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The Story

"As soon as Jimmy Choo was picked up from the shelter the Outcast Rescue team knew there was something very wrong with both his front legs. Jimmy was evaluated by our veterinarians and orthopedic surgeon where he was diagnosed with severe bilateral elbow luxation. This diagnosis for Jimmy Choo was a sentence to a decreased quality of life with a future of decreasing mobility, orthopedic complications and increasing chronic pain.

Something needed to be done to save Jimmy Choo who presently walks on his front forearms because his elbows healed in a locked position causing strain on his spine and hips. His personality and interactive nature has supported this endeavor. Over the last month, Jimmy Choo has become a favorite of the veterinarian teams, our volunteers, followers and has been the star at the fundraising Yappy Hour further supporting the mission of Outcast Rescue.

After consulting with several surgeons, Jimmy Choo will finally be going in on Wednesday July 26, 2017 for the 1st of two surgeries to attempt a corrective arthroscopy procedure of his front elbows. Should his elbows not go back into the joints, his front legs will be permanently fused allowing for long term improved mobility and decreased spinal complications.

The estimated cost is over $10,000 that includes the surgeries and the months of physical therapy he will need after the 2nd procedure. This is the only option the Outcast Rescue Team has to help save Jimmy Choo and offer him a happy life every dog deserves. Outcast Rescue has been and will be committed to assuring the highest quality of life for all of our dogs and now is Jimmy Choo’s turn.

Please help us to help him and truly make a difference in the life of Jimmy Choo. The Outcast Rescue Team and Jimmy Choo thanks you for your support of this cause.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 29, 2017

Posted on July 29, 2017

*Warning - Graphic Surgery Photos*

Jimmy Choo is hospitalized after over 4 hours of invasive surgery. Unfortunately the initial thought of putting his elbow back into the joint was not possible because of how badly his bones are turned and bowed. That left them with having to place a rod and pins to straighten the leg out. Today he had his left leg done and will have to be in a special splint where he cannot put any pressure on it due to the instability of his leg until it heals. He will be completely crate kept and only allowed out with a sling to use the bathroom for the next several weeks. They are managing his blood pressure also because it did drop to the point where medical intervention was necessary as well as did a nerve block because of the amount of pain he will be in after having some of his bone cut out.
The additional treatments today also increased the costs for the surgery plus whatever he may need over the next few days while he is staying at Crown Veterinary Specialists and Emergency. His second surgery will be scheduled once he is completely healed from this one.
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Jimmy Choo Needs You!!!

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