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The Story

We met in 2002 at Waffle House while we were both still in high school. It was basically love at first sight and we have been inseparable pretty much ever since. This past May marked our 8-year wedding anniversary and our 14th year together as a couple. It seems crazy that it has been that long!

A few years ago, a little after our 5 year wedding anniversary we decided it was time to try to start our family. Our plan was to just enjoy the “process” and not over think everything and without even realizing, a year went by with no such luck. The second year was filled with hardship and grief for us. We lost our beloved golden retriever Zeke and Nick’s mother passed away unexpectedly. Needless to say, our focus shifted as we mourned our losses and we tossed up the fact that we were still not pregnant to stress and grief. We knew that God was telling us it was not our time yet.

That summer, we decided to finally see a reproductive specialist in Atlanta. After running numerous tests, they couldn’t really find an answer; we were what most infertile couples are considered, “unexplained.” At this point, crazy enough, you almost want doctors to find something wrong with you so that you can have an easy answer, something to fix. Take a medication, get a shot, whatever it is, there is a fix for it. Unexplained infertility gives you nothing like that. You are left confused and frustrated because nothing makes sense. On paper, we looked like the healthiest people on earth, but obviously there is something wrong. When you are unexplained, the doctors aren’t sure what to do, so they try a little bit of everything. It starts with taking hormone pills to increase your follicle count, that turns into IUI’s and eventually it leads to IVF. We were so sure that IUI would be our answer; we did not want to have to even think about IVF. We called our insurance at this time to see what was covered and it was at this point out insurance told us that “having a child was a lifestyle choice” and that they only paid for testing and not treatment of any sort. Wait? What?!! You read that right. They will pay to diagnose you, but they will not pay for any type of treatment, and that having a child was a LIFESTYLE choice. Therefore all of our treatment had to be out of pocket. To put it into perspective, each round of IUI cost $2000+ and IVF cost around $20,000; last year alone we spent over $30,000 out of our savings. The doctor’s all but guaranteed us that we would be successful with treatment, so we felt like the risk was worth it as long as it led us to eventually having a baby Christoffersen in our arms.

We started with IUI and after our 4th round we were still unsuccessful and honestly, devastated. We had not experienced even one positive pregnancy test and there were still no answers. We began discussing the dreaded IVF with our doctors. They gave us the financial documents, the statistics, the risks, and told us that it would be the only way we could conceive at this point. We started praying for direction from God, is this really what he wants us to do. Is this His plan for us? How can we even pay for all of this? Shots!?! Lots of shots?! We were just so unsure.

After praying and talking for a bit, we decided to try IVF at least once. We did not want to be left with “what ifs.” We started shots in November and the process lasted through January. We got the call at the beginning of February that our egg did not take and that we did not have any left to freeze. There are no words to explain the devastation of that phone call. That weekend was filled with tears, sadness, defeat. This could not be His answer for us, why would God put us through this only to be told no? It was at this point that we knew treatments were not our answer. Kimberly’s devotional that same day talked about trusting God and that he will show us a new direction that would be better than what we had planned (funny how His words are always there exactly when you need them). In Luke 1:37, Gabriel speaks to Mary about her conception of Jesus and tells her “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” We knew that God had another plan for us and that he promised us a child and we couldn’t doubt now that He could do anything.   We spend the next few months recovering emotionally and really setting our hearts to mourn the loss of the thought of having biological children. We really took to Matthew 11:38 and taking time to rest.

Towards the end of this summer we were finally ready to move forward with God’s plan for us. We knew we were called to adopt. We had had discussions about it when we first started dating, but like most, we figured we would adopt after first having biological children. God has spent the past few years pushing us out of our own comfort zone, pushing us to grow in our faith, our love for Jesus and each other, and making us into the couple that he wanted to raise His orphans. We are so excited for this journey. It has been a long road leading to here, full of heartbreak, tears, and sadness, but also full of comfort, grace, positivity, and has given us opportunities that we wouldn’t have ever taken had we not gone through this struggle. 

We have spent the past couple of months figuring out how to proceed with our journey and had come to terms with the fact that we would have to wait a few more years so that we could replenish our savings and be able to afford adopting. After prayer and discussion with friends, God has humbled us and helped us realize how blessed we are to have friends who want to help us. We could not have gotten to this point in our lives without your help and encouragement. God keeps telling us to trust him and to not doubt his plan. He keeps pointing us to Hebrews 11 about discipline, hardship, and joy and about the lessons learned through the hardship. We do not rest easy on those lessons; we have learned so much and will take these lessons forward with our adoption and our life. It is very hard for us to open up and admit we need help, but we do. We are almost finished with our homestudy and will be live and waiting to be picked in just a few short weeks. We cannot move forward with our adoption until we have secured all funds necessary for adoption. It can cost upward of $40,000 to adopt domestically and after the past few years of fertility treatments, we just don’t have that available at this time. We love and appreciate all of your support and we know that God will provide for us. If you feel compelled to help, there are a few ways to do so.

