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The Story

Jordan is a beautiful 13 year old young woman, who was recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. She is an avid softball player that I have had the pleasure of coaching along with her father, John. Jordan and her twin sister Taylor are on the team with my daughter. 

In late July, while we were away in Maryland for Nationals, we received the bad news. Obviously, this is a parent's worst nightmare and I was admittedly at a loss for words when John told me. I wasn't even sure how to act. I didn’t have any words of comfort to offer and choked back my emotions for fear of making it worse.

After all, I have been there to see this scrawny little kid with braces, turn into a beautiful young woman and have seen her seek out her father after victories to give him a hug or seek the grasp of his hand after a failure.  

The good news is that the great doctors at Sloan Kettering have indicated that although Jordan has a battle ahead of her, the prognosis is good for a full recovery.

Her parents, John and Michele have been taking her on an almost daily basis into the city to receive treatment, which includes chemotherapy. The daily parking alone costs close to $50.00. 

I went to the hospital on the first day that Jordy was to receive chemo and was in the room when a nurse entered and informed the family that Jordy would need a medication that would help her, but the co-payment was $300.00. Obviously, no one is going to deny their little girl the medical treatment she may need, no matter what their financial situation may be.

Jordan is the toughest young woman we have all ever met, and is more than ready to fight this. Obviously, this will be a battle, but so many people who know and love Jordy and her family, have been trying to reach out to help, but have been unsure how to do so. Therefore, we have started this page in hopes of raising money for the family to offset as many of the costs that they will face.

With a large community who loves this family, they will undoubtedly have the endless support that they need throughout this whole process. We ask that you please share this page on Facebook, through email, by word of mouth, etc.. We would like this page to reach as many people as it  possibly can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if a donation isn’t possible, please send positive thoughts to Jordan and the Pryor family.

Please...let us do all we can as a community to help this family and Jordan fight this battle with cancer. 

* If any funds remain after paying for medical and/or associated costs, all remaining proceeds will be donated to Sloan Kettering

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 9, 2016

Posted on October 9, 2016

To our dear friends, our loving family, the extraordinary community that we call our home, as well as to those of you who have never even met Jordan and despite that having so generously donated to this fund, we want to say thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

It has been a terribly challenging and stressful time for our family. Learning of Jordan's diagnosis, struggling to fully appreciate the gravity of the fight ahead, and beginning the process of ridding her of this disease, especially in the early days of denial when we were still hoping for someone to tell us it was all a huge mistake, was in a word excruciating. To watch Jordan undergo countless tests, her first three cycles of chemotherapy, and help her manage the side effects of those cycles has meant many tears, many sleepless nights and a completely new "normal" for us and the kids.

There is no doubt, that all of your prayers, your kind words, and the help you have all so generously offered and given, have made each day and night that much easier to bear.

Jordan has been showered with so much love, some of it in the form of notes with amazing messages of encouragement and empowerment that have made each of the many hours that her chemo runs that much easier to handle. Your gifts and meals for our family, along with your positive energy have given us all the strength to carry on even through Jordan's toughest days. Those moments of comfort and love have carried us through these past months, even when we were certain there was no hope of any of us finding any bright spot through this process.

We are elated to share that this past Thursday we received the results of Jordan's most recent MRI's and Pet Scans, and have learned that real progress has been made!!!! The tumors in her nasal cavity are shrinking, along with those in her lymph nodes, and there are ZERO signs of her cancer having spread to anywhere else!

Jordan's treatment is WORKING! We are breathing for the very first time in months, and we want you to breathe alongside us as you have all been with us every step of the way.

There have been, and will be for sure to hard days to come, and as Jordan begins her fourth cycle of chemo, and her first of seven weeks to come of radiation, you have to know that we are better prepared for those moments thanks to all of you. We are all feeling sure and strong that Jordan is going to get well, and that we will get back to the old "normal". For those of you who know her well, that means nothing less than running the world someday...In fact, as a measure of her strength and determination she joined her team today for her first tournament since her diagnosis. 2 RBI's later...

There are no words to sufficiently express our appreciation to all of you, so please just know that we are incredibly grateful and we know that we could not have gotten this far without your love and support.

Much love, many thanks and in all we face, large and small, please keep "fighting like girls"!!

John, Michele, Adriana, Jordan, Taylor and John John xx

Posted on September 2, 2016

Posted on September 2, 2016

We would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions which made it possible for us to reach our goal for this very worthy cause.. It is so nice to see so many people come together to help this wonderful family. Regards, J

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