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The Story

Hunter is a young but mighty warrior who has battled medulloblastoma, a rare but treatable brain tumor since December 2015 when he was just 2 years old. He was in remission but it recently returned in May of 2017. His loving parents, Laura Coffman mom and dad, Atom Coffman are ready to aid in the battle but they need our help. 

They will be making regular visits to Seattle Children's hospital for treatments and are planning to be a part of a trials. There will be expenses and that's nothing a family should be concerned with when fighting this arduous battle. 

Let's come to their aid with prayer and encouragement. Any financial help you can give would be deeply appreciated. Come join us and be HUNTER STRONG!!

Amber Bills is a close family friend, all funds go directly to the Coffman family weekly. For questions call Amber at 425-281-0373

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 8, 2017

Posted on October 8, 2017

I write this post with heaviness on my heart and a lump in my throat. I can’t seem to speak these words. We feel defeated in so many ways and as though we have been punched in the stomach once again on this journey.

Hunters scans last night revealed that the tumor in his spine has grown rapidly and caused the back pain he has been suffering. There was a lot of swelling so he was immediately put on morphine and a steroid. That has seemed to help for the moment. He is no longer in pain. The on call oncologist gave us the horrifying and harsh reality that Hunter doesn’t have much time left. Maybe 1-2 months, possibly a bit more if we do the chemo. A darkness over came our whole world and even though this is news we knew we could get since relapse, it felt out of no where and we felt unprepared.

Hunter has been doing so well, we haven’t been focused on what could happen, maybe that in itself was a big blessing for us. We have begun these hard conversations with the doctors and you can easily lose hope and faith in a moments notice. I would be lying if I said I did not scream at God last night in an anger I have never felt in my life. I would be lying if I said I didn’t question everything about what he is doing and why Hunter? Why all of this?

But we were instantly reminded that amidst the horror of the news last night, there IS God. And there always has been God. He has never left, even while we scream, and he never will leave. We have him, every day, every moment, and he is the ONLY one that knows our pain and takes the anger we express, then is waiting when we come back apologizing, begging for his help. We are on our knees praying for a long future ahead for Hunter, but also understanding that we are not to look that far a head. One moment at a time, we keep saying.

His team is on board with the goal to get Hunter to Hawaii next week. We are beginning some chemo today and he will also get some more tomorrow. But we want to make sure that Hunter does not have pain like he did yesterday. Keeping him comfortable and happy is most important right now.

We need you all to know that we are okay. As okay as we can be. We rest assured in knowing Hunter WILL be healed. It may not be the way we want to imagine, but he will be okay. Hunter is in Gods hands, he always has been. This boy is extraordinarily amazing and was designed for such a purposeful life. And he fulfills Gods plans everyday.

We are blessed to have all of you. We desperately need you to know that. Your payers love and support have been so appreciated. They keep us going. Hunter is still fighting. And we’re taking it all a time. ❤️

Posted on September 13, 2017

Posted on September 13, 2017

Thank you everyone for all the support for the Coffman family during this difficult time. Your generous donations and hard work fundraising  has helped alleviated the stress of the financial burden. It also touches their hearts that so many people care and show concern for Hunter. They appreciate your prayers, keep them coming please.  

Please continue to check the Facebook page for updates on Hunter. 

Posted on July 29, 2017


Posted on July 29, 2017

To all Maple Valley area supporters from the Coffman family- 

We got home late last night from a week away from cell service (everyone should drop technology for at least a week it does amazing things) but we came home to some awesome things. The fundraiser we had last weekend raised over $8000.00!!! this is INSANE! We were not expecting that. Below you can see a photo of the two gals who held the whole crazy ordeal together and made it flawless. We are so blessed to call them some of our best friends. Cailin Bundrick and Aubrey Durbin we love you SO much and thank you for taking time out of YOUR busy lives to do such a big thing for us. I gotta throw Andy Audette's name out there too because with out his help advertising the event it may not have been so successful. He's really grabbed a hold of our family and made these fundraising events so known. We love his willingness to help even though we just met. We love that Hunter touches people in that way. And everyone who worked the event, thank you. Because of you donating time and services the event was a huge success! So along with the big fundraiser Andy and some great folks, Lindsey and marissa, sold some funny shirts at our farmers market this morning where all proceeds go to our family! How stinking cool! People spending a beautiful sunny Saturday to help us. And a local espresso stand, Blue Dot Espresso sold raffle tickets last week for Hunter and was also there to support us today. AND in one week there has been so many donations on Hunters youcaring site! We love reading through the donations and kind words of encouragement so if you have donated on that site, we have read your posts and love it! This community has just completely rallied around us. Atom and I discussed heading to our local park one weekend at the end of summer where people can come out and hang with us, meet Hunter, and we can say a big thank you to all that has been done for us so far. We know you all don't expect anything out of us but we love being there at fundraisers and seeing the faces behind the constant support. Hopefully we can work something out before summer is over. Today we raised a large amount of money AGAIN, and we thank you all so much. This support is seriously out of this world, we are so blessed to live in maple valley.

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