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The Story

Our friend and community member Josie needs a boost!
On the evening of Dec.25th Josie was admitted to hospital and is expected to remain there until at least Jan.2nd. She is dealing with a pesky blood clot which has caused extensive swelling to her leg and challenges with blood sugar levels. Upon leaving the hospital she will be needing to be on new medications which are not cheap ($100+ on top of her already monthly medication costs).
Along with this unexpected trip to the hospital and medical challenges Josie has been working hard with no luck to secure solid work after a seasonal position. So this adds an extra layer of stress. We have launched this crowd funding campaign in hopes of lessening some of that stress and allowing Josie to have her expenses and medications covered so that she can heal and have more time to look for work.

We have put a goal of $4500 in hope to cover a few months of rent, bills, meds and expenses for Josie.
Josie pays $730 a month for rent (inclusive). Her phone and mastercard come to around $300 a month as she has been living on her card while in-between work. She also has around $180 of monthly medications which will be increased by $100+ with new meds.

Josie is a hard worker and does a lot to give back to her community. If you can help out Josie would be very grateful. She is also looking for job opportunities and can work from home on her computer while healing.
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Thank You So Much!

Donations accepted on here or by etransfer to [email protected]

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 28, 2017

Posted on February 28, 2017

A bigger update on my health recovery progress, than maybe the sparse facebook updates that I have been doing as I share this crowdfunding page.
People have already been generous beyond my wildest imaginings. On the page here, and/or sending me donations privately with email transfers, or from a few folks, cold hard cash. Every penny has been used to pay my rent, bills, buy my medications and so on.
To refresh you, or inform, if it’s your first time seeing this, not everybody sees my facebook posts, where I have given more details. So without further rambling, let me tell you the story of my 2016 Christmas and New Year’s and 2017 thus far.
Christmas Eve, I had a traditional cookie based dinner and 3 really delicious cans of apple cider and went to bed slightly tipsy, but otherwise feeling fine. Earlier in the day, I had had a bit of a sore hip, which a few days earlier I had landed on, taking a spill on the back stairs. The hip hadn’t bothered me, or looked bruised or anything through the week, but before my sweet tooth xmas dinner of Chinese take out and cookies, I laid on my heating pad for awhile, and the pain went away. I went to bed around 11pm ish as I do most nights, reading for half an hour maybe. I woke up maybe an hour later, sweating like crazy under my extra blanket, as it was unseasonably cold for Vancouver, (and all that ice and snow!) and made my way to the bathroom for a wee tinkle. As I sat on the toilet, I almost passed out, as I felt all woozy, and I started sweating horribly from the top of my head, real sweats. I almost passed out, or maybe I did. I was resting my head on the counter, and felt the dizziness go away, and I felt much better after a few more minutes. Maybe I should have been worried here, but I was not thinking straight at all, and I just climbed back into bed, flipping the sweaty pillow. I woke again early in the morning for another pee, felt totally fine.
But then I woke up later my usual 7-8am ish, more in the 9-10 range iirc, and felt some real pain shooting down and up my left leg. I was really thirsty, and went to get up for some water before my morning whathaveyou, and I noticed that my left leg was swollen to at least twice it’s normal girth, the whole leg, and red as heck. ‘That’s not right’. I thought. And after making coffee, getting my brain working, I posted on Facebook about it, ‘maybe I should go to Energ’? Yes, everyone replied, do it now. A friend offered to take me. The pain wasn’t so bad, and the swelling peaked, so I waited for my friend, and eventually in the afternoon sometime I got to the hospital, Mount Saint Joseph’s. I avoided the ‘big’ hospitals because I figured they would be jammed with xmas horrors.
To make a long story even longer, I got into the ER, and right away they were figuring blood clot, aka DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. Which is exactly what it turned out to be. The doctor told me this, asking me as well, “oh how long have you had diabetes?” I was shocked to hear that, on top of this life threatening blood clot. I replied, “Umm since you just told me right now.” Apparently my blood sugar was super high on top of the clot, which likely those things fed each other a bit as far as how this all went down.
So, I ended up in ICU for almost 3 days, then another 8 or 9 days in the regular wing of the hospital for my initial recovery. I was on several IV drips, had all sorts of testing, ended up with a pulmonary embolism in my lungs as the blood clot (which I just found out the other day, stretched or stretches the entire length of my leg, not just in one spot as I had thought) moved through my body while they gave me courses of blood thinners. So I had a bit of a double whammy diagnosis, and have been trying to adjust to eating healthier, which has always been a bit of a struggle with me. And, having to deal with a real loss of stamina from the blood clot and being in the hospital for almost two weeks. I am getting around with a cane, and my leg doesn’t swell up through the day, as much as it did when I first got out of the hospital, when I was worried, it might be swollen forever. It still hurts to walk or stand, or to sit, or even if I lay on that side, for too long. I have to keep changing position.
Lucky for me, I was able to even with hospital food able to get the blood sugar sorta kinda stabilized, so that I don’t have to take insulin to help regulate my sugar. I do have to take two other meds twice a day, and blood thinners once a day, to help keep my blood in the ‘good range’ while my leg and lungs heal. I still am taking my medications for hypertension, or high blood pressure as well. So many blood issues? Are they related. I can’t help but assume so. The blood thinners aren’t so expensive, but I have had to go for a lot of testing and retesting as the dosage needs to change depending on lots of circumstances, how well they are working. So careful with the diet, as best I can, which is helpful, obviously for the diabetes. I’ve gone from having a beer or two with dinner a few times a week to maybe once a week or every two weeks.
