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The Story

When I saw my son after the operation to remove his brain tumour, with the freshly stitched incision curving half-way across a head swollen to twice it’s normal size, puffy eyes swollen shut, tiny teeth bared in a cry of pain as his faced pressed up against the fishbowl glass of his oxygen chamber, the tears I cried and the overwhelming emotion I felt was of admiration. My son is my hero.

In March 2016 our happy and playful baby boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour (pilocytic astrocytoma), we acted swiftly and, thanks to a great team of doctors, we were able to give Joseph a chance of life that many babies with the same condition never get.

It is my privilege to walk beside such a beautiful and brave little boy. We believe that life is not about what happens to you, but how you react to it. No one would wish for this situation, but we feel we have a responsibility to use this as an opportunity to demonstrate our love for our son and to help others who are going through similar heartaches.

Joseph is now recovering well from his surgery but this is going to be a long-term struggle for his health, he cannot see right now and the brain swelling will last several months. We are hopeful that his sight will return and only time will tell with regards to cognitive abilities and development. We'll not settle for less, we'll help him in every way possible to achieve what he wants to in life just as before.

You can help to ensure that Joseph has the best possible treatment and rehabilitation. By donating or fundraising, you will be helping to cover the costs of his surgery, the next step in his treatment, and the regular monitoring that he will need from here on out.

Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your support, prayers, and messages of encouragement.

Tom & Mariana Wiseman

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 29, 2017

Posted on April 29, 2017

After 9 months of treatment, the chemotherapy is finally over. Today was the last session. The latest MRI showed an overall reduction in size and density of the tumour and the prognosis is that it should not grow any further and is unlikely to cause any problems moving forwards.

Despues de 9 meses de tratamiento, terminamos con la quimioterpia. El ultimo MRI mostro una disminucion de tamaño y densidad en el tumor y la expectativa es que no va causar mas problemas.
There is a cyst that has formed from the deteriorating tumour and we will need to consult with the surgeons to see if it is desirable to drain it. Other than that we will continue to monitor it closely with an MRI every 3 months and regular consultancy with a neurologist to keep an eye on Joey's development.

Hay un quiste que se ha formado por el deterioro del tumor y tenemos que consultar con los neuro cirujanos si es mejor drenarlo. A parte de eso, continuamos monitoreando a traves de resonancias cada 3 meses  y consultas con el neurologo para revisar su desarollo.
We visited a new doctor in Guadalajara and we are now going to visual therapy twice a week here in SLP for 45 intense minutes of exercises. This is really giving us a better idea of what Joey can and can't see and he is definitely holding his head up more and moving his eyes more naturally. Bit by bit we will start to understand what he can see.

Fuimos a visitar un doctor en Guadalajara y ahora vamos 2 veces por semana a una terapia visual aqui en SLP para una sesion de 45 minutos de actividad intensa. Esto nos dar mejor idea de que puede ver y no. Definitivamente esta levantando la mirada en forma mas natural. Poco a poco vayamos entendiendo mas que puede ver.
He is making friends at his school and we are trying to have more input and support the school more as parents; this week I helped translate for a "blind supper" that the school put on for a group from BMW. We have sold lots of office supplies kits to fund raise for the school and Mariana is recluteing volunteers in her work.

Joey esta haciendo amigos en su escuela y estamos apoyando mas como papas, esta semana ayude como traductor para una "cena a ciegas" que organizo
la escuela para el grupo BMW. Hemos colaborado en la venta de kits de oficina para recabar fondos y Mariana esta promoviendo el Voluntariado en su trabajo.
We held a small party for Joseph's 2nd birthday in the park and lot's of his family came to visit him. At the hospital he got given some toys and balloons, which was a lovely surprise for him! In the babywearing dancing group also celebrated with cake and presents!

Tuvimos una pequeña fiesta en el parque para el 2o cumpleaños de Joseph y mucha de su familia vinieron a visitarlo. En el hospital recibio juguetes y globos, una muy buena sorpresa para el! En el grupo de baile con bebes tambien lo festejaron con pastel y regalitos.
For now, we shall take Joseph on a well deserved trip to the seaside as soon as we can arrange it!

Por lo pronto, vamos a llevarlo a la playa en cuanto podamos organizarnos!
Thank you all as always for your support. We will keep you posted with Joseph's development and progress.

Como siempre, muchas gracias por todo su apoyo. Vamos estar en contacto con su progresso y desarollo continuo.

Tom, Mariana, & Joseph

Posted on February 3, 2017

Posted on February 3, 2017

Dear Friends,

Queridos amigos,
Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!
Just a quick note to let you know the progress that Joseph is making.

