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The Story

This is Jimbo, Jimbo landed at the NY ACC shelter after a horrible individual threw him out of a window of a building from 3 stories high.

We pulled Jimbo at once the moment we learned about him and he was transferred to out veterinarian in CT, where we learned that his abuse started way before he was thrown out of that window.

The life of abuse and misery this kitty endured his entire life is beyond anyone's imagination. it hurt deep in our hearts just to think about it.

As cruel as this may sound him being thrown out of a window was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. Even though a huge price to pay for him to break with his past and start his new begging, but a new beginning to look forward to indeed, as his life will change dramatically now and forever.

All of Jimbo's limbs are broken, some are old fractures either inflicted purposely by the horrible humans that Jimbo lived with before or by the several other times that he has been thrown out of a window.

His palate is broken but it is not a fresh fracture although it needs to also be repaired.

Due to old fractures on his hind legs that did not fused properly this poor kitty walks on his ankles and both of his front legs have now new fractures on top of the old ones.

The one leg is completely shattered and will need full reconstruction of the leg with a specialist. Upon consultation with the secularist our hopes for fixing Jimbo were shattered because the cost of this is prohibited at around 20 K for a 6 to 8 hour surgery!

Amputation was discussed, but not an option because being that the other legs are all broken too and his walk is to begin with not normal, there is no way for him to get around on 3 legs.

Since we have an amazing veterinarian he made some phone calls and there is a traveling surgeon that works with doctor Marsh, that can do the surgery at a very much reduced rate than the specialist, still the price is hefty therefore we need all the help we can receive so  Jimbo's surgery can done.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help fix sweet Jimbo so he can once and for all embark on his abuse free journey and experience a future filled with the love, compassion and caring that he never knew before and so much deserves.

HPR is a 501 (C)(3) National nonprofit and NYC New Hope Partner all donations big and small are tax deductible and all donations big and small help in situations like this.

God Bless always.

Celene Albano

HPR Rescue, President and founder. 

P.S. We spoke with NY ACC regarding opening an investigation to see if the monster or monsters that did they to Jimbo could be caught. ACC responded that their cruelty investigator and the NYPD did and investigation and that they did not find enough evidence.
Soon will be putting out a petition to put pressure on the NYPD and ACC cruelty investigator so they can re-open that investigation in hopes of seeking justice for Jimbo.

Here is the e mail we received from our vet the day that Jimbo arrived at his clinic:

Hello Celene, 
Well... you sent me another extremely sweet cat, despite his circumstances. Cats are pretty resilient animals. As far as I can tell so far we need to neuter him, he has a cleft palate that needs repair (suspect this is congenital in nature), and the biggest problem is a multitude of orthopedic problems. He appears systemically healthy - strong heart, normal lymph nodes, normally feeling kidneys, good teeth, etc. The right front leg is the worst with a previous fracture of the humerus but both wrists are not normal and I am worried about the hind legs as well (he walks on his ankles like a human). I am waiting for them to send the x-rays they already took and suspect we will need to take several more xrays. For now we are giving him love and food and shelter pending the xrays.

Andrew Marsh, DVM 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 2, 2017

Posted on January 2, 2017

Today is a very sad day. 

I have not had a chance to update on our main page, for a while so i apologize for that.
Jimbo has gotten adopted and went to live with the most amazing family that made up for all the abuse this kitty endured in his life.
He had nothing but love and the best care in the world with his forever family.
Sadly a few weeks ago we received an e mail from Vikki his forever Mom that Jimbo wasn't feeling well he was rushed to the hospital.
All blood work was good, nothing of significance showed so he was sent home.
Then back to the vet again, then many specialist got involved and all of these vets including doctor Marsh from distance, which took such good care of Jimbo in the beginning.
Jimbo was not walking right, he was declining and was not playing as he old happy self.
An MRI was done and revealed some devastating news, Jimbo has an inoperable growing mass in his spine.
The type of mass is not a candidate for chemotherapy and neither radiation, so today we have received the devastating news that at 6 PM today Jimbo has an appointment to go to God.
The below was just posted on his facebook group:
Please light a candle and take a moment at 6 PM today from wherever you are to lift Jimbo's spirits so he can look down on us free of pain and as a kitty angel.
Fly safe JIM B. as his family calls him.You will be terribly missed.

This is what was posted on his facebook page and the link for his candle vigil:

Today is a very sad day for everyone but most of all for Jimbo and his forever awesome family.
Today at 6 PM Jimbo has an appointment to go to God.
Please take the time to light a candle for Jim so his apririt will be lifted and his path to become a "kitty angel" will be light up.
Also at 6 PM today please pause and dedicate a moment of silence to JIm and his family.
Here is the link to the candle site, his groups is JIM:…/groups.php…

Just click on any unlit candle fill in the blanks and in one of the boxes put it will say to add to the group put the name of the group just put JIM and your candle will go into the group.

