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The Story

Our dear friend and brother in Christ, Johnpaul Moses, was in a serious car accident  yesterday afternoon 9/12/2016. He was airlifted to the Med where he received blood and surgery to remove his spleen. His pelvis is broken as well as most of his ribs. He is currently sedated and on a ventilator although he is mostly breathing on his own. At this point we are looking at a six week recovery period and physical therapy in the future.

So many have been praying through the night and into the morning and for that we are grateful! The Moses family has a big fight ahead of them and a long road to full recovery. 

There are several ways you can help:

  1. Continue to pray for Johnpaul's condition and recovery. Pray specifically for no head trama/injury and full recovery of his broken body. Pray for his wife, Kara, as she cares for him and his little reds, Alyssa & Kelsey as they see their dad hurt and healing.
  2. Medical expenses are already adding up and that doesn't include physical therapy and loss of income. Please consider making a donation to help cover some of these expenses and alleviate the financial burden an accident of this magnitude creates. Any amount will help our precious friends focus on JP's rehabilitation and recovery instead of the stress and worry of paying for his much needed care. We pray JP will be back to his crazy, funny self in no time.

{Additional details from his wife, Kara, are below.}
Johnpaul was in a serious car accident this afternoon. He was medevaced to the Med and went to surgery right away to have his spleen removed. He has broken ribs, fractured pelvis, and collapsed lung. He has not been awake when I have been here though he responded to a nurse earlier when asked to squeeze her hand and wiggle his toes. He is still sedated and they hope to get him off the ventilator tomorrow morning. They expect him to wake up in the morning too. They are about to drain fluid from his lung now so it will re inflate. They still need to do MRIs and Xrays. I will feel much better when I can speak with him. I know so many are praying and since there were so many comments on Facebook I wanted to try to give one complete update here. So many people have already shown such love and support. I am so grateful. Thank you! Kara

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 21, 2016

Posted on November 21, 2016

what's up, people. it's jp and i hijacked the admin login for this account cause that's how I roll. also I want to share a personal update with you. for starters, I'm not dead yet. also, it seems I've even been learning some stuff through this whole experience of having a massive car accident that should have killed me but didn't and the ongoing recovery. so I made you a video. sorry it's so long, but I guess I have some stuff to say. like a sincere "thank you", and "here's what God's teaching me" and "what the heck even happened?" and other neat stuff. So here ya go:

Posted on November 7, 2016

Posted on November 7, 2016

Sunday (11/6) update: Johnpaul had another first. He walked carefully up and down the stairs! I don't have a picture because I was too busy making sure he didn't fall. He was fine of course, but I still get a little nervous. Also he wasn't completely winded by it. His trach hole no longer seeps air out and seems to be closing up.

He was not feeling great yesterday and we were afraid he might be getting sick. He still felt pretty low energy the first half of today, so I was quite shocked when he told me he was going out to shut the chickens in the coop. He told me not to get used to it though.

By the way, we lost one of our chickens this week. I noticed she was not around and Johnpaul roped a friend who came over into helping me search for her. (So beware if you come to visit!) He found her and disposed of the body for me. I am so incredibly grateful Todd Tobias! I did not want to be forced to find it within myself to deal with that.

It is hard to believe that it's only been a week that all four of us have been back home together. It is so wonderful to be home and I am just enjoying this time with Johnpaul where we do almost everything together. It is pretty rare that we spend so much time together and I am soaking it up.

I know he is already starting to be on business calls and he plans to spend a little time each day getting back into work. He continues to progress well despite the little set backs of low energy here and there. I am so proud of him and how he continues to push himself each day.

God is continuing to answer prayers! I am so grateful!

Also, as requested by my brother Stephen, I snapped a picture of Jp while grocery shopping today. He says he won't miss the electric cart. He is thankful for it for now though.

Posted on November 4, 2016

Posted on November 4, 2016

Johnpaul has had so many firsts this week. He went from mostly riding in the wheelchair and short walks in the house with the walker to mostly walking with just a cane and short times in the wheelchair when he needs to conserve energy.

One time we employed the wheelchair was for our family outing to Walmart. Not the most exciting place to go but the only place you can buy all the things we needed in one trip. He also rode in one of the electric carts at the grocery store another day this week. That was definitely a first!

In physical therapy today she had him working on his balance and we saw improvement in just the short time we were there. He made it to his first family dinner night at my parents since the accident tonight as well.

He managed to get on a couple of business calls this week and seemed to enjoy it. He has another call tomorrow.

He also got his first haircut post accident! I know he felt so much better after that. It has definitely been a week of firsts and I continue to be encouraged by his progress.

I know he is really sore and using muscles in ways he hasn't for quite awhile. I think the soreness around his previously broken ribs is the most challenging thing he is facing at the moment. But his breathing definitely seems better and he isn't winded as quickly except for early mornings. It seems it takes longer to get himself up and going. He is much more easily fatigued then.

Overall a great week so far and we are looking forward to the weekend. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

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