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Save Kelechi: asylum seekers should not be deported! (Kelechi Chioba)
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The Story

Kelechi is an LGBT activist in the NUS Black Students' and Disabled Students' Campaigns and an asylum seeker who came to the UK out of fear for her life in Nigeria, as a wheelchair-using disabled woman suffering mental health issues.

The Home Office has rejected her plea to remain in the UK, stating her reasons ‘insufficient’ - despite her having suffered sexual abuse from co-workers as well as verbal abuse and beatings, having been considered a curse by her family.

It is not for us to accept the government condemning others to persecution, hate and violence as part of their immigration process.
Kelechi could be deported any day, and we need to do everything we can to put pressure on the government and keep her story in the media and people's minds.

We are raising funds to pay for legal fees so Kelechi can get support in fighting her case. She is currently without any legal aid and therefore unable to fight back. The money would also go towards fees for Home office application and other costs such as food and medicine.

Please donate what you can, and share her story. Kelechi has done so much for the student movement - now it's time we support her.

For more information see our petition on

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 9, 2018

Posted on June 9, 2018

Kelechi has been moved out from her accessible accommodation and moved into a "temporary hostel" with no full term plan of action. 

After receiving her eviction notice, Kelechi found out that both her social worker and housing officer were on leave. Despite the urgency of the situation the council refused to assign anyone else to the case. 
Kelechi's wheelchair broke and it took a week for a replacement to be sent. This left her housebound. The eviction letter was delivered to the local Red Cross because the Home Office were unable to get in touch with her social worker - but the Red Cross demanded she visited them in person if she wanted them to help her.

The council have offered Kelechi several accommodations since her eviction notice. None have been accessible. This includes a 2nd floor flat that was too small for her hospital bed, had the kitchen on a different floor and was not wide enough for her to even get her wheelchair into. The flat only had a lift with no evacuation plan!

They know Kelechi is a wheelchair user. An accessible house is not a request - it is a requirement. 

Kelechi's social worker informed her she would be receiving £150/week to pay for her food, toiletries (including wipes that she needs to use) and travel expenses. The team pleaded with the home office to let her stay until she found appropriate accommodation but were not listened too.  

Kelechi's benefits have been suspended and Kelechi is not sure why. 

Kelechi's friend who is a social worker at Ilkeston advised Kelechi that there is a fund called Discretionary fund offered to a person who's benefits are not sorted out yet and the lowest they offer is £150 as a one off payment but the amount they give to you depends on what your social worker writes in the application but instead they offered her £10.

That is not even enough to cover a taxi given she cannot travel with a large bag on her own! They are even demanding she pays TV license! 

How do they expect her to eat with no way of working?

They have now forced her to move into a hostel. The first hostel they "offered" was one with drug addicts. As someone who has suffered significant abuse this was massively triggering for Kelechi. She asked they could reconsider and she is now being placed in a YMCA hostel. 

All her belongings have been put into storage and she only has 2 wipes with her currently. 

The way the council are treating Kelechi is a disgrace. She has been let down by Derby City Council and the Home Office. She is still recovering from a major procedure and needs time to recover - not to be shipped around like this.

We urge Derby City Council look into her case immediately and help Kelechi get the financial and housing support she needs!

How can you help

1. Share her story and tweet under #SaveKelechi #AccessibleAccommodationIsARight 
2. Demand Derby City Council (@DerbyCC) house Kelechi immediately 
3. Write to MP Margaret Beckett ([email protected])
& Derby Arboretum Councillors 
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
4. If you're in Derby and able to help email [email protected]

Posted on February 28, 2018

Posted on February 28, 2018


Kelechi been granted Asylum! This is an important step in the struggle to save Kelechi and ensure the struggle continues!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support - every single one of you have played a part in getting us this far.

Join us in a night of celebration:

#HERETOSTAY: A celebration and fundraiser
Date: Saturday March 31st
Time: 6PM - 11PM
Location: Hackney Showroom13-15 Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT London, United Kingdom

Book Tickets here:


NADINE ARTOIS (Pxssy Palace)
SIPPIN T' (Bbz London)
DJ DIBS (DJ Dibs/ Goldsnap)

Speech and thank you from KELECHI CHIOBA & #SaveKelechi Campaign

Performance by CHERELLE SKEETE

Come and share in this small victory, and nourish yourself for the continued struggle against detention, deportation and inhumane immigration controls.

There will be food, music, dancing and lots of opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

This victory, shows us the importance of sustained solidarity, not just for Kelechi, but for all those who have to encounter the dehumanising systems of immigration control. It gives us hope that if we fight, we can make a difference.

We're fundraising to support Kelechi's accommodation and
some of the proceeds will also go to support the work of groups who are led by and centre the experiences of migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum.

If you are a refugee, an asylum seeker or unable to pay for your ticket please let us know by emailing us [email protected] as nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

Posted on March 28, 2017

Posted on March 28, 2017

Thank you everyone who has donated so far. Your funds have been going to provide legal advice and also vital living costs.

Unfortunately the situation has become even more critical and Kelechi has been told she will be forcibly taken to Yarl's Wood Detention Centre when she signs in this Tuesday.

You may already know of the atrocities that happen within detention centres but can read more here and here. Kelechi's health has been significantly deteriorating since the start of this ordeal and we can't let this happen. We are afraid for her life if she is taken to Yarls Wood.

But fighting it won't be easy and will require significant legal costs. Please help with as much as you can.

We must defend each other and not let the state and its borders take another life.

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Save Kelechi: asylum seekers should not be deported!

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