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The Story

Welcome, everyone.

We are Legendz Collective - a brand new, volunteer-managed Foundation that focuses on improving education, international relations & research of world ancient mysteries. Although we're currently based in Hiroshima (Japan), our volunteers are people from 5 different countries with occupations ranging from scholars, artists, public relations officials, photographers & tour guides. We all energize our Foundation together through each of our talents as we keep on moving forward towards our goals. However, our combined money isn't enough for creating the bigger projects we wish to create. And this is where we ask for all of your help to raise us funds of at least $18000 USD for the creation of our first charity events/exhibition shows. Our charity events & exhibition shows will focus on the following themes:

1.) Provide immediate help to children in war-ravaged or poverty--afflicted countries - With your financial support, we can rent spaces in central Hiroshima city that can host our charity events. After we succeed in getting space for our events, we can conduct the following activities:
- Seminars or conferences with cooperation from the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) explaining the dark side of war, intercultural intolerance and the types of suffering children had to go through post-war.
- Culture programs for encouraging intercultural cooperation such as sharing different styles of food, art & music from around the planet.
- Creation of donation boxes where visitors can donate clothes, shoes, stationery materials such as pencils or calculators, secondhand electronics, toys and even food for the importance of children's education & survival.

*A fair amount of money is necessary to prepare international food & interculture programs to visitors (locals & tourists alike) to create awareness for the children. Also equally important is the money needed to pay for the shipping fee to the transportation services if we're gonna send large boxes of the above donations by bulk directly to the villages or ghettos where those children survive in. 

2.) Create exhibition shows to learn & protect the archaeological sites vital to Human History - With your help, our Foundation can create exhibition shows by renting spaces in the city central.  Our exhibits will be dedicated to the protection of ancient ruins & discovering new knowledge from our ancestors' mysterious past. These exhibitions would serve as being similar to museums where visitors of all ages can learn and even take part in the protection of world heritage sites. These exhibitions would include showrooms that feature our own ancient artifact collection (most of the artifacts being our volunteers' family heirlooms), a cinema featuring our own original documentaries for our visitors' interactive experience as well as conferences in collaboration with our friends from UNESCO Hiroshima and the Peace Culture Foundation for the purpose of highlighting the importance of protecting world heritage sites.

and then, a portion of the funds will be used for -

3.) Creating free online documentaries related to our research for you & everybody -We will also use these online documentaries as free educational material to all people worldwide; providing exciting new information from the mysteries of the ancient past. With YouTube & Facebook as our main media platforms, people can gain easy access to our video documentaries where viewers can explore the wonders of various cultures through our efforts. These videos would also serve to improve intercultural understanding & cooperation between different people to combat racism and religious wars that we still have today. The videos will also be designed to inspiring people worldwide to preserve the legacies of ancient civilizations. A portion of the overall funds will be used to purchase new equipment such as HD video cameras, portable laptops, advanced lenses for crystal-clear photos and microphones for good sound in order to create better quality free video documentaries for all of you. We would also make sure that the videos are family-friendly or suitable to all ages so that you, your kids and your families can watch our discoveries from the comfort of your Home.

We'd like to create at least 2 charity events and 2 exhibition shows during the Winter & Spring seasons of 2017. 
Japan is absolutely gorgeous during the Spring season with fresh cherry blossoms and sky-blue weather all about in the air. This also means that a lot of tourists from around the planet would visit Hiroshima in this time of year, while local city people would have more enthusiasm and vigor during the new season. This time is a perfect opportunity to create events or exhibitions to help strengthen our causes.

