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The Story

"People always say the bad things in life will never happen to me. That you are invincible, young and strong. That leaders never show weakness but without yourself you'll never be able to help those you've prepared your entire life to help. Never in a million years would I have expected my senior year of college at, The Citadel to begin like it did. Earning the rank of 2nd BN Commander, and top 9 was one of the most prestigious moments of my life. Sadly, after a few days back on campus starting my senior year I noticed I became more and more Ill. I headed home and with a heavy heart and disbelief was diagnosed with Cancer flipping my whole world upside down. With the extreme support of my friends and family I began chemotherapy yesterday and will kick cancer's butt. I am very thankful for all the opportunities in my life and thankful for all the people willing to sacrifice so much for me in my time of need. I love you all and still pray for your continued support. Thank you" From Jesse Ray Nardone's Facebook page August 21, 2016

Fighting cancer takes the support of family and friends. The Nardone family needs the financial support of their family and friends to help Jesse fight this battle with germ cell cancer over the next several months.

Due to Jesse's diagnosis he is on medical leave from his Army ROTC contract and will not receive the monthly stipend that contract provides. He relied on that stipend to meet his monthly car payment.

The treatments he will receive over the course of the next several months requires a 7 day hotel stay each month near the medical facility. This will require Jesse and his mother, Ann Marie, to stay in a hotel once a month for at least the next 4 months.

The money raised will go to help with the hotel and related travel expenses like food and gas, as well as the monthly expense of Jesse's car payment since he does not have any income while on medical leave. The estimated expenses for the next 6 months are $10,000. The additional $10,000 over the initial goal will help pay the many expenses not covered by insurance. Jesse Ray's parents have to miss work without pay to make sure Jesse Ray gets to his appointments.

If you have access to free hotel stays with either Hilton or Holiday Inn through their frequent guest programs they can be helpful as well.

Thank you for your support of Jesse and his family at this difficult time. Together we can help Jesse kick cancer’s butt!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 17, 2017

Posted on January 17, 2017

An Update from Ann Marie and Ray Nardone:

We would like to update all the supporters on Jesse Ray's progress to date. After the PET scan in November, a trusted friend suggested that we schedule a consultation with the staff at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Simon Cancer Center is responsible for developing the treatment which Jesse Ray has received. With time being of the essence, Jesse Ray and his parents traveled to Indiana just days before Christmas. The doctors at the facility recommended a surgical procedure to determine what, if any, additional appropriate treatment Jesse Ray will need to complete his battle.

On January 8, 2017, Jesse Ray returned to The Citadel to begin his last semester of his senior year. He has continued to get stronger with daily diet and exercise, and remains focused on "kicking cancer's butt." His surgery is scheduled for January 17, 2017, in Indiana. The upcoming surgery will involve an undetermined amount of time spent in Indiana for the surgery and follow-up care.

We wish to thank all of the supporters who have made donations and continue to keep Jesse Ray and his family in their prayers.

Posted on December 21, 2016


Posted on December 21, 2016

An update From Jesse Ray Nardone:

I continuously find myself blessed in all walks of life. Not because I got sick, not because I was robbed of my health. But because I chose to do the unordinary. To take the road less traveled and accept the challenge. I finally after years of hard work get to reap the benefits it had to offer. Another family outside of my blood family. A long grey line of brothers and sisters that like I said; "is ever growing." The bond we share is unbreakable and when you earn your spot in the brotherhood, you are "constantly looked out for."

I was surprised today when these four alumni came to my front door and introduced themselves to me. At first I did not see their rings and was confused. I don't know how my parents managed to keep yet another secret from me but they had. Not even a day after writing about Family, these four men solidified exactly what I wrote about, and about what The Citadel is all about.

The world we live in is so small, not only did I meet these four great men but I saw two other alumni in the airport. We "all wear the ring", no matter what the numbers say, '91, '00, or '17. We are all brothers. We are all Citadel men. Whether we realize it or not, we all respresent our Alma Mater in everyday life. Honor, Duty, Respect.

Thank you, Robert Rogers '00, Morris Robinson '91, Thomas Gordon '91, and Barry Dorsey '91 for taking some time out of your lives to spend it with me! You epitomize what The Citadel represents to me. Thank you.

#thecitadel #alumni #gold #ring#proud #inspiration #inspire #motivation #bald#cancer #cancersucks #jessestrong

Posted on November 29, 2016

Posted on November 29, 2016

An update from Ray and Ann Marie Nardone:

Jesse Ray has completed his scheduled chemotherapy as of last Tuesday.  Today he is having a PET scan completed to check his progress.  We will know the results within a day or so and ask that all who have been praying, please continue to do so and join us in supporting Jesse Ray as he continues his battle.  

Jesse Ray has been exercising more regularly now and is staying motivated on getting his health back to where he was so he can continue his college and military goals.  We continue to be thankful for all of you who have supported Jesse Ray and his family in so many ways along this journey.  

God Bless and Thank You all.

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