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The Story

Jo is a beautiful, kind and caring 37 year old mummy suffering from not one but TWO terminal illnesses, pulmonary hypertension & lymphatic cancer.

Jo is the only known person in the world to suffer from this rare combination of diseases. Last April Jo was given weeks to live, but she is still fighting for her life and after extensive research believes she has found the one person in the world that can help her...

Jo has idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension.. Meaning there is no cause and therefore no cure. She also has follicular lymphoma which again carries the same dilemma.

But of course there is a cause or causes for Jo's diseases, we just don't know what they are yet.

The NHS are trying to find 'the cause' but they are looking for one cause to fit thousands of people with the same disease. In reality there are probably thousands of causes for the thousands of different cases. It's not one size fits all. Each patient is unique. Most have other significant and complex health problems as well. That is why there will never be 'one cure'.

Specialists have informed us that pulmonary hypertension could be caused by a simple deficiency, a genetic mutation, a hormonal imbalance. But the NHS do not have the funds available to test Jo. They test mice that have been given pulmonary hypertension but that's not what happened to Jo, Jo's PH came from somewhere, there is a fault in Jo's system that is currently is killing her and needs to be identified. Currently the cancer is NOT  causing Jo's heart to fail, it is very much the Pulmonary Hypertension.

Thomas Incledon, a world renowned scientist in Arizona wants to revolutionise healthcare by treating everyone as an individual. Running hundreds of tests on one person, not a mouse, to find out the root cause of their illness and what is wrong with them specifically. He is not waived by the diagnosis as that is the result of the problem.

He is interested only in discovering the problem or problems and treating them with a thorough individualised treatment plan. He won't send Jo away with a prescription and a selection of drugs to ease her symptoms. He will monitor how Jo responds to the treatments over a matter of months until she show improvements and start to recover.

In Thomas Incledon's words "Regardless of the professionals you work with, their medical decisions should be based upon learning and understanding you as an individual. This means extensive testing to understand what makes you unique and then review the standard medical, alternative medical and complementary treatment approaches and develop a plan precisely for you. We would run hundreds of tests on you at first to screen out problematic pathways and identify the pathways that are at the root cause. We would determine what nutrients you are low in and what hormones, inflammatory markers etc are low or high and run some genetic tests that will determine how you respond. We will be growing your cells outside your body and testing them. For example we would actually selectively test your immune cells and see what sub-components are cancerous and which are normal. This will help later on to know what to do."

How is Jo feeling?

Recently, Jo called me in tears... she rarely let's anyone know she's upset. Jo explained to me that she was too scared to sleep in case she never wakes up and her little boy comes in and finds her. Every day is a battle for Jo, in her own words she is 'existing' not 'living'. Jo can't move without severe breathlessness and heart pain. Her organs are failing, the physical and emotional strain on her is utter torture. Finally finding someone who can help her has given her new hope, she no longer feels defeated by this disease and truly believes Thomas Incledon can help her.


currently Jo is able to fly with the help of Oxygen and a wheel chair, she is so very young and is desperate to live, to see her little boy Rudey grow up. Your donations are invaluable at this critical stage.

Thank you so very much for your taking the time to read this, we genuinely believe we may have found some one who can help and cannot stress how urgently we need to raise the funds.

Much love from Sarah (Jo's best friend)  & Jo XXX

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 17, 2015

Posted on November 17, 2015

Hey all! So we have arrived in Arizona and Jo has started her treatment here. I am absolutely gob smacked by how wonderful Thomas Incledon and his team of Drs are. I am Sooooo glad we did this! A squillion thank you's to everyone who has helped us get here. Jo is seeing so many different Drs and specialists it's intensive, detailed and knowledgable. Can't actually put into words what we are experiencing right now but any hope that was lost is now fully back in action! Please keep sharing and donating, there is more light at the end of what has been a very long, dark tunnel than ever before! As always our deepest to all who are supporting us! Xxx

Posted on October 28, 2015

Posted on October 28, 2015

We have just had the best Skype call with the Dr's in the U.S that will help Jo! It's all looking really positive, we really think Jo is in good hands. Cannot wait to get her there! Thank you so very much for all your donations, and for believing in Jo. XX

Posted on October 27, 2015

Posted on October 27, 2015

please help us save Jo by sharing this link on Facebook and twitter. your shares cost nothing but they could help save her life.http://bit.ly/1LVNW8l

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