Legendz Collective is a foundation that believes that the world can improve tremendously when people use knowledge & wisdom in the right, reasonable ways. We believe that by providing children in third world countries with free quality education together with donating goods, the kids can learn how to survive better or even rise up from the ashes as geniuses, innovators or wise leaders. When we let children find their own inner passions and guiding them through learning knowledge with utmost enthusiasm, they can then use that very same knowledge to improve their lives, their families or even their communities. Wise thinkers from the past once said: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". With that being said, when we donate goods to the children and at the same time teach them how to survive - by showing them how to use their creativity together with the available resources they have - the kids would have enormous benefit and would one day help their own communities with the new skills they learned. Through our charity event or exhibition show's programs, we will also convince friends from our Japanese tour guide volunteer's connections to arrange charity group tours to third world countries. In this project, travelers can directly visit the children to directly provide help and same time create workshops where the travelers can teach kids how to read, write and most of all... think
In addition to helping kids with knowledge and education, our Foundation is heavily focused on protecting ancient ruins as well as learning from the mysterious origins of our ancestors. Legendz Collective existed to decode and unravel the mysteries of the Past. We believe that ancient civilizations and cultures contain clues that could fix the Present and indeed the Future too. When we learn the mistakes or lessons from the Past, we would be prepared to handle the Future. It is also interesting to note that many different cultures from different parts of the planet have so many similarities. It is from these similarities that we can build friendships with each other with different kinds of people so that we can vanquish racism, wars, intolerance and ignorance. 
By protecting & learning from the Past, we can uncover keys for all of you that could prove helpful for our futures. And with children being the literal embodiment of the Hope for the Future - children being the new generation of guardians of our human history - all of us can encourage kids to develop the skills and mindsets needed for the creation of a healthy, prosperous future world. You, we, and they together can create a better History.

==Our Plans For 2017==
Since we are still a totally brand new foundation, we have lots of work to do as far as growing our presence is concerned. We have lots of work to do when it comes to growing our Social Media pages such as Facebook. Apart from that, our volunteers had been negotiating with organizations such as UNESCO Hiroshima and the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation for cooperation. To our frustration, UNESCO and the Peace Culture Foundation were unable to support us financially due to the usual bureaucratic rules that limits their power. On the good news: both UNESCO & the Peace Culture Foundation agreed to guide us through government rules/regulations and advertise our activities within their range. That is the reason why we created this fundraising campaign page to seek all of your financial help - because once we have the funds to afford creating charity events, we can then have those organizations like UNESCO to immediately work with us. Together with them, and more importantly, with all of you... we can then start making positive changes!
The first country we would start helping will be Iran. Reason is because one of our volunteers is an Iranian public relations expert who has close connections with the United Nations Refugee Agency in Iran. Currently Iran has both poverty-afflicted children as well as refugees coming in from Afghanistan, Iraq and even a little from Syria who have fled from the previous wars. Some of these refugees also contain children who are essentially orphaned and have lost families. Many of these children lack proper clothing to survive the extreme winters, or even food for their health, and majority can't even afford going to school. Sometimes the surviving parents can't even feed themselves for they have to keep saving money to afford their children to go to school. We at Legendz Collective would like to solve all that. Together with our friends from United Nations Iran, we can distribute goods and conduct workshops directly to those kids or families by helping them rebuild their lives and health. In addition to Iran, we also aim to help children in Peru as well as Bolivia. Reason is because 5 of our volunteers are originally from that area and we would like to offer our help to the children in the Peru-Bolivian region. Most of the poor children there are native indigenous people who lack proper education and sustainable life. We wish to create workshops and support teams for these children through our charity events so that we can create solutions for the kids of Peru-Bolivia. Equally important, the countries of Iran, Peru and Bolivia are also home to mysterious and important historical sites. Sites include Persepolis, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines & Tihuanaco. With your help, we'd like to conduct research there and film our findings for all of you by creating the free documentaries on YouTube and Facebook. 

How the $18,000 USD Donation Will Be Used For

1.) $8,000
- for the creation & management of multiple charity events and exhibition shows for 2017. We hope to create at least 2 charity events & 2 exhibition shows during the Winter & Spring of 2017. We hope to rent spaces in the busiest parts of the city to further spread our message to a large group of people physically. Renting spaces in the best locations in Hiroshima (especially near government buildings and World Heritage sites such the Atomic Bomb Dome) can be costly, but it'll be a great location for both locals and tourists alike to watch us in action.

