Jess's Journey- Healing Inner and Outer Landscapes

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Jess's Journey- Healing Inner and Outer Landscapes (Jess Schurtman)
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The Story

Healing Journey to Health- (the short version)

As some of you might know,  I’ve been dealing with debilitating health challenges the last few years, and have not been able to work for the last 8 months.  Fibromyalgia, Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Candida, MTHFR polymorphism, and Epstein Barr virus are the diagnoses that have been identified so far.   Although that sounds rather dire, I am inspired to turn what could easily become a crisis into an opportunity.

I am moving to Peru for a year to pursue healing modalities offered only there, which have been helpful in the past, This crowdfunding campaign is to support both my treatment and recovery, so that I can return to my previous level of functioning (or better!) Please see updates if you're curious how the above illnesses affect my ability to live and work on a daily basis.  Originally I had hoped to volunteer with a Permaculture retreat center, but as my journey begins tomorrow, and I have raised $875 of the $7000 necessary to make that feasible, i am sad to say I won't be able to volunteer there; Program fees, mandatory evacuation insurance and equipment needed to live off the land for a year would have come to $2500, alone.  But I am confident I will be able to find a way to Do Good once I am there.  There is an orphanage that does wonderful work that is on my radar, and I'm sure other important projects i can be a part of, once i am well enough to contribute.

My Journey is Our Journey

Have you thought being closer to the earth, walking barefoot, eating simple meals, being in community, letting go of so much of the material and commercial focus of our society, and contributing to something bigger, something that really matters? Me, too. The time is ripe for planetary and personal transformation – we’re ready for a major upgrade of health and awareness at every level.  Through deep contemplation and a variety of spiritual and energetic practices, I’ve come to understand that the next piece of my healing journey begins with the restoration of my health through connection with the land and natural healing modalities in Peru, and through living a simpler lifestyle, living sustainably, close to the earth, being integrally woven into intentional community and making meaningful contributions that contribute to the restoration of our beautiful Earth.

Healing Journey into the Sacred Valley

In the Andean Cosmovision, the concept of Ayni roughly translates as reciprocity or mutualism. I’ve come to realize that healing myself and healing the Earth are intertwined and synergystic;  

Join me in support as I take this time to restore my health and sacred land in Peru.   What I learn in Peru, I will share with all of you.  Your contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated.   

A Dove From My Heart,


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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 20, 2015

Posted on October 20, 2015

Greetings, Supporters!

I and my furry family have landed in the Sacred Valley and are orienting ourselves.  Finding semi-permanent housing that is conducive to the healing I need to do has been a bit of a challenge.   Currently looking for an affordable living situation where I can sleep through the night without a disco next door til' 2 am!!!!  Or people coming in and out all hours of the night.
I have 2 excellent recommendations for shamans to potentially work with and am trying to connect with them to see if it feels like a good fit.  Then the real healing begins.   This stage of my heroine's journey has been more dismantling, rug pulled out from under me type stuff, which is super unpleasant, but ultimately necessary, for transformation to take place.
My Spanish is improving and I'm looking forward to learning a bit of Quechua, the native tongue here (which doesn't roll off my tongue so easily :) )
I participated in my 1st volunteer gig yesterday,   helping to prepare prizes for the children participating in Cuentos Andinos, a project designed to familiarize school children with traditional Andean tales and turn them into colorful murals.  Most of these children have very little in the way of toys or material goods, so I'm sure they'll really appreciate the art supplies, pencil cases etc that they will receive. I got to see some of the wonderful drawings the children did and was planning on going to a school today to help paint the mural, but am having a bad fibro day :(  Once I start working on my health challenges in earnest, I look forward to contributing more to my new community.  Now it's time for some chicken soup with lots of garlic and ginger!

Posted on October 3, 2015

Posted on October 3, 2015

Revised Budget for Healing Journey

$1500 (2) 1 way plane tix to Lima
$250 (2) local flights to and from Lima/Cusco
$100 land travel
$47 travel insurance
$100 lodging while traveling
$100 visa

Living in Peru 6 or 3 months
$2700/1350- living expenses in Pisac, inc. rent, food, util, internet
$600/500- working with shamans and indigenous healers
$600/300 medication and supplements and nutritional supplementation
$430/430 movers, van, moving helpers, house clean out fee in Portland
$756/378 storage unit for personal belongings
$5086/2958 total

Cost of Moving with 2 Pets:
$30 2 airline approved crates
$250 pet travel fees
$76 Pet Visas x2
$76 USDA Health Certification x2
$128 Vet Health Certificates x2
$300 vaccinations x2
$860 total

Grand total: 

Posted on September 2, 2015

Posted on September 2, 2015

Did you know that trees in a forest ecosystem communicate with each other and share resources? It’s true;  Trees communicate and share water, carbon and nutrients through a web of fungi that are mycorrhizal, meaning they are mutually beneficial  and symbiotic.    Even dying trees that appear to have nothing to give, are channelling nourishment to younger trees that would struggle to survive without this sharing of resources.   This fascinating discovery was made by Canadian ecologist, Suzanne Simard.   Watch  this to learn more (cut and paste into your browser):

Our brains work the same way with neurons and axons.   Healthy human communal ecosystems work the same way- helping build resilience.   Throughout my life, I have mostly been a Mother Tree, sharing my extra resources with my extended network.   Now, this tree has been sick for some years and no longer has the resources to stay healthy and must depend on the forest network for an infusion of nutrients in-order to not only survive, but to   thrive and become a contributing member and participate in the regenerative eco-system.

I invite you to remember that you are not a lone tree, but part of a forest community, and that we can be resilient by sharing our resources.   If you feel called to donate to my fundraising campaign so that I can participate in that regenerative cycle– healing myself and give back to the Earth and organizations facilitating that healing, I gratefully welcome your contribution.

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Jess's Journey- Healing Inner and Outer Landscapes

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