I have also not been able to take my estrogen or anti-androgens for my HRT whilst on the thinners, and recuperating. The estrogen raises the risk of blood clots in anyone, so obviously while in hospital that was suspended. At the Thrombosis Clinic the other day, talking with the specialists, I found out that I will have to be on the thinners until June (6 months) at the minimum, when I will get more tests done (ultra sound and Chest CT) to find out how well that’s healed.
This not being able to take my HRT meds has added to both my emotional stress in healing as well as the physical, as my hormones are totally in flux, changing from meds and lack of meds. The good news to my POV from the Thrombosis Specialists was that I should be able to go back on the anti-androgens anytime, as they don’t pose a blood clot risk at all, and after my tests in the summer, if I want to go back on the estrogen, there can be a balance achieved with thinners and estrogen. They said that the fact that I was on estrogen for several years without any clots means that the clot was not solely due, or even mostly due to being on HRT. But rather a confluence of blood related issues I have, as well as being overweight, prone to sitting at my computer a lot, so many things. Which was my own self diagnosis. It feels good to have that be confirmed.
Anyway. Where I am now, is that early in my recovery, people were so generous in helping me financially, I never bothered applying for any social assistance, as I had far too much money in the bank (which they look at when assessing you) to qualify. Then as the money was running out, I had a few freelance gig offers, so again, I let welfare wait. Then, the freelance gigs all got cancelled or pushed back a few weeks, so I applied for social assistance. They are supposed to get back to you in 5 business days, but their reality is understaffed, thus that’s usually 9-14 days... Rent is in two days. Sigh. I haven’t been doing too much ‘traditional job hunting,’ as I haven’t had much luck with that in the last three years. The jobs I have gotten in that time have all been great freelance, or contracts.
So here I am, in the midst of recovering from a very close call deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism (oh and hospital flu on top) and trying to live a healthier lifestyle to keep my blood sugar and blood pressure under control, or at least not have them spiral out of control, and trying to find enough work, sell enough art, or writing to make my bills. It feels weird to feel good that I am only paying slightly more than half my March rent with my credit card. But you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.
I am blessed to have been employed and solvent long enough to have the big amount of credit I have, or had until recently. Too much robbing Peter to pay Paul, as they say or used to say. I really am on a clear road to recovery, but it’s kind of expensive. I have applied to get my fair pharma care deductible lowered or removed, but until then things like all these new drugs and especially the blood sugar test strips for the diabetes, are really decimating my credit limit. I’ll probably get some money back when pharma care comes through, but till then those strips are like 80 bucks for a hundred, and the first 6 weeks I was doing BS testing 4 times a day, getting used to doing it, and often going through a lot of strips just getting one result. Now I’ve got it down, and am only testing twice a day, but still. I don’t expect pharma care to come through for a couple more months, based on past experience.
Aside from all these physical recovery/work/money woes, I also feel like this whole experience has taken so much out of me emotionally, I do not have energy, I have to really work up motivation to do the things I need to do like buy healthy food, and make healthy meals, get exercise. My creative life has been sapped. I am having a hard time writing, a hard time even remembering how to do a lot of things. Sometimes I feel like some of my cognitive abilities were drained throughout the initial ordeal. I know what I am capable of, but have a hard time recalling how to be capable.
Boy this is pretty lengthy, maybe I can still write some. I hope that I have given a clear picture of where I am at in my recovery and what sort of help I am looking to find. I am just trying to get on my feet, financially, emotionally, confidence wise as much as I have physically recovered.
Once again, I cannot thank everyone who has shared, donated or simply sent their best wishes to me in this time. It has meant the world to me, and always will. In the hospital I felt so alone, so lost, and then Ray, Ray, and Nour stepped up and helped me get back on my feet, and so many folks gave their time, their money and energy to get me this far. It will carry me forward just as much as any further time, money or love sent my way. Also if you have a small job, someone in recovery, with my self taught skills and talents can help you out with, shoot me an email or something. XOXO

Posted on January 1, 2017

Posted on January 1, 2017

An Update & Thank You from Josie -

Dear friends, i have been the recipient of so much love, compassion and generosity during this holiday health setback, that i am having a difficult time putting into words just how deeply blessed i feel. But, of course being me, i going to try.

Before i transitioned to my life as Josie, i had a few friends i confided in, who i was open about everything with. I saw myself as an introvert, with a few great pals.

As i discovered myself, i realized that i needed to be open and honest with all of my family and friends, as much as humanly possible. Not everyone likes to 'go there' with their personal life and issues, and everyone should be able to have their own safety and comfort level around private thoughts, dreams and aspirations.

For me, i felt that my 45 years of passing or pretending to be a boy, or man was so dishonest and self immolating, that it was damaging to not just myself, but those i loved or 'wanted to love' as well.

Now i just love my people unconditionally. You are my people, everyone who is on my side cheering for me to rise through my health challenges and keep on the path i am on. Whether you sent money, prayers, good vibes, even the smallest facebook ❤, you are sharing in my healing and recovery. You are my strength, my light, my way forward. Thank you all for having my back, and my heart. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

A special thanks to Ray Ranger, Ray D McEachern, and everyone who leapt into action and started this campaign.❤❤❤❤❤

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