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The Story

Family, Friends, Fans, & Supporters:

Help me bring Epilepsy Awareness and inspire caregivers!

Your assistance is needed. You all are aware that I am a Professional Performance Poet and Author of 3 fictional works. I’ve hesitated and “argued” with God about not writing a true story because I am a private person. However, after being told on three separate occasions for three years straight through prophetic people who had no idea who I was that God wants me to release this book, I’ve decided to no longer dispute God’s word and I need your help to make this happen.

In the Spring of 2017, I will release a non-fiction book of a true story of being a wife of an Epileptic. My husband has been living with Epilepsy for 20 years; 14 of those years I have been living through it with him. Through spirit I have been told that this book will relate and heal so many wives that feel that they are alone in caregiving. Helping people is one of my love languages and if telling my truth will help others make their way to peace, who am I to tell God no?

I will create a poetic platform to educate people about Epilepsy and how to react during a seizure. So many people are uneducated about what Epilepsy truly is and how living with it is indeed possible. I intend to dispute all myths and speak all truths.

Releasing this book is just the first step to healing for me, my husband, and couples just like us who suffer in silence about the trials that we endure in our happily ever afters. This is not just a book about Epilepsy; this book is about love, God, strength, art, and giving care to those who cannot care for themselves. This book is about marriage vows! Have you ever wondered why in the vow: “In sickness and in health” sickness is first not health? If you can make it through sickness, you can truly enjoy the health! Let me tell you how I gained strength by kicking Epilepsy out of my front door. Let me show you how I have peace in chaos. It’s not easy, but love is always worth the journey. My platform would not be complete if I am unable to give the people something they can take home and reference. Help me to get this book into the hands of those that need healing.

No contribution is too small. Your help will assist with the following:

Book: (ISBN#, Barcode, Cover Design, & Printing of 100 copies) $2000

Promotional Video: 10 minute edited promotional video $750

Headshots: (for promotional ads and book cover) $550

Audio Promotional on Twitter, Instagram, FB & Google $100.00

Email blast to 165, 000 readers $100.00

Promotional Material: (Printing/Design of Book excerpts, flyers, & business cards) $1500

Your favorite poet and author,

KaNikki Jakarta

Email: kanikkij@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kanikkij

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kanikkij

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kanikki_j

To Purchase My Latest Novel: www.kanikkij.greatpublishing.com

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 17, 2017

Posted on February 17, 2017

Dear Supporters: The purpose of writing a non-fiction about being the wife of an Epileptic is to inspire wives who are caregivers; to inform and to educate the masses about what Epilepsy is and how to react to someone having a seizure. The reason that this book is a love story is because love is the only power that can inspire you to care enough to give care. My husband and I happen to be poets and believers of God. Therefore that will reflect in the book. God is the entity that we pray to for strength and the source of that strength that we pray for. I wanted to write this book... well, let me honest, I did not want to write this book because I am such a private person, and writing private things wasn't on the top of my writing list. Until this point in my life, I have happily been a poetry and fiction writer and I didn't care to tell the truth about my marriage, my husband, or the struggles we face with epilepsy. In truth, I don't want to think about Epilepsy on a daily, when seizures are absent, I don't call upon it. However, God has given me a vision to bring this book to light. To shine the light on any darkness faced with having to endure any type of sickness within a marriage. This book will inspire any married couple. It will show you what love can do. It will make you think and rethink your vows. We focus on the words, "I do" or "I will" But the question is, when sickness comes, will you? Do you? Still? Please read, share, donate to my campaign and help me to bring this book to print, help me give voices to wives who don't have the time to share our stories. I appreciate your help by sharing and donating to this cause. Your donations have helped with promotional photos, website design, copyrights, domain name, and I look forward to reaching my goal. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you!

~KaNikki Jakarta

Posted on December 19, 2016

Posted on December 19, 2016

I can not tell you how much I appreciate your support. Thanks to the donations thus far I've ordered my ISBN number for the book. Ashe' -- I realized that the book I am writing is for the wives: The ones that put themselves last on the "Things to Do List"! The ones that are full time caregivers even when no one is sick. The ones that do not have the luxury of getting sick because if they do, everything falls apart. The ones who pick up the pieces to gain peace. The ones who define "faking it until you make it" The ones that stand in the middle of the ends that don't meet. The ones that have to make meals out of ...cents and have to make sense out of nonsense. The ones who buys for their families before they buy for themselves. The ones that won't complain even when there are many things to complain about. The homemaker, the peacemaker, the pray warrior, I salute you! This book I am writing is definitely for the wives. I see you! I mirror you! I'm giving us voice. This book will speak volumes. #WifeOfAnEpileptic #PrayerWarrior #WifeLife

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