  1. Prayer-  Please pray for us through the month of November. Please pray for our family, this process, and for our future baby and their birth mother. We know that God already has our baby picked out. We know the next few months is not going to be easy but know the journey will be filled with much more peace and happiness knowing you are praying with us through it all.
  2. Smoke Ring Fundraising Dinner -Mark your calendars! On December 6th w will be hosting a barbeque and beer fundraising dinner at Smoke Ring (our friends The Wakefield’s amazing restaurant). We would love for you to come. There will be delicious food as well as a possible auction. More info to come, please let us know if you are interested. Our goal is to fill the restaurant with 100 people!
  3. Monetary Donations-  If you cannot make our fundraising dinner but feel led to help us with our adoption, please consider making a monetary donation on this website. There are many expenses we are facing, the home study, document processing, travel, adoption facilitating, legal fees and more.
  4. Sharing -  Please share our story. We know the infertility affects 1 in every 6 couples and unfortunately it is not talked about enough. If we can help encourage anyone else going through the same thing, we would love to be able to be a light for them during a dark time.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016

So sorry for the delay in updates and thank you's.  As a teacher, the end of the semester with finals gets a little crazyyyyyyyy! As I finally get a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends I find myself reflecting on 2016 and just how hard this past year, really year and a half has been. Emotionally, physically, energetically it has been draining.  It has been filled with lots of change, trials, and discomfort. However, the past couple of months have honestly been some of the most faith inspiring, hopeful and just plain amazing months I believe I have ever had. Sometimes God puts you in situations that are excruciatingly difficult and plain hard to see the light through it all. It is the attitude that we have during these times that really determine how we we make it through. This spring when everything seemed so dark, God really pushed Nick and I outside of our comfort zones in various ways and urged us to trust His plan for us.  When we finally got moving with his plan, our lives have changed so much, for the better. We are so inspired and overwhelmed by the support and generosity that so many people have shown us. Once Nick and I get through the hard part of adoption, we look forward to being able to pay all of this forward and blessing others as you have blessed us. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and truly know that trusting God in the uncertainty is so worth it.

As far as an update goes, as of tomorrow morning we will officially be "waiting!" We are absolutely THRILLED to be through the paper part of this process even though we know the hardest part lies ahead.  We have done all that we can do personally and the rest is in God's hands and we know His plan is more amazing than we could possibly imagine (which is extremely calming).  We have been finger printed numerous times, physicals, interviewed, home inspected, friends interviewed, backgrounds checked, criminal histories checked, all medical records checked, employments checked, created a 20 pg electronic scrapbook displaying us and our life and we have OFFICIALLY been given the approval that we are fit to be parents, lol, and we are SO EXCITED!

The crib is ordered, nursery underway, so please keep praying for us, our baby that is already growing somewhere (crazy to think about), and our babies birth mother.  We cannot imagine what she is going through right now, but we pray for peace, discernment, and grace through this time in her life. Thank you all for your support and we will continue to keep you updated! God is good, all the time!

Love- Kimberly and Nick

Posted on November 8, 2016

Posted on November 8, 2016

Hi everyone! We cannot express our gratitude enough for all of your shares and donations.  On Sunday, while I was leading my high school girls small group for NorthPoint Church, their lesson was on “stranger things.”  If any of you have seen the show on Netflix, it. Is. AMAZING., but that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, one of the questions we were asked to discuss with our group was “Has God ever asked you to do something strange?” As I was thinking about their answers, I also started thinking about what I would say if the girls asked me the same question.  I could tell them of a few instances, but most recently, it would be this crowdfunding situation we are currently in.    When God started pressing it on our hearts to adopt in the spring, we were honestly so confused as to how He could ask us to move forward, but not help us financially.  Everything he had put us through the past year had drained most of our savings.  We just couldn’t see Him asking us to go further into debt to pursue his calling.  That’s when we figured we would just have to continue to wait. 

God teaches us a lot through our waiting periods.  There are many lessons Nick and I could share that we have learned about ourselves, eachother, and God through our trails and waiting period.  One of which is to not rely on money and to not put your faith and love in money or monetary things, to put it in God only!  We worked for years to save up all of that money that we had spent in such a short period of time following God’s direction. We are both blessed with amazingly fulfilling jobs, but let’s be real, teaching is not a profession that affords us the opportunity to “roll in the dough,” if you know what I am saying.  So after a few months of waiting, we just started sharing our story a little bit more with friends.  Most friends were asking at this point when we would be having kids, so after a while, instead of saying “hopefully soon, or one day, or whenever God wants us to” we started telling them about trying and not succeeding.  When we shared that we were called to adopt but that we would continue to have to wait, some of our friends shared that they were “tired of us waiting” and that they wanted to help.  This was a little shocking at first and honestly, Nick and I just brushed it off.  Admittedly, we were too proud to accept help from anyone. After a few more months of prayer and friends humbling us towards help, we agreed to ask for it.  Last Wednesday was probably one of the “strangest” things Nick and I have ever let anyone do for us. When Erin said she was positing the story on facebook we were rushed with feelings of anxiety and nervousness. I can’t tell you how many people have said they were shocked to hear our story or shocked that we would ask for help, but the outpouring of love and support has been immeasurable to our growing faith.  God calls us to do strange things sometimes that pushes us out of our comfort zone and when we do them, He will fulfill his promise to us.  We must have the faith to trust Him and believe that he can do ANYTHING. 

Nick and I thank you all for your donations and prayers from the bottom of our heart.  Thank you for growing our faith in God and our faith in humanity.  We are so thankful for the kind words and to know that we have touched your hearts and lives in our time knowing you all.  We are forever changed. 

Please continue to pray for us and to share our message. We have raised so much, but still have a-ways to go.  Thank you to the women who have felt empowered enough to speak out and contact me with encouragement or to ask for help and direction in their own journey.  We are here for you and will be glad to speak to anyone going through something similar.

Thank you,

Kimberly and Nick

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