2.) $5,000 - this amount will be used to pay towards shipping feesand transportation services to the countries where we aim to help. If we're gonna send a tremendous amount of clothes, books, calculators, toys or even food in mega-sized quantities to countries such as Iran, Peru & Bolivia FROM Japan... then we're gonna need enough money to pay these expensive transportation companies to make sure our donations reach these lands safely AND directly towards the kids. Japan is home to safe, top-notched transportation services in the world - with the highest quality service of trust - and for that comes at a high price! We need this amount of cash to give specialized care to our donation's transportation so that the kids directly receive them without trouble along the way!

3.) $5,000 - will be used for the creation of our FREE YouTube documentaries dedicated to all of you. These free YouTube documentaries will be our way of thanking back to all of you folks who support & trust our missions. We understand that we are a charity-based volunteer group, and that many other charities give little to nothing back to donors. Due to that reason... we wanna do something different; in addition to your support from your heart to fuel our charities, we in turn would like to thank all of you people from around the world by creating these free quality documentaries for all of you that reveals our original research on world mysteries, having interviews with people who have access to historical secrets, footage from archaeological sites, detailed information of mysterious ancient artifacts, as well as new discoveries to empower your knowledge. This amount of cash will be used for buying the most up-to-date laptops, HD video cameras, professional photography material and solid sound equipment so that we can produce these high-quality videos for you! A portion of this money will also be used to let us travel directly to mysterious archaeological places so that we can take photos, video footage and recordings for the purpose of introducing you to new discoveries and answers of our mysterious origins... all from the comfort of your computer or phone! Once again, these documentaries will be family-friendly for all ages. This way families and friends of all generations can watch side by side as we take you on a visual adventure throughout the ages.

Help us create charity events for the kids who need us. Help us create exhibition shows to protect the memories of our ancestors. Help us create free documentaries for all of you so that you can know the answers to our life. With all of your help, we can define History.
Thank you!

Austin Yajima - Founder, The Legendz Collective Foundation.
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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 21, 2017

Posted on January 21, 2017

We the Legendz Collective Team would like to thank our first 2 donors on our fundraising campaign page! We appreciate your support immensely, and this also gives us further motivation to fuel our mission of providing free education to kids as well as decoding the mysteries of humankind's origins. Starting from next week, we would be launching our blog that further details about how we began and our plans for sharing knowledge to all people. Please stay tuned, and please keep up the massive support. We'll be back in touch! 

The Legendz Collective Foundation.

Posted on January 14, 2017

Posted on January 14, 2017

Hi everyone.
This is our first update news. So far everything is going on slow but steady.

We just contacted our friends from United Nations Refugee Agency in Tehran, Iran, and they told us that there are slums just outside of Tehran city with kids that need immediate aid. Many of these kids can't get proper food or clothing now that the Winters are getting stronger. The kids are both locals as well as refugees from neighbouring Afghanistan.

Our Foundation volunteer members will have a meeting next week Wednesday the 18th to discuss on how we can begin our charity event so that we can take action to give immediate support to these kids. We were also told by United Nations that in order to legally be recognized in Iran as a charity/education group, we have to pass through BAFIA (Bureau for Aliens & Foreign Immigrants Affairs). We will be given information on the procedure for clearance by BAFIA. 

I hope BAFIA can accept us with open arms and really hope it ain't too much stressful. Good news is that our friend from the UN thinks there's a high probability that BAFIA could welcome our mission cordially to assist them with their refugee situation. BAFIA is also interested in the welfare of local children too. We'll keep you all updated on that once we get further word.

Meanwhile, we are also planning to create WordPress or perhaps another blogging platform to detail our history, mission, research and discoveries. For now we have Facebook, and we just created YouTube last night. We have much work to do on them.

That's all for now, and we appreciate any donations to help activate our cause.



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