The fight for Doug Hindle

For: Kathy Hindle
St. Louis, MO
Organizer: Sarah Lange
The fight for Doug Hindle (Kathy Hindle)
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My Dad Doug Hindle was involved in a horrific hit and run accident on his job site. He is fighting for his life. Prayers, warm messages, positive vibes are all needed.

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Posted on August 23, 2017

Posted on August 23, 2017

Man my Dad proves to me how strong he is everyday!

Mom went early to rehab today (even though the Dr doesn't want her to be there until 2 pm or after but you know Mom) she got to see him working out in PT and here is what Dad did....... sit ups  25 crunches 25 bicep curls bench presses and the best part walked the parallel bars 3 times! Yes he is walking! He can sit on the edge of the bed without assistance. He sat on one of those big balls and stretched his back out. This man is working his ass off. He is very very sore so he is on Tylenol round the clock, but the man is doing Great! His goal is to walk into the house and the way he is working out looks like that might happen. 

Teach is out!!! Yep that man is finally free of the thing in his throat. They are going to start a electrode therapy to help strengthen his throat so he can hopefully pass his swallow test and he can start to eat real food again. He will still stay on the tube feeds for a while after. With all the rehabbing he is doing he needs the extra calories to keep him going, plus it helps with his burns the type of food they are giving him. So that sucker should be closed within 5-7 days!!!! 

We are waiting for one more round of test to make sure all his hospital bugs are gone. If they are I can bring the kids up to see him. He misses Parker and boy does Parker miss his Paw paw. He is really bummed cause he hasn't met Grayson yet and I would love to give him that chance. 

I am so blessed that I didn't have to tell my child that he is gone to heaven. I am so blessed that he made it and that he is going to be ok. I am so blessed he is here. I don't know what I would have done if I lost  him. 

Thank you again for the shares the likes the prayers. We are planning a big party for Dad details on that to come. We would like for everyone who has donated visited and prayed for him to come celebrate that this man has made it! We couldn't have kept going without your help. So deep down from my family thank you! 

Posted on August 16, 2017

Posted on August 16, 2017

Dad's in rehab!!!!!

His first day went well! He worked his butt off! His Drs and therapist are going to work with him so hard that they are giving him a going home date of Sept 5th!!! Yep that's my birthday! What a great day to come home! I'll be there with the family to welcome him home with own arms love and praises!

Now things could happen that could delay that date,  but if he works hard enough (which I know he will) that's the date they are going for! Once he is done there it will be home health or if he is strong enough just out patient after this! 

Keep the prayers coming that dad works hard.  Pay no see backs and that he will be home soon. 

He can now have pureed food which is a good step in the food dept. They are working on getting his trach out. And other then that rehabing like crazy! So crazy to think that he is so close to home.  That he almost died and almost coded to coming home. He survived! I can not wait for the day he does! I'm hoping it is my bday that would be the best present I have ever received!

Posted on August 11, 2017

Posted on August 11, 2017

Sorry for the late update but nothing really has been going on.

Dad's doing great with his PT and OT.

Dad hasn't had to use his pacemaker at all.

He is working strengthening his throat so he can get his trach out. Speech had him eat apple sauce yesterday today pudding. So he is doing well with that also.

Now every time I have uttered these words something happens and it sets us back. I am going to take a chance and utter these words one more time. Pray that he samtays healthy and that no more little or big bumps happen.

Dad's moving to rehab Monday! He is the stages to get discharged and moving Monday. Finally getting stronger and better and then he will get to come home and go to an out patient program.

Keep the prayers coming that he does well and gets healthy enough to come home!  

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The fight for Doug Hindle

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