If you cannot find the group just light a candle and post your candle link here.
Here is a link with an unlit candle:

Thank you.

Posted on October 17, 2016

Posted on October 17, 2016

Dear all here is the latest's update on our boy Jimbo see e mail from doctor Marsh below:

Here is the latests x rays (x ray photo in the photo section)of Jimbo's legs and tiny update from doctor Marsh.

In a message dated 10/4/2016 11:50:04 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:


Not only that but the anemia has completely resolved (current PCV 40%/TS 7.0 g/dL) and the stools are normal! He has no pain and no longer has any restrictions with respect to his activity. He walks very well with no lameness. He does hold the right leg up when resting, but it is not due to pain, but rather for mechanical reasons - its a shorter leg than the left.

Finally, the invoice is complete - it covers everything after he left the hospital - bandage changes, radiographs on 9/6 and today, a radiology specialists interpretation of the xrays, multiple cases of rx food, and his medications is $903.24.

If you can donate so Doctor Marsh can be paid for his outstanding care and services rendered, please do so here on the You Caring Page or via paypal: or checks can be sent to:

Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc.
2160 Bay Drive W. Suite # 14
Miami Beach, Florida 33141
Thank you again for helping Jimbo get to where he is in life today, happy, content , loved and fully healed, Gob Bless you all.

Posted on September 14, 2016

Posted on September 14, 2016

Update on Jimbo 9/14
Good evening all so sorry for the delay in updating but things have been incredibly hectic to say the least.
Anyway, Jimbo is doing great but had a minor set back due to getting sores on his legs sue to the splints, so the splints had to come off.
His fractures on his feet are completely healed now but the humerous fracture is bridging but is taking its time and not all the way there.
The surgery is still on hold and we do not know as of yet when is going to be, per my conversation with doctor Marsh he believes that since such a long time has passed and now that his legs cannot be splinted he is suggested that we wait and see.
Per the e mail that I received from Kathleen (his foster Mom), Jimbo is still his old self super sweet and loving, but he gets scare with good reason of any sudden movement.
I will be speaking to doctor Marsh again in the next few days, tomorrow to see where do we go from here and to see about getting a brace for him that will support the one front leg to make him more comfortable as Kathleen mentioned to me that he now has a slight limp since the splints came off.
As you can see in one of the pictures his left leg in that in humnans will be the forearm, is not normal and is slightly to the side, that is going to be always that way because the damage to that areas with many tiny broken bones was severe.
If the surgery is done with the ortho which at this point is where we are heading is going to cost at least 15 to 20 K that we do not have.
At this time I am not going to up the amount of his fundraiser because I am not sure right now what other options are there for him but just to wait and see what happens.
His bill paid already, was up until now almost 4 K and he still has more x rays and follow up check ups to go through.
Below is the e mail I have received from doctor Marsh last week.
I will update again as soon as I know more and to see what is next.
For now, he is good, loving life and always seeing the bright side of things, something i think we all need to do sometime no matter how bad things get.
He is for sure "always smiling" and on the up and up all the time, he is just an awesome cat.:)
Email from Doctor Marsh 9/7
Quick update. Jimbo has made remarkable progress in his healing. I sent out xrays today to be read out by a radiologist to determine if any additional splinting is required. For now he has no splints on but is strictly rested to allow the skin issues to heal. They will heal no problem and are minor. I, unfortunately, have to go on an unexpected trip to AZ tomorrow, but will review the radiology report when it comes in tomorrow and will talk with my father.
Ill touch base with you tomorrow!
Andrew Marsh, DVM
Doctor Marsh e-mail 9/8
Good news! Time to celebrate. Jimbos lower leg fractures have healed, and although they are not in perfect alignment, he no longer requires splints. However, although his humoral fracture has showed significant improvement, it has not yet fully healed (has a much larger space to bridge), and so he continues to require restricted activity. I would suggest that while Kathleen is not directly supervising that Jimbo should be in a crate, but he can walk around the room some when they are there for his sanity. It is important that he continue not to run, jump, play. We will send him home today and recheck radiographs of the humerus in three weeks.
Further, we will continue to feed him a prescription gastrointestinal diet and give metronidazole for 5 days beyond resolution of his diarrhea. We will keep him on probiotics and can stop lysine in 1 week.
Boarding a flight now. Talk to you soon!
Sent from my iPhone=
E Mail from Doctor Marsh 9/6 in response to my e mail:
I agree that we should keep him here for complete rest. I was not here on Saturday, but heard that when my father changed his bandages, he had a few bandage related sores that we need to get to heal up. I also want to take repeat radiographs later this week or early next week anyways so it makes sense for me to keep him.
Andrew Marsh, DVM

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