Life Saving Parvo Treatment for tiny little precious Sasha!

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The Story

First Sasha was diagnosed with the Parvo Virus and needed emergency treatment to save her life. I lost my dog Little Girl who was 4 about 1.5 weeks ago quite suddenly and didn't know what had happened. She had been totally healthy occasionally having problems with dental but nothing that I thought should take her so quickly. Before continuing I would like to preface this by stating that Jordan (aka Bubba) is an 26 year old Iraqi vet who served his country honorably. I am sharing that fact because it has a bearing on why he could use the help for this mounting bill. We were informed this afternoon (2/8/17) that the balance now was closer to the $1,200 mark and if they keep her even one more day will be closer to $1,400. I will share a few details below regarding his service and inability to obtain employment upon his return home but first I will exlain what is going on with his poor little Sasha.

My son Jordan has a beautiful little Chiweenie named Sasha, see ---> that's her in all the photos, and she loves to cuddle inside his jacket. She is only a little over a year old and a little less than 4 pounds. In the short time he has owned her she has brought so much joy to his life and he in hers. She is totally obsessed with him and as a puppy picked him as her person. If you have ever owned a Chiweenie or Dachshund you will know what I'm talking about. Well on Tuesday things got very scary for us all.

Jordan had to take her to the vet Tuesday morning because starting late Sunday night Sasha started getting very ill. She quickly went down hill from being totally healthy to where she was throwing up constantly, having really nasty bloody stool, not eating, not drinking and losing weight rapidly. He tried to care for her on Monday thinking that maybe it was just doggie flu or something. By about 2 in the morning Tuesday he figured out there was something seriously wrong with her and he needed to get her in right away. The vet in town opened at 7:30 in the morning so we had a few nailbiting, intense, anxious hours to wait and that was not fun.

By the time hwe arrived at the vets office early Tuesday morning she was lethargic, severly dehydrated, her blood sugar was at a zero, and her temperature was a little above 97.0. 97.0 in a dog is dangerously low like hypothermic because a normal temperature in a dog is 101 to 102.5 and we were informed that being that low could be a sign that her little body was shutting down already. As you can imagine tears were welling up for both of us and Bubba was so upset and hurting at the thought of anything happening to her. Just like with Little Girl the week earlier we didn't know what was going on and the vet feared she may have been exposed to the Parvo Virus. She quickly did a test which confirmed a positive result for the Parvo Virus. Even hearing those words I started thinking the worse because as far as we knew it meant an immediate death sentence from what we had heard. We personally didn't know anyone who had a dog who had it let alone who had survived or so we thought.

After delivering the diagnosis at this point the vet couldn't really offer much in the way of optomism or hope of her recovering even if treated. She then started explaining the treatment and cost involved and we both were shocked because she was estimating over $1,000 which he and I had nothing even remotely close to a tenth of that to our names and they needed it up front to even begin treatment. Jordan is employed as a concrete finisher but it's not full time and currently seasonal and I'm on SSID with no savings.

Let me explain now also why at this point we are kind of freaking out, stessing, I'm crying trying to figure out how to do something. See Sasha and her dad who Bubba also owns (he is the same size but 4) has been a lifesaver for him with anything he deals with after his service in the military. They are great at grounding and helping him with anxiety, etc. But now we are also realizing that Little Girl probably died from the Parvo Virus and now Sasha is sick with it, and now all our other dogs are exposed. Our minds are racing. Bubbas brother and dad live at the same house and have their own animals.

Im still devastated over little girl and now feel like maybe there is more I could have done to save her. It's so hard not to play the what if's over and over in my head, she was only 4. Since she died Sasha has been my comfort kind of filling the hole in my heart. The frustrating part is all our dogs were vaccinated already and we rarely have visiting dogs so we couldn't figure out how this happened. I was a couple of months late on their yearly booster so I guess you really need to be careful with the little ones. We are spinning now thinking everyone is exposed and at risk because Sasha has it and she had been vaccinated already. I mean this is Sasha, she's his baby we have to do something. So Bubba desperately contacted his dad and he agreed to co-sign for care credit so that they could start treatment right away but with no guarantee that it would save her. In addition now he has the stress of trying to figure out how to pay this bill.

We all also agreed that all the other animals would have to be revaccinated. So they immediately started treatment for Sasha.

