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Kenny and Beth are adopting! (Kenny and Beth Johns)
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The Story

Thank you for visiting our page! Whoever you are, we appreciate your taking the time to read our story, share, pray, or contribute. Each person who has supported us through this journey has given us so much.

We have always known we wanted to be parents. We talked about how many kids we'd have, where they'd go to school, and what sports we hoped they'd play (basketball, of course!) even before we were married. Like most couples, we talked about our anticipated timeline, that we wanted to wait a few years and enjoy life with just the two of us before we started to grow our family.

In November of 2014, things were right on schedule when we saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test. We were thrilled, and of course began planning what our life would be like as a family of three. 

Our life did change, but not the way we expected. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks. We were absolutely devastated. Miscarriage is surprisingly common, but we never thought it was something we would face. But over the next two years, it became a regular part of our life.

In all, we have lost five pregnancies. Beth has had 4 surgical procedures (called D&C), 2 surgeries to repair a uterine septum, 2 rounds of IUI, 68 blood draws, 173 progesterone injections, and repeated doses of clomid, letrozole, and estrogen. After each loss, we fought a little harder, determined to succeed.

But in the last few months, we've started to open a new door. We've realized that there is a different path meant for us. We are leaving behind the fertility treatments and beginning a new journey: adoption. 

We know that this road can also bring challenges and disappointment. But it has given us a renewed sense of hope and excitement. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we know that each step will take us closer to bringing home our baby.

The biggest hurdle in this is financial. Adoption is an expensive process. We will share a breakdown of the fees we will pay along the way, and we promise that none of these things are "unnecessary." Legal fees, medical bills, counseling and support services, and educational courses are just some of the examples of what we're paying for. Adoption is a complicated process, and we trust our agency to dot all the i's and cross the t's. 

Our "Big Ask" of you is for financial support. We mean it when we say that every penny counts. We are planning to borrow a large portion of the costs, but we hope to raise $22,000. If you aren't in a place to make a donation, we understand. Please share our page with your friends and family. You can also like and share our Facebook page ( We've been amazed at the way our story has helped others experiencing loss, so the more we can tell, the better! If you are local, you can get inolved with some of our fundraising efforts. We'll post about those as they come along. And of course, keep us, our future child, and his or her birth family in your prayers. Our lives are about to change forever!

Thank you for supporting us in any way you can!

-Kenny and Beth

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 31, 2017

Posted on May 31, 2017

Let's call this #WhatsNextWednesday We had our second home study meeting yesterday at the agency office. The third meeting will be the visit at our home, which we'll schedule as soon as we get all of our paperwork in. Most of the paperwork is relatively simple (clearances, employment verification, financial info, etc.) and then there's the.... WRITTEN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Yep. One for each of us. Questions like "did you experience teenage rebellion?" (I'm sure our moms would love to answer that one!) So that part is a doozy, but we're hoping to get finished this weekend.

So up next we've got:
-1 home visit with our social worker
-1 more full-day class
-1 meeting to review our profile key
-1 video profile recording session

...and then that's it! We'll go "in the book" and wait for the call that we've been matched.

Posted on May 22, 2017

Posted on May 22, 2017

I keep track of the transfers from our fundraiser page on a spreadsheet. They are labeled by the week, so Week 1, Week 2, and so on. Today, I added Week 9 to the list. In our five pregnancies, we never made it past week 8. My heart did a little happy dance typing that 9. Happy Week 9, everyone!

Posted on May 16, 2017

Posted on May 16, 2017

The most common question we get from people is "what's next?" so we try to keep you all updated on the answer to that question as much as possible. So far, we've completed two education classes. We'll have one more of those in June. In the meantime, we have two meetings with our agency (next week and the following week) to get started with our home study. And speaking of our home, we've been working on a renovation project to make room for baby. What will be the nursery is currently Kenny's office. He'll be a stay-at-home dad, but will continue some of his online tutoring from home. And as beneficial as it may be for the baby to be soothed to sleep by the sounds of SAT vocabulary in the same room, we're just not sure that's going to work out. Instead, we're taking a chunk out of our too-large master bathroom to make an office. Thanks to the work and guidance of Beth's dad, that project is going smoothly. So while we're not sure exactly what the adoption timeline will be, from what we can tell, we should be "in the book" (eligible to be matched) in the next few months! 

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