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Help our family in Uganda, Africa! (JP and Mary McLeod)
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The Story

In January of 2015, we went to Uganda to visit as we try to do every year during our “slow season” of work. This time we went with the plan of saying goodbye for a few years. Traveling back and forth for months on end took a toll in our relationships and community back in California and we decided it would be best to sit still for awhile. To grow our roots in one place. Little did we know that God was calling us to grow our roots in the very place we thought we were saying goodbye to.

In reality, we were running away from the uncomfortable. Life in Uganda is beautiful but it can be hard. God is in your face every single day. Whether it is sitting in community with your missionary friends who are changing the world, holding the hand of a child who is about to take their last few breaths of air on this earth or standing side by side with families who have five jobs to help their children, siblings and spouse survive. There are no comforts of the western world, the only comfort is God. 

Within a few weeks of our visit, God laid it heavy on our hearts to see what the specific needs of a child were. We thought it would be finding a distant relative for them to live with and help pay for their education from here on out. We never thought it would be by welcoming them into our family but God made it very clear that they would become our child. Alas, God’s plans are so much greater than ours will ever be. We are honored and humbled that we get to care for a sweet child in such a beautiful way!

A couple of days after that all began, we were approached by an amazing ministry in Jinja called Amazima to help them out with photography and videography. We love everything they are doing for the community as they help educate and empower lives with God’s love. Ask any Ugandan in town how Amazima has helped their family or someone they know and the testimonies are incredible! To be able to tell such raw stories that glorify God is such a beautiful opportunity! While we will be taking a paycut by working for this amazing ministry, our Ugandan salaries will be enough to cover our living expenses. But there is so much we need for our move in November…

The main mode of transportation in Uganda is called a boda. It is a motorcycle that Ugandan men drive to give you lifts through out town. Though we don't mind using bodas to get around town, now that there is a child in the picture we would like to be able to provide safer transportation. We are raising support for a reliable car that we can drive through town and to work despite the crazy road and weather conditions that Uganda holds.
We need help actually getting to Uganda! We know that some people have miles that build up. If this is something that God is calling you to donate to us, we would be so grateful!! 
Believe it or not, appliances are just as expensive if not more in Uganda. We would like to be able to add a fridge and stove into our home to provide home cooked meals for our family every day. 

It is not easy for JP and I to open our hearts so vulnerably and ask for help but we know we can simply not do it without you. One of the most beautiful things we have incorporated into our marriage is being able to give. We set aside the first 10% of all of our earnings and wait for the Holy Spirit to lead us to donate. We have been able to be a part of the most incredible journeys with our loved ones and even strangers because of the act of giving. There is this indescribable joy that comes into our hearts when we get to be a part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves through prayer or giving. As much as it isn’t natural for us to ask you all for your help, we want to travel this journey with you and we are grateful that you ride this adventure with us! 

Your love and support mean more to us than we could ever possibly say! Thank you for believing in us and ultimately believing in God’s amazing plans for our family's story!

With Love,

JP and Mary

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