Solo una nota para informar sobre el progreso de Joseph.
The 6-month MRI showed a very slight decrease in the size and density of the tumour and we have moved to a maintenance schedule chemotherapy which is just once every 3 weeks until the 9-month marker when we'll do the next MRI and reassess.

La resonancia de 6 meses mostro un pequeño disminucion del tumor. En la quimioterapia hemos cambiado a un esquema de mantenimiento, ahora toca cada 3 semanas hasta la resonancia de los 9 meses.
At this stage we don't expect the tumour to grow or cause more problems, although it is difficult to say if it continues to have an affect on his vision or if the damage is already done so to speak.

No pensamos que el tumor va a crecer o causar mas problemas, es dificil decir si aun esta afectando su vista o si el daño ya esta hecho.
Joseph has started going to a school for blind children 3 afternoons per week, he is in an early intervention class with other children around his same age. (

Joseph ha comenzado a ir a una escuela para ciegos 3 veces por semana en las tardes, esta en un clase de intervencion temprana con otros niños de su edad. (
Most doctors are ready to give up on optic nerve damage as irreversible but there is one doctor in Germany who has seen significant improvement using an ACS therapy, we have been in touch with him but it seems that there is nothing ready to use with babies just yet but that is one hopeful treatment for the future.

Muchos doctores se sienten vencidos con el daño al nervio optico pero hay un doctor en alemania quien ha experimentado grandes mejoras en sus pacientes tratandolos con terapia de ACS, hemos estado en contacto con el doctor pero parece que no es viable para bebes de la edad de Joseph pero tenemos esperanza para el futuro.
We have also been learning about the stories of some remarkable blind people and learning what might just be in store if he doesn't recover his vision. Daniel Kish is located in California but visits all over the world so we are hoping that he may be able to visit the school. (

Hemos estado descubriendo varias historias increibles de gente ciega y aprendiendo como puede ser la vida en el caso que Joseph no recupere su vista. Daniel Kish vive en California pero visita todo el mundo y esperemos que el pueda visitar la escuela. (
It's good to be in a bit more contact with people who are going through similar things and hopefully we can continue to connect people and share our knowledge and research.

Se siente bien estar en mas contacto con gente quien esta pasando por lo mismo y esperemos que podamos continuar contactando personas y compartir el conocimiento.
A couple of pictures, Joey and Mummy delivering super hero costumes to the children's cancer ward at the general hospital; Christmas presents; fun in the park.

Unos fotos, Joey y Mamá entregando disfraces de superheroes en la unidad oncologico de niños en el Hospital Central; Regalos de navidad; diversion en el parque.

Tom, Mariana, & Joseph

Posted on December 12, 2016

Posted on December 12, 2016

We are coming to the festive period of a very difficult year, with certainly the biggest challenges we have ever faced and also with an incredible show of love and support which has meant that we were never alone.

Estamos llegando al periodo festivo de un año muy difícil, con los retos mas grandes en la vida y con una muestra de amor y apoyo que nos enseño que nunca estábamos solos.
We are reaching the end of Joseph's 2nd 3 months of chemotherapy, defenses permitting we will have done the last session by the end of the year and will have the next MRI shortly afterwards.
The MRI results will pretty much dictate the what happens next: if there is no more significant decrease in the tumour size, or if there is a very significant decrease, we will likely stop the treatment. If the reduction is steady then we are most likely to continue to the 9 month marker.

Hemos casi cumplido el segundo periodo de quimioterapia y, si las defensaslo permiten, habremos terminado antes del fin del año, con las siguiente resonancia programada para un poco despues.

Los resultados nos va enseñar el camino para adelante, hay posibilidades de seguir y tambien existe la posibilidad de que paremos el tratamiento, todo va depender.
We haven't been back to Ver Contigo yet for a follow up with the exercises but we  have been to investigate a school for blind people here in SLP. Ver Contigo is more focused on rehabilitation whereas the people at this school don't really have a chance to recover their vision but it seems that they could work with Joseph with his exercises so it might be an option n the new year.

No hemos regresado a Ver Contigo en Torreon para dar seguimiento con los ejercicios pero investigamos una escuela para invidentes visuales aqui en SLP que puede ofrecer algo parecido para ayudar a que recupere algo de su vision o para adaptarse a vivir en otra forma.
Other than that Joseph is very active, with lots of running and walking and dancing and joking around. He has enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinner and visits from Aunty and Grandad and we are looking forward to some fun in this his 2nd Christmas.

En lo demas, Joseph esta muy activo - corriendo, camninando, bailando y bromeando mucho. Disfrutó su primera cena de Thanksgiving y lo han visitado su Tía y su Abuelo. Ahora estamos listos para su segunda Navidad.
Thank you all again for your support this year, wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Otra vez gracias por todo su apoyo en este año, les deseamos una bonita navidad y feliz año nuevo.

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