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Help Lennon, the orphan otter! (Lennon, the otter.)
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The Story


We invite you to meet Lennon the otter. The orphan otter cub arrived in the wildlife rehabilitation center of the Association for Biological Diversity Conservation after an unfortunate event.

The baby otter is the survivor of an attack carried out "in play" by a group of children who threw stones to the otter cubs that were near the den of a mother otter, she escaped without managing to salvage her cubs that were killed by the stones thrown down by the children. Three otter cubs were being attacked with stones by children, two of otter pups died but Lennon escaped being rescued by a passerby who noticed the scene. The children did not know to what throw stones at, they thought that there were some rats.

The passerby has taken the baby otter without knowing what is in his arms, but he noted that baby otter is making a characteristic whistling, then he thought to call someone to find out more.

The cub was taken to an old lady and was kept in a stable the person who saved him, learned that the animal is a baby otter, following a discussion with a hunter. The baby otter was injured under the chin by the stones thrown with malice by the children.

Coincidentally a family of kind people who were on holidays in this area of the Carpathian Mountains, find out about the otter cub from the hunter and they decides to see him.

How long were they on holidays there, they were very attached to the baby otter and decided to take him home in the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

The otter was raised for 2 months in a flat, but it had grown up and they could no longer keep him. So they decided to reintroduce it into the wild. After trying to find someone that can do this for 2 weeks, finally they reached us and we accepted the baby otter to takeover, without any hesitation.

Now it needs your support more than ever, it would be great to help it. Through the donation for the otter, you will ensure that this story will have a happy ending for this orphaned otter and for other otters that will arrive in our rehabilitation center.

So far the story of this otter is a sad one, he was the victim of an attack with stones by a group of children, his family was killed, so he became an orphan cub being saved by a passerby and taken for two months by a family in Bucharest then finally taken by us.

Currently he needs someone that will provide the necessary training to be ready for the reintroduction into nature and to receive sufficient food daily (1.5 kg / day).

In order to ensure the best hosting for it, we are building a special area dedicated to aquatic animals where the baby otter will be able to practice swimming. To monitor otter cub after its release in to nature, must be purchased a transmitter implant. With this transmitter we will know if rehabilitation was a success and if our intervention is necessary in case the the otter is in danger.

Here are the details of the needs of the orphaned otter cub:

  • Food for 6 months (1.5 kg / day -fish live chicken, crayfish);
  • The building of the aquatic fauna area from our rehabilitation center;
  • a VHF radio transmitter for post-release monitoring of the baby otter;

Thank you for your help!

Bouros George
Conservation officer
Association for Biological Diversity Conservation

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 13, 2017

Posted on March 13, 2017

Thanks to you Lennon is healthy and has two more months to stay in captivity. In May we will release him into the wild and we have a surprise for all our donors then. We already bought the monitoring implant and we will receive it next month directly from USA. Thanks to all Lennon friends!

Posted on January 9, 2017


Posted on January 9, 2017

The winter has come here, but Lennon is enjoying the snow :)
Please donate for him, he need a better swimming area!
Thanks for your contribution! 

Posted on January 6, 2017

Posted on January 6, 2017

Thanks to you Lennon has enough food! :)
He is enjoying happy the fish that you offer!
Please continue to donate for the building of a better place for the aquatic fauna area from our rehabilitation center and for a VHF radio transmitter for post-release monitoring of the orphan otter.
Thank you from the heart!

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