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Hello everyone,Our beloved Judy – community organizer, media goddess, teacher, mentor, and friend – is in need of our help.

Last month, Judy’s son suffered violence which has left him in a wheelchair and unable to go home. At this point, the hospital where he is receiving care wants him to continue rehab, but wants him to participate as an outpatient. The circumstances surrounding her son's victimization are such that he unable to return to her home, which means that once discharged he will be homeless. Judy is fighting desperately for her son, and has been working tirelessly to find an accessible apartment/room where her son can stay.

Right now, Judy is in dire need of financial and other kinds of assistance. Your donation will go towards helping her cover temporary housing costs at this time of crisis, towards security deposit and rent on an accessible apartment, and towards other basic needs for her and her son. Please give as generously as you are able. If you are not able to give money at this time, but can offer transportation, help researching apartments, healing practices, or anything else, please add this to the comments.

For those who don’t know her, Judy is an indomitable force for change and love: co-funder of the “It is What it Is” Mobile Talk Show, and unofficial videographer at Bread for the City, she is committed to the people and stories of her community.  She is also constantly building spaces for community and connection: a Wellness Space, Crochet Class, Sewing Class and numerous other projects to support women towards creativity and economic self-sufficiency. In addition to all of this, Judy has a piercing analysis of the kinds of social change we need, and is a committed to supporting grassroots organizations and projects. She is constantly making beautiful videos to showcase community work (often staying up all night to edit video for free), and is always offering someone a fierce hug, good advice, bus fare, a new crochet project, half her lunch (with mambo sauce), connections to others in her extraordinary network, and so, so much more. 

Judy is a survivor of systemic, economic, and personal violence, and her ability to channel those experiences into strength and support for others is truly remarkable. There is no one Judy knows – whether in her neighborhood, her work, or her many projects and organizations - who has not been deeply blessed by her warmth, her skills, and her extraordinary spirit.

It is time to return some of the love.Please feel free to leave messages of support and appreciation along with your donation, and to email xxxxxx

More about Judy:

Here’s some coverage of “It is what it is” Mobile Talk Show:
Here is one of Judy's community spots,  showing Anacostia during Election day…
Here is one of her many interviews, showcasing Terrance Moore, for whom she was an extraordinary teacher and mentor: 

Here is a bio of Judy from when she won the Washington Peace Center award in 2012: Check it out!!!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 28, 2015

Posted on October 28, 2015

Hi everyone, 
thank you again for your support. Judy still really needs our love, energy, and money. She has started a new fundraiser here:
so that the money can go to her directly. Judy takes care of so many people. It's really important that we also take care of her! Please please donate and share if you can. 

Posted on September 28, 2015

Posted on September 28, 2015

Hello everyone, 
Thank you all for all you are continuing to do for Judy! If you are able, please circulate this around to your networks again this week & try to keep it visible. Lots of us get paid at the end of the week/month, and sometimes we intend to donate (or donate again) once those checks clear, but then lose the link or forget we have this going on -- lets make sure Judy's fundraiser stays easy to find until we get to our goal! 
Also, yall, did you see the eclipse last night? May it bring you all good energy in this new fall season (:

Thank you for all you do!

Posted on September 24, 2015

Posted on September 24, 2015

Hello everyone! 
Thank you, again, so much for your support. I heard this from Judy this morning:
"I'm so much better now that I have my son with me in a safe place.  We are settling in, he is so much happier, his appetite is back and he is smiling and laughing like his old self."  

This is amazing news, and we're so grateful to you all for getting us this far.  There remains, however, an uphill battle. Judy, as you all know, is now taking care of her son and her mom. She is putting in as many hours at her job as humanly possible, and has been ultra-proactive in seeking support from every possible government agency, every possible non-profit.

It would be a huge gift from her community if we could pull together to get her the peace of mind to make sure she can get her rent paid for the new apartment through December. I've updated the goal for this fundraiser to reflect this: $970/mo x 4 months + the half month's rent she needed for the security deposit. She wanted you all to know that whatever you are contributing will go directly to the basic necessity of rent.

How many times has Judy reminded us we can win? That community building and community support is at the heart of everything? I believe her community can do this for her.   

Peace yall, and thanks so much for all you have done, and continue to do. 

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