Update: I just talked to the vet (2-8-2017 9 a.m.) and the vet was in with her and they were going to call me with an update but she made it through the night and is responding well. We are not exactly sure how we are going to pay care credit off with such limited funds. So I shared on the Facebook Doxie groups what was happening and at their urging started this funding page so they could help. Im sharing this now with you asking for your help and donations. We don't expect the whole total donated but anything would help. We ask that donations be sent to the vet that is caring for Sasha if you do not wish to donate online and they will apply it to her balance and bill with them or apply it towards the care credit balance.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart and we so appreciate the loving, caring, and supportive friends from the Doxie groups for being so willing to suggest the help. However you found this funding page we also thank you for reading and considering. The copy of the estimated bill is included in the photos but have since learned as I stated above that the bill is higher than originally thought.

As I stated above I will add the information as to the inability to obtain employment for quite a while after his military service. It's simple really, the military trains you to do all kinds of different jobs when you are enlisted, give you their certifications, awards, and commendations. Bubba was in Motor Transport driving Humvees, oversized loads with tractors and trailers, and big rigs, leading convoys through Iraq,  but the thing the military didn't do was give him his much earned and qualified CDL as he left the military. So when he was discharged he had the skill and the ability but not the "tools" to gain suitable employment and at the time he was discharged our economy and job situation in the country was still pretty dire. In order for him to get a CDL he would have to pay for the training of which he already have and it's not cheap, and then test for his CDL which he was confident he could and then hopefully get a good hauling job. Unfortunately the military left him hanging without options or help without having to spend thousands to do it. Thankfully he is resourceful and now is very qualified in the field he is in now which he actually was working at before he enlisted but he hasn't had a lot of time move up in his career to be able to save and be prepared for situations like this. If the military discharged their people with everything they earned then he would have been well established and prepared.  We believe this is a huge oversight and error on the militaries part for our service members who have already sacrificed so much.  Thank you for indulging our viewpoint and frustration and hopefully someone will read this that can make some changes to reward our service members with what they deserve. 

Update: 2/8/17 6:00 p.m.  We visited with Sasha who was so glad to see us. She is still not eating on her own, still dehydrated and very weak but she is doing better than when we took her in and she is showing progress. She was just real glad to see us and get some loving and we were also so relieved to see she was making progress. We still have a long road ahead and it's still touchy but we are certainly more hopeful now than we were.

Thank you again for sharing with us.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 16, 2017

Posted on February 16, 2017

Here is the other photo, I can't figure out why the photos seem to crop but she is in the arms of her favorite people. :) 

Posted on February 16, 2017

Posted on February 16, 2017

Sasha is doing wonderfully well.  She has progressed so well she has been able to stay home. On Sunday it was like a switch turned on, she actually got up and ran to the door to greet me, she was bright eyed and walking around and looking for food. She finally took food in her bowl instead of syringe. On Monday she had her checkup. She was normal in everything except still a little dehydrated, they drew blood and her white blood cell count was still at a place to go another round of antibiotics to keep an infections at bay. She weighs 3.5 pounds so she lost another few ounces so that is our challenge right now to put weight back onto her. She has another check up tomorrow but since Sunday she now is eating several times a day and I only have to syringe feed the one with all the goodies in it to keep her blood sugar and everything level.  We are just so happy and surprised she seems to have survived this nasty virus and hopefully will continue because we know we are not out of the woods yet. She is even interested in her toys and now cuddling with her sister pica. We still have to keep her kind of quiet and she does wear out fast but she is still with us and even more loving than she was before.  Here is a picture with her and one of her toys and with her daddy giving lovins. 

Posted on February 9, 2017

Posted on February 9, 2017

We just had a call from the vet stating that Sasha is so active and starting to eat and doing well that she can come home today at 5:30, we would be taking her back in the morning to check her vitals and fluids to be sure she will be ok over the weekend.  I guess also tomorrow will adjust accordingly like adding injectable meds and fluids if need be to be sure she gets through the weekend successfully.  The vet was very surprised considering the condition she was in when we took her in. She honestly did not expect her to make it I think.  But that is understandable since we were really scared and didn't either. We are so happy she is recovering and doing so well as we know how bad this was and how tragic it could have been.  Thank you everyone for your support through all this. 

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Life Saving Parvo Treatment for tiny little precious Sasha!

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