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The Story

On Saturday evening, January 6th, Joshua was a victim of an attempted murder by vehicle. He had gone to deliver some household items to someone in need when the car was stolen. Joshua was chased and run over with the car by the thief.

Joshua has extensive and major injuries. He has a crushed pelvis that caused severe internal bleeding. He’s had a seven hour surgery on his pelvis and may require additional surgery. There are multiple broken vertebrae but no damage to the spinal cord. He also has several broken ribs. He has a dislocated elbow that requires additional surgery. Joshua has severe road rash on his left shin and up the left side of his body, from his waist to his chest, where the car’s tire ran over him. There are also multiple small lacerations on his body.

Joshua’s long-term prognosis is still in question. Although the doctors expect him to return to a relatively average lifestyle in about a year, only time will tell how and when he returns to HIS life. His life includes parenting two very young children, active adventuring, bicycling, rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking.

Joshua bicycle commutes to campus for his PhD program, as they are a one-car family, and he is the sole provider. Our goal is to help him and his family ease the financial burden so that Joshua can complete the year remaining in his program and start his Professorial career. Any help or warm wishes you can extend are greatly appreciated, as Joshua will need to spend significant time in an inpatient rehab facility.

Thank you so much.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 4, 2018

Posted on March 4, 2018

Joshua was recently able to meet the first responder, Officer Jack Salafrio, of the Gainesville Police Department, who was first in a long line of people who saved his life on that awful night. It was incredibly lifting to his spirit. He is continuing physical and occupational therapy at home now surrounded by family and friends. 

At least one more elbow surgery, maybe two, will happen in the coming months because the joint is not healing as the doctors had hoped. Joshua is still wheelchair bound and it takes a great deal of effort still for him to accomplish activities of daily life. Showering, for example, takes over an hour from start to finish because he has to carefully slide in on a shower bench in a very tight quarters bathroom. Before that, it’s a struggle of ten minutes just to remove his shirt and shorts. 

His mood is much better than many expect because he draws so much joy from watching his wife and daughter interact and play, seeing his chunky little son smiling constantly, talking to his mom (who also happens to be in a wheelchair from a wreck in December) on a daily basis, and he has just always had a “never give up” attitude about anything before him. 

Joshua has been so incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support and kindness extended to not just himself but even more so his amazing wife who has had to be so strong through this ongoing ordeal. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to share love, prayers, kindness, joy, laughter, and positive vibrations with Joshua and his family.

Posted on January 28, 2018

Posted on January 28, 2018

Today saw some progress toward recovery. Joshua was discharged from the trauma recovery center and admitted to a rehab facility. At this center he will have three sessions daily of learning to scoot and slide into a wheelchair, onto the toilet, and into a shower with specialized equipment. 

He has survived a terrible event and four surgeries that followed. The reality that a random stranger tried to kill Josh is slowly settling in and this is causing some mental anguish especially when trying to sleep. Although last week’s elbow surgery went as planned, the recovery has been exponentially more painful than expected. It’s an all consuming kind of pain where he struggles to eat, he can’t sleep, and can’t move without intense pain. Imagine the hardest you’ve ever hit your funny bone. Now amplify that where your whole arm and hand are between intense tingling and numb and the pain is constant for days. That is how Josh has described it. 

Despite all of the obstacles, he has maintained high spirits except on a few low days and is praying for a quick recovery so he can return to his beautiful family. 

Biz and the children are doing as well as anyone could under these circumstances. The insurance finally came through so they were able to replace the vehicle with the help of a dear friend and now have reliable transportation. They express their deep gratitude for everyone who has helped them through this terrible ordeal with rides, childcare, a hot meal, or a shoulder to lean on. Please continue to keep the whole family in your thoughts and prayers as they struggle forward.

Posted on January 18, 2018

Posted on January 18, 2018

Joshua got out of the ICU today! He's in the rehab part of the hospital waiting for a bed to open up in an inpatient facility, where he'll stay for a couple of weeks. Joshua and Elizabeth are overwhelmed with everything you all have done- from prayers, to helping monetarily, to food, to childcare. They want to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

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