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The Story

My Dad Doug Hindle was involved in a horrific hit and run accident on his job site. He is fighting for his life. Prayers, warm messages, positive vibes are all needed.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 25, 2017

Posted on June 25, 2017

Well guys Dad's actually alert enough (awake well enough) to answer questions with a yes or no head shake!!!!! 

Antibiotics are finished they will still monitor him but no fever.

They went down on his trach piece and caped it off so be can talk now if he is ready to or when he is ready to! 

His burns are looking really good and so is his face. All that is healing.

Hopefully tues or wed he can finally get the stupid coller off his neck and he will be probably a lot more comfortable. If he had legitimate damage the 6 weeks he has had it on should have healed it. But his ct showed no beck damage so I bet he can't wait to get that off. 

I am just beyond blessed that he is more awake and starting to really come to. Medicine must be kicking in. Every day he makes more and more improvements and we couldn't be happier. Watching him shake his head to my mom when she talks with him and actually giving her a hug  and not wanting her to leave it is all awesome and wonderful. We prayed for this type of progress and we are seeing it a little over a month after his accident. When asked of he knows where he is he shook his head yes. When asked if he knew what happened to him he shook his head yes. Brain is working and on the mend. I can't wait to hear him utter some words. What a day that will be!

Posted on June 22, 2017

Posted on June 22, 2017

Dad has had a great past couple of days.

Still on the antibiotics to fight his infection.

He got his pin cushions off his face yesterday and all he has on them is the yellow padding to keep them moist again. Eye stitch is gone and he can open both of his eyes! 

Looks like he is moving to his step down unit floor this afternoon! He was accepted to the Picu which is where we really wanted him to go. But he had to be accepted and he was. This is the floor where his trauma team will follow him but he will have a head Dr that will keep an eye on him with all the rest of the Drs. He will start his rehab on this floor once he fully wakes (will get to that in a sec). Plastics will still keep track of his burns. This is what's really going to keep him in the ICU the longest. Dad is stable enough to not be monitored so closely which is awesome. The rehab will be physical and occupational therapy. Respitory pulmonary therapy to get him off the trach. Speech after that to learn how to eat and talk again. He will get psychological if he needs it. This will be where he will be until he moves to the rehab place of our choice weather that be st Louis rehab or mercy rehab. 

Provigil is working wonders. He is way more alert then ever. I did not get a chance to see him yesterday cause I was working later and he was sleeping when my lunch/dinner time was. And on Tuesday I really didn't get to spend much time with him on lunch cause we met with his social worker. So apparently yesterday while mom was there  (well she is always there lol) physical therapy came in and Dad actually sat on the side of his bed holding himself up without any assistance from his nurse which was behind him incase he fell backwards and Pt who was in front of him incase he fell forwards but he didn't need them he just supported himself and sat there he had his head down and Pt asked him to lift his head and he did. Pt was super pleased with this and frankly so are we. He even tried to wave by to his ba yesterday when the union guys came to check on him. He is really starting to follow people around the room. And when his nurse asked dad to look at her he did and she asked him if he was in any pain and he shook his head no to her. But sometimes he is still foggy looking. I truly believe he is going to wake up fully any time now. He is doing so so so well. 

I am still in shock that he made it this far. I am still in shock that he survived. My Dad had a will and a fight to live! He is the strongest man I know. Again truly my hero! I can't wait to see what the upcoming weeks bring and how he rehabs. Anyone who knows Dad knows he don't like to sit still and let others take care of him. He is going to rehab like crazy. I am along for this journey right there with him and so is Mom. Prayers and positive vibes have saved him and we couldn't do it without all of you and everyone praying for him! It's the start of a new journey of healing and this is awesome!

Posted on June 19, 2017

Posted on June 19, 2017

Looks like Dad might be moving floors tomorrow! It's called the PICU. This is the floor that he will rehab on before he comes home and goes to regular rehab. Fingers crossed he does well up here and has no major set backs to where he has to go back to the trama Icu. 

It's never good when the infectious disease doctors come to see you. Dad had a fever still and they really do not know what is causing his infection but the know he has one somewhere. They took a bunch of blood today to run cultures and test. He has had a lot of surgeries in a short amount of time and he is/was really broken. It could be just his burns or just a colony of stiff from just being in the ICU. Hopefully they will know what's going on with him and treat him appropriately. They are hitting him with the big guns of antibiotics like they said. They will kill whatever is growing in him lol. Speaking of growing the pneumonia that he has is immune to the levaquin so they started him on minocycline (one of the big guns antibiotoc) he will also be started back on cefepime and will continue on vancomycin.

His left eye the one they had to sow shut is starting to open which is ok because it is not effecting his pin cushions  (is what I called them lol). He should get those removed on Wed.

Dad is tube free from his nose!!! He is tolerating feeds very well and no back up of bile or acid or nothing! Bet he feels so much better getting all that out his nose and back of his throat. 

I got to stay in there this evening while they bathed dad and got him all clean and did his dressing changes I actually got to see his stomach which looks completely gross to me cause it is closing from the inside out so I saw a cavern of skin and his burns there. I saw his poor arms and legs and bruises and his chest  (which i believe his left nipple will be a goner 😔) and just how much his poor body had been through, but he is healing and he is looking good and you can tell these Drs have done great work to get him back. 

I can't wait for him to begin his rehab. He is going to hate to be down. He is going to work hard and get his strength back. He won't be down for long. If he can just wake the hell up! He focused on me a couple of times today. I even got a couple of smiles. I believe he is close. Hopefully the wake up  medicine will start to kick in and it won't be to much longer. I am very grateful to still have my Dad no matter what he comes back as or how he is going to be going forward. I have faith and hope that he will become himself again. Parker will have his papa and so will Grayson. I can't wait to see what the years to come will be like. When this is all said and done we are going to have a huge party to thank everyone which Dad will walk into and be able to thank everyone himself! It's going to happen!

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The fight for Doug Hindle

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