as a big cosmic knock-knock joke... but there isn’t an answer yet. The answer comes from me, us, and the universe.

So this cancer... It’s a cancer that's been waiting and waiting, like a professional cherry picker on an under 10's soccer team, for the right moment to attack and score when the goalie isn’t there. The doctors say it's not something that I've had for months, but that I’ve had for many years. My Radiation Oncologist says I've probably had it since I was in High School. Another doc says that I was basically destined to have this cancer from the moment I was born. "It's just really, really bad luck," he says. It’s scary. It’s sort of devastating, perhaps. But I’m a psychology major (with Honors) and know that the best way to beat these sort of things starts with the patient...

I respond with, "I get to have this cancer... and we get to beat it, and watch it go away." #WeGotThis (I make the ironic hashtag signs with my finger). He smiles and looks at me, “That’s the best attitude, an attitude that will beat this.” (That’s me paraphrasing him. And, that’s the attitude we need).

5 weeks ago Brooke and I went to get an MRI after a series of really bad headaches. Dr. Bruce (my dr., not my fiance) immediately told me that I needed to get an MRI... Well, this is the whole story and what went down.

Long story short, I ended up in the hospital for a Craniotomy Brain Surgery on February 22nd. I think I had over 50 doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, people taking my vitals and folks who I had no idea what they did except wake me up just as I was falling asleep. After a slew of complications (brain swelling to say the least) and a ton of steroids, I spent 5 days in the ICU, and two other nights in two different private hospital rooms. The transition from not being able to walk, or use my right hand or speak, to fully enjoying an orange that I peeled with my eyes closed and only with my right hand (when you have brain surgery on your left brain, your right side forgets how to work... and it’s a little scary for a while) - is another journal post - but man, that was amazing... over the 2 days to watch my motor skills come back. What an amazing machine we humans are.

Long story short, after Dr. Chan (my morning resident) had me lift my hands up and tell him, “It’s a beautiful day in San Francisco,” and repeat a handful of other tasks that showed I was a Human (and not a robot) - like recognizing he had a glove on his hand or that his pen was also a light - and had the cognitive skills to function in society... I was discharged.

In the meantime:

  • Moved into an amazing home in the Sunset (20 blocks from UCSF). Thanks to my parents for being incredible beyond words. Whoa, they are remarkable!!! So so so grateful. What a journey... and they are in the front seat with me.
  • My brothers have been so strong. Incredibly powerful and gentle - so lucky to be in the middle of them.
  • My life partner is fierce; the world’s bestest fiance, bestest friend, strongest soulmate -  Brooke - she’s a warrior! Serious spiritual mama, caregiver, nutritionist and cuddler. No one I'd rather be on this journey with.
  • 1 visit to my Oncologist who is awesome and straight forward.
  • I’ve been walking about 3.5miles each day.
  • 1 visit to my Radiation Oncologist who is super personable and smart.
  • 1 visit to get my Mask for Radiation.
  • 2 Visits to the sperm bank (that’s another post altogether)
  • I got 8 hours of sleep last night & 9 hours the night before. And yes, I got an UP3 by jawbone to track sleep... oh the irony.
  • My friends and family are unreal. You all know who you are. Thank you - those I’ve seen and those still yet to connect. Thank you for all your love, texts and messages through the cosmic knock knock joke portal. Keep sending them... and even if I don’t respond immediately, know that my soul is expanding with each note.
  • Life goes on...

5 Weeks Later... TODAY! I start radiation and chemotherapy TODAY.

I’m actually pretty excted to get the ball rolling. It’s been enough waiting; it’s time we fight this little guy in my head. So at 2:00pm I go in, get my head strapped to a bed (with me in it to) and it begins...

The Treatment... You are probably wondering what the treatment is:

  • 6 Weeks of Radiation (5 days/week)
  • 6 Weeks of Chemotherapy (Pill - 7 days/week)
  • Then we reassess with MRI and scans
  • 12 months of Chemotherapy ( Pill - 5 Days on / 23 Days off)

What Else:

  • Increased Sleep
  • Change in Diet (I’m going Ketogenic - no sugars, starches or anything that will feed the tumor... cancers live off of sugars, from what we understand)
  • Exercise
  • Novelty
  • Lowered Stress
  • Alternative Therapies

So What’s Next:

In full transparency, we don’t really know. Just that we’ll go in this afternoon for radiation. But what we do know is that we are going to beat this thing. I am positive that this knock-knock joke will laugh with us. 

I do know that I really want to focus attention on recovery, treatment, de-stressing and sleep. And that a lot of my recovery will be from a spiritual level - from my Ratzon - my will to cure this Tumor. WeGotThis!

It also may be a little bit more quiet from our side of the woods for the next few weeks or months.
Please don’t take it personally and we thank you for your understanding. And, if you feel compelled to reach out - please do. Or it may be loud and exciting. We don’t know. I know that I want to play music, and somedays, my ears are sensitive. They say I may get really tired from the therapies, while others say I may feel nothing. Life is strange and beautiful, and we will dance the dance. Please if you feel inspired to send love, messages, positive healing energies, snailmail, weird dancing sparkles, whatever... please please do! Thanks for your patience. Thanks for understanding.

As my friend Bricky St. James says (whom Brooke and I married last year, on the pre-anniversary of the tumor), “I’m whelmed with your love.”

Thank You! Thank You! More soon. In the meantime, call your mom or dad. Squeeze your siblings. Tell everyone that you love them. Take time to meditate or breathe or just laugh. This is the moment. This IS the experience. This is it and this is it. And this moment too. 

And if you feel inspired to donate, thank you!!! If you have already, thank you! So much gratitude...

We love you. We love you. Even the tumor loves you... and that is amazing.

knock knock,       

Levi, Brooke and Family

P.S. The fish at the top of the page is a celebration of my Zaydee (Yiddish for Grandpa). He took me fishing as I grew up - almost any weekend he could... always shouting the street names, singing silly songs and sneaking me out for food my mom wouldn't approve of. I feel like I am embodying him more than ever... I strive to be a man like my Grandfather. A good and honest man.

--------> HOW YOU CAN HELP

from an email that our best friend sent out (and edited my moi):

I'm sure we're all bursting with energy in our desire to support right now. A great way to channel this is through Snail Mail. Levi and Brooke would love to get letters or little packages and it's a way that they can kind of take things in at their own pace and capacity, especially while we're being mindful of space, peace and privacy right now. Let’s be honest, they might not write back right away... but they are 100% receiving your love and support.

Levi Felix & Brooke: 1511 20th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122

Some possible things to send or bring in the future: 

  • Good old-fashioned letters! 
  • A drawing or some art you made! 
  • Markers and craft supplies! (no coloring books)
  • YES TO PLANTS! Succulents are cool or Actual House Plants are awesome!!! No flowers though, they just require too much upkeep and then they die and make a mess. And Levi has some allergies.
  • They are so appreciative of things coming their way. They've also received, well for lack of better words, a lot of junk food! (Albeit, amongst a lot of very yummy healthy food) It's going to be imperative to eat healthy, whole organic foods, so bear that in mind if you send them things to eat. Nothing that turns into sugar (from chocolate to fruit to starches... no carbs). Please be mindful if you decided to send food.

Thanks for all the love and patience, KJ

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