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The Story

My name is Leigh Ann Tatnall.  I am a married, a mother of three and Gigi to a beautiful grandson. I also have two snuggle buddies, Rudy and Mrs Pickles. I am currently struggling with Late Persistent Lyme Disease with 7 co-infections, intractable migraines, trigeminal neuralgia (the suicide disease) and fibromyalgia. These are invisible illnesses, which means people cannot outwardly see my illness, and I typically look ‘normal’. The experience of suffering from chronic (invisible) illness is physically painful and emotionally exhausting. I have lost my friends, my career and my quality of life has decreased. I do not want to lose anything else.

I am asking if you find it in your hearts, please help me heal.

Background Story: She started feeling ill in January of 2016. She was working as a Hospice and Homecare RN on the weekend program. Her migraines increased and were not responding to medications. She started to call into work frequently due to migraines, exhaustion and frequent respiratory illnesses. She was sent from doctor to doctor to get a diagnosis. No doctor could seem to figure out why she was ill and not recovering. Her primary doctor placed her on medical leave starting in December 2016. Thinking it might help, her primary physician sent her to physical and occupational therapy from February to June 2017. That did not improve her condition. She was referred to a rheumatologist. He diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia in August 2017. The rheumatologist told her to watch her diet and exercise (which she was already doing). Leigh Ann was fortunate to get an appointment with an integrative, lyme literate physician in October 2017. It was then she received a diagnosis of Lyme disease. Leigh Ann meets all five criteria for CDC diagnosis of Lyme. The specialist ordered intensive testing which confirmed diagnosis of Lyme with 7 additional co-infections. The lyme doctor also suspects parasites and heavy metal toxicity. Her immune system is not working well. The lyme doctor recommended a PICC line with long term antibiotics, anti parasitics and anti fungal medications long term, but wanted to try oral antibiotics first. Leigh Ann started oral antibiotics. She could not tolerate the side effects and became even more ill. Since she could not tolerate the antibiotics, a new treatment plan had to be created. The new treatment plan is not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket. Leigh Ann was ultimately fired from a job she loved in May 2017. She applied for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) in December 2016 and is still waiting for a determination, which can take 5-7 years. 

What is Late Persistent Lyme Disease? Lyme Disease starts with a bite from an infected tick, spider, flea or direct contact with an animal or human that has lyme. It can also be spread through sexual contact or during childbirth. Left untreated or if not effectively treated, regular Lyme Disease becomes Late Persistent Lyme Disease (sometimes referred to as Late Stage Lyme or Chronic Lyme). Lyme damages nerves, organs, muscles, the brain, heart and immune system. Late Persistent Lyme Disease mimics MS, Parkinson’s, and 350+ other diseases. Almost no insurance companies cover treatment.

Her treatment:

She will receive a variety of treatments and therapies based on her particular health needs by a team of lyme literate physicians and health professionals, including but not limited to:

Phase 1: Parasite cleanse to destroy the parasites and allow her body to accept treatment therapy. This parasite cleanse will last 1-2 years or until the parasite cleanse is successful. This will be achieved through use of prescription medication and herbal supplements.

Phase 2: Heavy metal detoxification. She is hoping to be able to complete this with oral supplementation. If that is not successful, she will have to do IV Chelation Therapy. Practitioners usually recommend at least 20 to 40 treatments to start; however, some may recommend continued therapy for up to 100 treatments over a period of several years.  Additionally, a high-dose vitamin and mineral IV supplement is needed during treatment because IV Chelation removes some important minerals from the body. 

Phase 3: Ozone and peroxide IVs to help kill off the lyme and co-infections. These IVs cost anywhere from $175-$250 per IV treatment. The IVs are scheduled three times a week for an undetermined amount of time depending on how her body responds.

Ongoing Treatments: 

-Full Body Hyperthermia which is used to kill the foreign invaders in her body. This will be achieved through infrared therapy.

- A variety of detoxification treatments and therapies to ease the intensity of the Herxheimer reactions from bacterial, parasite and fungal die-off.

- Compounded medications that address the mycotoxins and chronic fungal infections.

- Acupuncture and therapeutic massage to assist her body in healing.

- Nutritional guidance and supplements to best support her body throughout treatments and healing.

- Intensive testing and treatments based on her specific needs.

None of these treatments are covered by insurance and must be paid for in cash. All of the funds raised will be used for treatment only

Call to Action:

- If you are struggling with a chronic illness but have not yet found a diagnosis, please read up on Lyme Disease. It is is incredibly hard to treat. There is no proven treatment for Lyme disease. It is much more common than you realize! “Lyme disease isn’t rare. More than 300,000 Lyme disease cases are reported each year by the CDC in the U. S. alone. It is six times more common than HIV/AIDS and twice as common as breast cancer. When appropriate diagnostic codes are missing, care is often denied and unreported, leading to life-threatening and debilitating illnesses.” -

- I ask you to please consider giving to Leigh Ann’s medical fund. She needs these alternative treatments since standard medical treatments have not been successful and she has allergies to numerous medicines that are used for treatment. The price of complementary therapy and treatment is very high. 

- Would you spread the word about Leigh Ann and others like her? No one should suffer years waiting for a diagnosis or struggling to pay for treatment. I pray that not only Leigh Ann receives treatment and healing, but the hundreds of thousands of others who are still suffering.

- You can also make a purchase from LA's Treatment Fund storefront on Mercari. 100% of all sales go towards her treatment fund.

The funds collected will help to pay for Phase One of the treatment plan. The goal is to start Phase One by June 1, 2018.

If you are unable to donate, please consider lifting Leigh Ann and her family up in prayer or send positive energy and love her way. Thank you.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 18, 2018

Posted on April 18, 2018

I saw a functional medicine specialist on April 10. She performed some tests and confirmed I have Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome due to non infectious agent with acute organ dysfunction. That is a nice way of saying I have toxic mold poisoning, in addition to Lyme and co-infections. I will have more lab tests in the near future. The treatment plan remains the same. I will be starting my parasite cleanse as soon as Para 1 and Para 2 (Cellcore biosciences) is available. Thank you all for your support. 

I have been blogging my experience with scalar energy healing on my website:

Posted on April 2, 2018

Posted on April 2, 2018

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their donations and prayers. I really appreciate it.

I am very grateful that my lyme doctor was able to get me in to see the mycotoxin specialist on April 10 instead of having to wait until September 27. I am hopeful the doctor will have more answers and will help with my treatment plan.

From now on, I will be posting updates on my personal blog website:

You can follow along there if you want. You can also feel free to share either website. Thank you again.

Posted on April 1, 2018

Posted on April 1, 2018

Hi everyone, we have reached 25% of the goal! We're so amazed by everyone's support. Please share this fundraiser with your family and friends to keep up the momentum.

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Please Help Leigh Ann Heal from Lyme, an Invisible Illness

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