Support Keith in the final phase of this historic project

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Support Keith in the final phase of this historic project (Keith Mann)
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The Story

Keith is now entering the final phase of this historic project and he needs your support a bit longer.

Keith started with well over 100 tumours. It has been a long and challenging journey with many twists and turns but Keith’s determination and faith has given birth to an entire new reality in the treatment of cancer. This is groundbreaking!

Please help Keith finish his treatment and completely restore his health. Keith was diagnosed with a stage 4 'incurable' blood cancer in 2013 and has been committed to turning this devastating diagnosis into an opportunity to shake up the status quo.

I really must stress before we move this thing to where it needs to be, that he has to continue doing what he’s been doing until everything is restored fully. It’s been a long haul to get to this stage and its imperative to not pull back yet. This is the critical time and we want to stock up on supplies and supplements and ensure nothing runs out and that everything is in place for the final stage of this ‘project’ which is going to be so big it cannot have enough resources thrown at it. Keith has already started writing book number 2 and is as committed to healing the world with this information as he is to curing himself.

It is imperative to remember that the removal of cancer tumours does not equal a cure. The entire body needs to be restored. This is one of the failings of conventional medicine and one of the key reasons why cancer 'comes back'. The tumour is not the cancer. It is merely a symptom. 

Please keep the support coming, you are all part of something special, the magnitude of which is hard to fully grasp but will become clear soon.

Keith's Video Update

A reminder of Keith’s journey: 

Keith Mann has been described as many things but what is certain is his desire to bring about change. Keith has been active in the cause of animal rights and other issues which negatively affect our society for many years. He is quite clearly a courageous individual with a character that others warm to. This is all borne out by the way he has chosen to deal with a frightening life situation, which we all dread.

Keith was diagnosed with an advanced stage blood cancer, which cannot be cured using conventional methods. It can be treated but not cured. There is a significant difference between treat and cure. Scans revealed widespread disease, which could not be ignored in the hope it will go away or one day be cured by drug companies. Both the challenge and the desire to live have led Keith to explore treatment options which are not part of the mainstream approach but which do offer real solutions and have proven effective time and time again for those willing to step outside the box and forge their own path.

Keith was advised to watch and wait for disease progression but instead made the decision to do something proactive. This is very much a Keith Mann characteristic. The Gerson Therapy is one option. Arguably the most thorough and best documented, the Gerson Therapy has been proven to be highly effective at restoring the immune system to the point where it, the most natural and effective tool we know of when properly cared for, can restore health. Proof of this is easy to find for those with the desire.

There are numerous unconventional treatment options available which can be used alone, combined or alongside the conventional methods. We are all unique and can only make the best decision for ourselves when faced with such a challenge if in possession of all available information.

Gerson requires various specialised equipment, large amounts of organic nutrition (almost 10 kg of produce a day) and utilises coffee enemas and supplements to achieve holistic, whole body healing. This innovative approach combines age-old techniques to restore health but is not cheap and it takes a great deal of commitment. Commitment is not something Keith is short of but needs help with the cost. 

For more information on Keith and his history in the animal rights movement, please see:


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The Gerson Cure, 18 Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath DA7 4QW

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Thank you for helping our friend Keith.

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Posted on February 12, 2017


Posted on February 12, 2017

Keith's Video Update 11th Feb:

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Support Keith in the final phase of this historic project

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