And Then We Became Nine... Adopting Baby Kellen

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And Then We Became Nine... Adopting Baby Kellen (Justin & Melissa Anderson)
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The Story

And then we became NINE...

We've been keeping a little secret.


Some things are meant to be.  They’re bigger than us.  Bigger than coincidence.

And the only way you can explain them is…


Almost one month ago, we brought home the sweetest little baby boy. He was two and a half weeks old at the time, and everyone assumed he was a foster placement (and we let you!).

He isn't in foster care. He's our son. FOREVER.

You're probably sitting there thinking that you didn't even know we were trying to adopt a child, and the truth is, we weren't! God has a way of writing the most incredible stories, and our story is no exception. His timing was detailed and perfect, as has been the case in each of our adoptions.

It started with an unexplainable connection to a woman we didn't yet know, whom we would eventually meet face-to-face two weeks after the birth of her beautiful son. She bravely chose to give him a life she wasn't ready to provide. She chose US. We took a big leap of faith and said YES, believing the rest of the details would work out later. We've had a baby boy growing in our hearts for the past few years and now we know why! Our little guy is right where he was meant to be.

We are knee-deep in paperwork, home studies, physicals, and background checks. The process is a little backwards for us... most times, you have everything complete and then to be matched with a birth mom. In our case, we have our baby, now we need to take care of all the other details. Unlike our adoptions through foster care, a private adoption comes with a hefty price tag. Our expenses (assessment fees, match fees, placement fees, uncovered medical bills, etc) will be around $19,000. We are trying to focus on the joy and amazing-ness of our newest little addition, and not worry about the large amount of money we need to pay within the next few months. Let's be honest though – that's a ton of money and we didn't really have a whole lot of time to save and prepare! Eeeek! We aren't ones to normally ask for help, especially where finances come in – but in this case, it might just take a village. We would be eternally grateful and thankful (and I'll probably do the ugly cry) should you choose to help alleviate the financial burden of adopting our sweet baby Kellen.

Never in a million years did we think we would have SEVEN beautiful children, but here we are and it's pretty great – minus that whole not sleeping part that comes with newborns. We are so excited to finally be able to tell the world we are adopting and to celebrate our baby boy, as he so deserves!

Kellen Cash was born on December 30th, weighing 8 lb 10 oz (!) and measuring 21 inches long. He has more hair than any of our other babies have ever had. His favorite things to do are eat (and he does it so well – check out those chins!), poop, and sleep – except for that nightly 4 a.m. party in our room. He's snuggly, he's scrumptious, and he has superbaby strength. He's held his head up amazingly well since day one – we are pretty sure he will be walking by the age of three months. We are all completely smitten with him – his older sisters especially who beg to hold him all day long, even though he's almost as big as they are.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement! We are blessed to have such an amazing community of friends and family! We appreciate each and every share of our story, your generosity, encouragement, and prayers!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2016

Posted on May 4, 2016

TODAY is the last day to order our adoption tees and sweatshirts! Not only are they awesome, but you will feel all warm and sunshine-y for helping us cover some of our adoption expenses!

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We have two shirt designs:

Something beautiful is on the horizon -- super soft, heathered navy shirt, tan, teal, and metallic gold ink.

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All are available in adult sizes, youth, and toddler. Probably size up for sweatshirts and tees are pretty close to true to size, maybe just a tad small.

Select "pickup at store" for shipping because shipping is included in the price and I will be sending them all out myself!

Please help us reach our goal - I'll send you air hugs from afar if you will tag some friends who might be interested in purchasing a shirt! ??

We appreciate all of you who have purchased and donated! Thank you for being a part of our village! ??

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Posted on February 21, 2016

Posted on February 21, 2016

Why do we need to come up with so much money for our adoption?

$200 Application Fee
$85 Background checks
$1,650 Half Assessment Fee
$1,650 Half Assessment Fee
$3,200 Match Fee
$6,000 Placement Fee
$1,950 6 Months Post-Placement Support & Supervision
$3,000 Birth Mom Medical Bills
$922 Foster Care related
$500 Lawyer?
$150 TPR travel expenses?
Total: $19,307

Should we have put the money away before we decided to adopt? Probably! But, honestly, we weren't trying to adopt a child right now. God presented us with an amazing situation and we jumped in with our whole hearts. We said YES to a beautiful little boy, which also means we said YES to the big expense that comes along with a private adoption. We have felt all along that things will just work out and looking into our sweet babe's eyes, I know 100% that we made the right decision.

Thank you to ALL who have so generously stepped up to lift our family and help us tackle the financial burden! Whether it be donating, sharing our story, or praying for us, know that we appreciate you!

P.S. We also have another fundraiser going on – a virtual 5K/10K run and walk! You'll get an awesome tee and custom finisher's medal, too. Check it out ---->

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And Then We Became Nine... Adopting Baby Kellen

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