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The Story

Support KSKQ Crowdfunding & Support Positive Change For Ourselves, Our Bioregion, Our Country & The Planet.

KSKQ is an independent, non-commercial, all-volunteer Community Radio Station located in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.  It was founded 13 years ago to be an alternative voice to corporation-controlled media.  In fact the original inspiration for applying to the FCC to create the station came from people thirsting to hear “Democracy Now.”  The airwaves are a public good.  KSKQ was created to give the airwaves back to the people.

In this age of “fake news” independent media and free speech are key to saving Democracy.   Community radio creates a local focus, builds community, promotes social and environmental justice issues, gives room to eclectic choices in music and connects the local community to the world by airing progressive syndicated programming.  Though its programming, KSKQ encourages a healthy local economy which generates local jobs and creates stability and prosperity.   Diverse music and talk shows represent a broad spectrum of age and cultural differences. We are a Pacifica Radio Affiliate, a member of National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) and one of the founding members of Oregon Community Media (OCM).

Volunteer-Power Gets It Done!

KSKQ began by streaming from a garage, then became a low-power FM radio station, broadcasting from behind a ridge to its city of origin, Ashland, Oregon.  The licence-holder for KSKQ is the nonprofit, Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon.    When the opportunity arose, it applied for and was granted a full-power license and the station now broadcasts 24/7 at 89.5 FM and 94.1 FM to all of Jackson County.  The main antenna is located on an old wooden fire tower in the Cascade Mountains east of Ashland. A translator was recently added to beam the signal straight into the County’s most populous city, Medford.  Its high-quality programming can be heard around the world on or via smart phone app.  Each step of the way was obtained with the hard work and tenacity of volunteers and the support of compassionate professionals willing to donate their expertise—all on an amazingly low budget.

The station has sustained continual growth in the number and quality of locally produced programs.  KSKQ makes the airwaves available to citizens, non-profits and local musicians through a variety of ways at the studio, and even broadcasts live from community events and performances.

Why are we seeking financial support through a crowd-funding campaign?    

We need $65,000.  It’s time for KSKQ to take the next logical step towards meeting our mission and to assure sustainability. KSKQ must hire (and pay!) a radio-savvy, hard working Executive Director.  By definition, volunteers are pulled by many aspects of their lives.   We need someone who can afford to focus solely on maintaining and strengthening the station by developing our fledgling news department, building community connections and finding creative and bountiful financial support.  We need someone who can more effectively organize the diverse team of volunteers to maximize each person’s skill set.  We must have a consistent, reliable, compensated person at the helm for the station to grow and thrive.

Getting back to the heart of the station: its volunteers

· KSKQ is an eclectic community of volunteers—programmers, office workers, Management Committee, fundraisers, technicians, computer experts and more--all adding their own  flavor and voices to the fabric that is the station. We are a family of diverse individuals, each with his or her own unique cultural background, who have come together to form a community and culture of radio. There is no one sound or platform that defines us. We are many. We are in support of positive change for ourselves, our bioregion, our country and the planet.

· At KSKQ, we build and strengthen community through our efforts to reach out and create connectivity. By reminding people of upcoming events we connect teachers and students, entertainers and those who need to be entertained. We bring  businesses and organizations into our station as underwriters and show      guests. Underwriters link their websites to ours and guests use our archive to share their stories with their clients.

· We shine light onto aspects of our community that are lacking , like when there was nowhere for homeless people to go in the cold of winter we broadcasted the list of shelters that were available. We interview organizations that supply food, medical  supplies and education to families struggling in poverty. We invite organizations to our shows that need to get the word out about the good  local work they are doing.

· At KSKQ, we also shine light onto aspects of our community that are abundant and thriving. We interview farmers who are proud of their ability to feed families in our beautiful valley. Throughout the struggle to outlaw the growing of genetically modified foods in Jackson County, KSKQ was there with education and  inspiration.

· We have an open door at KSKQ.  We promote diversity by fostering an atmosphere of acceptance of all ages,  cultures and genders. We make the airwaves available to all age groups,  and ethnicities.  We highlight programming that empowers women, LGTBQ  people, youth. We play music from all genres.

· We promote social justice by featuring groups and speakers who work for social justice enabling them to get their messages out, which would not otherwise be heard on corporate media.

· We interview students who have gone out into the world to do good deeds and can share their stories of  transformation to inspire the listeners. We feature local musicians on our  shows so they can share their passion for music live in our studio.

· We connect people and ideas.  Our talk shows share the stories of inspiring local organizations that are doing important work so that people who have something to give may connect and better serve the community or perhaps someone in need may find out  about a service that exists to help them.

· KSKQ allows us to see and hear ourselves. We are very local. We are supported by local businesses. We have underwriters who are local businesses so we promote local commerce and a strong, sustainable local economy. Our shows feature people from our bioregion speaking about the issues in our bioregion.

· Our music shows offer a diverse flavor of sounds to soothe and inspire the listener. At KSKQ we play everything from rap to classical, from reggae to heavy metal. We also play  the music of local musicians. We even remote-broadcast live music from the  grower’s market and from our fundraising events. Whatever your musical  tastes, we have something to titillate and inspire.

· Community Radio is the antidote for our modern, disconnected, sensational media. KSKQ is a lighthouse for  the weary and confused traveller of corporate media. KSKQ can remind us to laugh, to open our hearts, and to put our shoulders to the task.

· At KSKQ you won’t be insulted with “fake news.”

KSKQ - The Voice In Your Heart

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 15, 2018


Posted on July 15, 2018

We would like to thank Jill Iles, Toni Dockter, Stephanie Saldana, Brenda Rosch, RVML Library, Justa Phillips, those that have donated Anonymous and everyone that has contributed to KSKQ’s Crowdfunding Campaign.Thank you for your support!   

Posted on May 5, 2018


Posted on May 5, 2018

We would like to thank Mary Blythe, Eileen Chieco, Wes Brain, Laurie/Alan Rathsam and those that have donated Anonymous for their contributions to KSKQ’s Crowdfunding Campaign. Thank you for your support!  

Posted on March 17, 2018


Posted on March 17, 2018

We would like to thank some more people who have contributed to KSKQ’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Debra Wilson, Toni Dockter, Jason Houk, Byron Carrier, Kat Halpenny and those contributing Anonymously. Thank you for your support!  

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