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After watching her son struggle with seizures most of his life, a mother has decided to conquer
her fear of skydiving in order to raise money for Stem Cell Transplants.

Santa Cruz, California, United States: Jordan Beck-Clark is a young boy
from Scotts Valley who has suffered from severe epilepsy most of his life. He has not received
much help from medications, but his family recently learned that Stem Cell Transplants might
help save his life. He has to be monitored continuously at night because the only sign of his
seizures is that he stops breathing.

At $20,000 per treatment, the Stem Cell Transplant costs more than the family can afford. In
order to raise enough money to complete the first treatment, Jordan’s mother has decided to
conquer one of her biggest fears - jumping out of an airplane, and get people to pledge the jump.

“Facing my fear is the closest I can get to Jordan’s experience of literally facing life and death.”
explained Jordan’s mother. “I thought about what I could do that would be comparable to all
that he has gone through and skydiving is what came to mind. I’m terrified of heights and
swore that I would never go in a small plane. I would do anything for my son and if it means
raising enough money to get him the treatment he needs, the sky is the limit.”

On Thursday June 15 2017, Jordan’s mother and three family friends will jump out of an
airplane with Skydive Surf City in Santa Cruz. The family needs to raise the $20,000 before the
jump date and is seeking help from the public to help meet their goal. If 1000 people are able to
donate $20, the family will reach their fundraising goal and be able to get Jordan the help he

In 2009, Jordan was born drug exposed and in need of a forever home. The Beck-Clark family
welcomed Jordan with open arms and raised him as their own son. Jordan struggled with
seizures most of his life but in December 2016, he went into the worst status of epilepsy and was
rushed to the hospital Code 3. Jordan now has multiple small seizures frequently and coupled
with the medications has become violent and aggressive despite his kind-hearted nature.

“Jordan is not his happy loving self.” explained his mother. “He is miserable and his quality of
life is nowhere near where it was. After extensive research, I’ve learned that Stem Cell
Transplants can decrease seizure frequency and many patients are able to completely get off
medications. If Jordan has taught me anything, it’s determination and I believe we can make
this happen. Please help me, help him!”

The Beck-Clark family has set up a donation page for Jordan at, where supporters can learn more information,
donate towards the mother’s skydive and help Jordan gain access to a Stem Cell Transplant.


In January, 2009 we received a call that a beautiful baby boy was born drug exposed and needed a home. He’s faced all of his challenges with determination and vitality.

On March 25, 2014 Jordan’s life changed dramatically. He was overdosed by a caretaker.

We almost lost him.

Thank God his fight pulled him through. He spent 9 days in the PICU struggling. He wouldn’t retain minerals and his heart continued to throw over a 100 PVC’s a minute.

After 12 days in the hospital, he came home and regained his happy, loving nature.

The horror wasn’t over; the seizures came back with a vengeance.

He had been a year seizure free.

He went into status epilepsy; a life-threatening condition where he continues to have seizure after seizure without gaining consciousness in between.

We were back in the PICU, his seizure medication was raised.

This pattern continued monthly until the following January; I brought Jordan to LA to start Neurofeedback treatments. This didn’t completely stop the seizures, but did keep him out of the hospital.

Jordan hasn’t been seizure free again, but this was a step in the right direction. He was making great gains in speech, interactive attention span, and his repetitive behaviors had disappeared.


June 16, 2016, he went into a bad episode of status epilepsy. His sodium was too low.

The hospital thought this was due to his seizure medication and switched meds.

The first drug caused his hair to fall out, made his balance so bad he needed a butterfly stitch behind his ear, he broke both bones in his arm

…and was actually causing seizures.

The next drug didn’t bring seizure control. After several ambulance rides to the ER, they added a second med.

On December 5, 2016 Jordan went into the worst status epilepsy.

He was rushed code 3 to the hospital. Drugs were not stopping the seizures.

Jordan was given so many drugs his heart wasn’t beating properly and his breathing was suppressed…causing more seizures. It was terrifying!

Another stay in the PICU, another med switch. Now he’s having multiple small seizures frequently, which he’s never experienced before.

This med makes him incredibly violent and aggressive. He’s thrown a chair at me, a bat at me, he’s almost broken windows, while I was driving he threw his shoe at me, which landed under the brake pedal.

He torments his sister so bad, she locks herself in her room for protection.

After violent episodes, he sits and cries a broken-hearted cry.

Jordan is not his happy, loving self. He’s miserable and his quality of life is nowhere near where it was.

All these frequent little seizures are diminishing his ability to answer simple yes, no questions, have brought back his repetitive behaviors, and his fine motor skills are declining.

Jordan taught me real determination. He is a fighter.

Please help me, help him!

I’ve spent $1700 a month on cannabis since June 2016, I’ve tried vitamins (which cause seizures since soverdose), I’ve tried diets. Nothing is helping.


After extensive research, I’ve learned Stem Cell Transplants have decreased seizure frequency, duration, and intensity…with some patients able to get off seizure medications completely. Most patients need three treatments to see significant results – each treatment costing $20,000.

Stem Cells have the potential to help Jordan in many different ways:

Reduction/Cessation of seizures
Reverse damage by overdose
Help heal the brain injury noted in above picture
Increase Speech
Clarity of Speech
Heal digestive issues
Diminish side effects of metabolic disorder
Increase fat metabolism
Gain weight

Duke University did a trial and saw improvements so substantial they were funded to do a second phase with significantly more patients. I applied to the study, but Jordan was not accepted due to his recent hospitalization.

At 15-minutes the results of this study are explained.

Please help me, help him! I’ll be forever grateful!

No donation is too small. Each share typically raises $37 so please share this on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 12, 2018

Posted on July 12, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has donated. Jordan has grown two inches since receiving his stem cells six months ago. His balance and gross motor planning are amazing. His speech is picking up. He can put on his socks! He even had a spontaneous play date that was interactive.

Lots of exciting changes, but he still has a long way to go so we're starting to raise funds for round two.

Posted on January 31, 2018

Posted on January 31, 2018

Jordan received his Stem Cells on his 9th birthday. Thank you so much to everyone that donated. We are already seeing gains in speech and play!

Posted on May 17, 2017


Posted on May 17, 2017

Kicking up the fundraiser - I'M JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE!!!!
The goal 1000 people pledge $20 by June 15th.
After the heartbreaking news that he's having seizures every two hours, his heart rate is low at times for no apparent reason, and his heart is throwing PVC's all the time for no reason, I decided to do something drastic to raise the money.
I'm hoping I just pass out on the way down.
aaaahhhh I'm terrified.

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