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Kundalini  Yoga is the yoga of awareness.  It balances the nervous and glandular  systems and prepares the mind for deep meditation.  Regular practice  leads to reduced stress and greater health, happiness & inner peace.  More and more people are finding out that Kundalini Yoga is quick and  effective.  Even an 11 minute daily meditation can create change.  

As  the demand increases in our current stressful times, more and more  teachers are needed.  Kundalini Yoga is best learned directly from a  teacher.   Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, brought this tradition  to the West in 1969  with  a  stated  purpose:  “I  have  come  to   create  Teachers."  For over 30 years, he traversed the globe, creating  the current international community of people who love and share these  teachings.  

Yogi Bhajan instructed his teachers to "Be the Lighthouse... so  nobody else can wreck near you. That is the one thing in life you  have  to do. Forklift. Spread the light. Be the lighthouse. So every   journey, every destiny, every distance can be safe."

Yoga  at the Ashram in Millis, founded by Yogi Bhajan, has been training  teachers since 1978.  Each year, joyful souls are drawn here to  undertake the "yoga boot camp" of becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.   These transformative, hard, and ultimately beautiful 9 months are laced  with many challenges and triumphs.  One challenge for many is meeting  the tuition necessary attend the course. 

This  year Yoga at the Ashram in enrolling a large class of bright  Lighthouses, many of whom are requesting tuition support.  Won't you  help spread this light?

We are dedicated to this mission and need your help to create the newest class of Aquarian Teachers. We are starting classes in October and want to give everyone who is interested in this pursuit to have the opportunity to Be the Lighthouse.  We are starting the Be the Lighthouse Scholarship Fund to fulfill this goal. This years goal is to raise $10,000.

Your gift of any amount makes a huge ripple effect of happiness.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 25, 2017

Posted on August 25, 2017

Here are some thoughts from a student (Cheryl Lafortune) who benefited from some scholarship money is years past and what here journey was :  

1) Describe your journey into Kundalini Yoga and becoming a teacher.

I began attending KY at my local YMCA. My first experiences were different from any physical activity I had  encountered.

I  have always been involved in organizied sports. I was a  college athlete, physical education major and even got my Masters in  Sport Sciences. I was considered a “jock”. Even today I play tennis and  golf on a regular basis. I truly enjoy physical activity. My beliefs  include that the body -mind- spirit are linked and all need their own  form of exercise. 

So, I was attending  KY classes and doing this crazy stuff. Breathing through one nostril  while stretching over my knee, chanting, stretching like a cat or cow,  etc and thinking this is nuts! As nuts as it was, I was feeling great  and wanting more. I just went with it and began to feel immediate  benefits! 

Physically I was  feeling better. There were also mental benefits. I began to find  my neutral place. Drama in my life was reduced. I became more confident  in my ability to accept and deal with any and all of what life has to  throw at me. KY gave me skills to use to help maintain my mental  balance. 

I began enjoying the yoga so much I wanted to learn more, so I signed up for teacher training.
I wanted to be able to share  KY practices with others.  

2) What impact did receiving scholarship assistance have on that journey?

Right around the time I signed up for teacher training  I became unemployed. I would have had to withdraw from the training had  I not been lucky enough to receive the scholarship. 

3) What do you plan to do now as a Kundalini Teacher, and/or where has teaching brought you so far?  ( for example, what populations are you serving/ intend to serve, etc )

Personally, I have benefited most by developing my daily practice. Keeping  yoga foremost in my life reminds me to try to elevate others. 

I have been able teach classes to adults and children. As a middle school teacher, I incorporate yoga practice and skills to help my students and they love it. 

Additionally,  I have become connected to a wonderful group of KY teachers  and practicioners with whom i have developed many dear relationships. 

Going  forward, my focus will continue to be sharing KY practice and skills  with my middle school students as I am able. I may offer an after school  class to other teachers this coming school year.

I will continue my personal and group practices and will probably attend Sat Namfest and events at the ashram. ~~~ Cheryl

Posted on August 25, 2017

Posted on August 25, 2017

Comments from  

Sheherazade Plynton about her experience of becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and what it means to her: 

My journey: In 2012 I took a yoga training at Kripalu.  I have been  looking for alternative ways to give my students coping skills for  anxiety, stress, and trauma reactions.  Yoga seemed to fit the bill,  according the research I was looking into at the time.  Yet, I was not  having much success when I brought back the Kripalu yoga to my school.   The students did seem to enjoy it quite a bit, but the symptom reduction  was not significant for these kinds of diagnoses.  (I am a clinical  social worker in a school setting).  I was curious about kundalini yoga,  and was blessed to have my very first class be with Sat Siri near my  house in Pawtucket RI.  From my first class, I knew that I had found the  right kind of yoga to bring to my students to help them.  I could feel  an incredible difference in myself after the class.  I continued to  study.  When I became ready to take the training, money was a big  obstacle.  I had already sunk money into my first yoga training, and my  family budget simply couldn't stretch to pay for the whole training.   The scholarship made it possible, along with some grant money, to help  me to pay for the training.

I am so blessed to be  working with Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa, who has designed a yoga therapy  program that we have been running in my school.  I also teach students  yogic breathing and simple meditations as coping skills for many many  issues.  Yoga has changed the content of my sessions.  I will continue  to bring yoga to the population in Pawtucket, which is diverse and low  income.  

I am grateful to the ashram for their help, and to Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa and all of her supporters. ~~~ Shara

Posted on July 12, 2017


Posted on July 12, 2017

When you have to say nothing, do nothing, be nothing, then what are  you? You know what you are? You are a lighthouse, so nobody else can  wreck near you. That is the one thing in life you have to do. Forklift.  Spread the light. Be the lighthouse. So every journey, every destiny,  every distance can be safe.
-Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on March 29, 1987

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