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The Story

Kathy (KK) Kelley has suffered from chronic liver failure since 2014. Declared terminal by her doctors, she doggedly pursued her own treatment plan and slowly, steadily regained her ability to live, thrive and enjoy life.  KK is an innovator.  She leveraged medical cannibas early on to help with this illness and over the course of the past 3 years has gone from having elevated liver enzymes on all counts to having 100% clear blood / vitals in her test results.  Her doctors are astonished at the transformation she has been able to achieve and just want her to get the remaining 1-2 draining treatments before declaring her free of medical attention thereafter.

In 2015 she took a job as live-in caretaker for a wonderful older man. The next year, his son could no longer afford to pay wages, KK stayed on to take care of Frank (Franklin Counts) with no salary in return.  She continued her healing and took care of the neighborhood, the birds, mices, and puppies in the neighborhood on her quest for health.

Frank died, sadly, in 2017.  His son, initially told KK to stay on and help him settle the estate, but this January recklessly evicted her from her home. She had been paid no wages since 2015.

Kathy is now homeless in freezing Ostrander Ohio, still dependent on the last 1-2  draining procedures for her abdomen and in desperate need of cataract removal so she can drive.  All she wants to do now is get herself and her 3 puppies safe through this tragic disruption.

We desperately need to raise money to help Kathy have a roof over her head for the next 2-3 weeks so she can get her critical draining for the excess fluid in her abdomen and get all the necessary supplies to move into a new home.  

The monies will be used for hotel lodging, food/board, and necessary supplies to start all over again.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 6, 2018

Posted on February 6, 2018

Kathy's appointment for draining her belly is at 1pm today.  This is always a risky procedure so our hearts and prayers are with her that all goes smoothly.

The stress of this extraordinary situation and trauma as caused her to retain much more fluid than she's normally experienced and she was scheduled for the draining last week, instead the eviction took place... what an unfair shock!  So she had to reschedule the procedure for today.

All in all this has led to a most uncomfortable time carrying easily 50lbs of excess weight has almost immobilized her.  But Kathy remains strong and does everything she can to stay in good spirits.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your amazing good will and generosity.  You have turned a utter tragedy into a moment of expansion and light.   I'll post an update once I hear from KK after the procedure.



Posted on February 5, 2018

Posted on February 5, 2018

KK is soldiering through this difficult period. She's got the draining scheduled for this Tuesday 2/6 so please send your prayers and well wishes for that day and will be on the road come Thursday.

KK's dear friend Arthur has arranged for a home that she can relocate to in a permaculture community in New Brunswick.  She has a 23 hour drive ahead which will commence on Thursday.  

The dogs get their shots with tomorrow or Tuesday.  KK is terrified that she won't be able to watch them during her procedure on Tuesday, but we'll see if she can't just board them with the vets during that time frame.

The hotel explained to me that the reason they couldn't give her a discounted rate for a week's stay was due to the fact that other people who stayed with them with pets abused the situation and so the manager declared that anytime, anywhere, people with pets have to pay daily rates to make up the damages he has suffered in the past.

We've explored all options with her friends locally in Ostrander to see if anyone is available to sit the dogs while she gets her belly drained. So far, all have said NO because they have work obligations.

So we  cope.

Thank YOU -- all of you - for your continued support and for asisting in this time of need!


Posted on February 1, 2018

Posted on February 1, 2018

KK and her 3 dogs are safe for the time being.  We've managed to secure her room for the next week so she can get the emergency draining done.  Unfortunately Super 8 does not provide weekly rates for people with pets and charge $10 per pet per night, so the bill cost $864.99.  

Thank everyone for all you do to help KK in this time of emergency so we can get her stabilized and into a safe home to finish healing!


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