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For: Katya Mycyk
British Columbia, Canada
Organizer: Katya's Sisters
MISSION REMISSION #fightlikeagirl (Katya Mycyk)
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The Story

Stage 4 Breast Cancer is a relentless disease and Katya has been a brave crusader in her seven-year journey, but now her metastases have spread to more bones and her liver.

The prognosis is not good.

She has spent years researching her alternative protocol which has been incredibly costly to maintain with her daily juicing, medical treatments and natural therapies. She has already exceeded the average life expectancy for a stage 4 diagnosis. She participated in the Personalized Onco-Genomics trial through the BC Cancer agency and her biopsy and sequencing was highlighted in CBC's The Nature of Things Cracking Cancer documentary but there were no miraculous cures available for her. Click here to view the trailer. Receiving the news that the Cancer has spread to her liver is devastating for Katya, for her husband Steve, parents, children, grandson and her community.

So, what is next? Katya always has a crafty plan.

Katya has always strongly felt that immunotherapy, a miracle, or both, will save her life. Currently no immunotherapy options for her specific cancer are available in Canada, she will have to travel to Europe and pay for them herself. She has found a clinic in Vienna where other Stage 4 patients are having stunning results doing cutting edge immunotherapy, induced fevers and hyperthermia, with 40% remission rates among advanced stage 4 cancer patients!!! This is an incredible success rate. Katya is now accepted as a patient and we need to act swiftly to raise the funds to send her there in May for her treatment. Time is of the essence.

Due to the staggering costs of the cutting edge Cancer treatments not available in Canada, it is near impossible for her to receive them without the financial help of her community.

Katya feels like this is her last shot, which is terrifying to hear.

In the face of such fear the only things we can do are have faith and take action. We are going to raise at least $37,000 (which is actually only half of the cost of the clinic and travel expenses, she wouldn’t let us ask you to help us raise it all).

Katya is such a giver. Everyone who knows her has witnessed her generosity. You cannot stop by her house for a visit without leaving with a full belly, a bag of garden veggies or jars of homemade pickles. But we all know it’s hard to ask for help. So instead, her close sisters are asking you again. Last year Katya’s community successfully raised the funds to send her to CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, (THANK YOU ALL, AGAIN!!!) and it likely set her cancer back but did not cure her and now it is advancing and threatening her life again.

Let's forgo the tears and choose hugs and positive action instead. If you are able to share this post, and donate generously to support Katya’s treatment, we would be so grateful. Every little bit helps us to reach our goal.

With love and faith and gratitude,
Katya’s Sisters.

Cash donations can be dropped off at Saltspring Books. 

More Information on Katyas Amazing and Intense Journey

Katya has been transparent and generous in her journey, sharing information, her wins and challenging experiences in an effort to help others. Her blog post, Not Dead Yet, has been viewed over ten thousand times by people from all over the world. You can read it here. Her POG (Personalized OncoGenomics) biopsy and sequencing were highlighted in David Suzuki's The Nature of Things. Watch it here.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 28, 2017

Posted on June 28, 2017

We got her there, let's get her home. 

Aeroplan # is 539 084 723 under the name Catherine Mycyk. Do you have points you can share? She is finally cleared to travel and has to buy tickets ASAP. Last minute flights from Europe are insanely expensive!!! If you don't have points and want to help, any donation will help bring down their stress levels and help get her home. Please share, talk to your friends -- you are her core crew -- ask a bigger circle if they can share points, but we have to do it NOW!!

Posted on June 26, 2017


Posted on June 26, 2017

Life with Stage Four Cancer is not predictable nor always convenient. While Katya's primary immune system was busy fighting the hard fight of fever week; an opportunistic secondary infection took hold in her lungs, and laid her out with a nasty bout of pneumonia.
She was deemed unfit to travel, and all flights had to be cancelled. As she is Stage 4, she is almost certainly not covered by her trip cancellation insurance, and the bills are quickly adding up.
Between the fundraising and personal loans they had just enough for the trip, barring unexpected catastrophes.
Well, this is one doozy of an unexpected catastrophe!
CAT Scans, ultra Sounds, daily bloodwork, labs, pleural lung drains, medicines and daily iv antiobotics are the medical expenses that are accruing weekly. Last week was around €5,000 (7500 cad)
Additional apartment rental, new flights home (at 2-3 X the original cost), daily Ubers and food expenses, are all unforeseen new expenses (approximately $6500 cad).
So we are going to try to quickly raise $13,000 CAD so that they can pay their bills and get home asap. We are asking one more time for Katya's loved ones to step up to help Katya.
We know that there are so many truly needy causes that call out for your support. Emotionally and physically devastating stories; it feels like there is never enough to go around to all of those in need.
But Katya is fighting with literally everything that she has. If you can help her and Steve out with a tiny bit more, $20, $30, $50, every little bit will help us reach our goal. Please share and spread the word.
Thank you again for your consideration, love and support! 

Posted on May 13, 2017

Posted on May 13, 2017

After a fun and frolicking online fundraising auction, we have officially made our goal (and more) of raising half the total cost of getting Katya to Vienna!  Thank you so much to all the organizers, donors, bidders, and people who shared in this amazing event.  Much gratitude as well to this exceptionally kindhearted community who have rallied to Katya's aid with time, donations and hope for her healing.  Thank you all for being part of her journey, the family feels your embrace.

Now comes the hard part; the actual treatment in Vienna.  Katya has a group on Facebook that she uses as a blog for her journey; if you reach out to her, she will add you to the group so that you can follow her treatment.  

We are going to leave the fundraiser open with a stretch goal of the entire amount of the trip, as many generous people are still wishing to help Katya and her family during this tough time.  Their expenses are ongoing, and finances will be very tight.  There is much that their family will need, but with lots of helpers, the load is always lighter.

With love and gratitude,

Katya's Sisters

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