Ivanhoe Sands needs funds to beat Lukemia for good.

For: Jeralyn Lash Sands, devoted wife
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Organizer: edward spear, best friend and caregiver, helping Ivan as best I can. He saved me in 1994 and now I must do my best to save him. The financial difficulties have exhausted their funds following his bone marrow transplant and complications.
Ivanhoe Sands needs funds to beat Lukemia for good. (Jeralyn Lash Sands, devoted wife)
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The Story

Ivan and his wife Jeralyn are my best friends since the mid 90's when we all worked together. Ivan, like me, is retired now and we collect our retirement benefits. Normally people like Ivan can get by when retired but not after battling Leukemia for the past 3 years. The hospital, doctor and prescription costs far exceed the best health insurance reimbursements and have decimated their savings. 
A bone marrow transplant earlier this year, was expected to be the final solution to getting Ivan back to normal health. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Ivan is experiencing rejection and thus requiring more treatments to deal with the drop in white blood cells and virus. His latest prescription cost $1700 after Medicaid. So we can't allow treatment and cure to stop because the Sands are underwater with medical debt.
I am asking for funds to help my friend get well and to help his wife cope with the ongoing stress of debt. People who know me can verify that years ago, I would be providing funds directly. But, I am now 72 and like many my social security is now my main source of income.
This request to you caring donors, along with my personal assistance to Ivan, is all that I can do. In July I will try and fly or drive if necessary from Charleston and be staying with Ivan to drive him back and forth for treatment and lend physical support getting him in and out of his chair, etc. This is the least I can do since I have the time and Jeralyn can get a much-needed break and visit her grandchildren who she hasn't seen since Ivan got sick.
Ivan is not terminal and there is every good chance for recovery. so I consciously just can't sit back and hope things work out.
I am Edward Spear and you can find me on facebook: old salt gourmet pretzels and 
edward spear navydaysorg.
The proceeds from your generous and welcome contributions will be for Jeralyn Sands, so at a minimum, she can keep the normal monthly expenses and perhaps prescriptions under control. 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart as do Ivan and Jeralyn Sands. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 1, 2016

Posted on October 1, 2016

Hello friends of Ivan. Here is an update direct from Ivan: 

Journal entry by ivan sands — 10 hours ago

Visited my transplant Doctor  yesterday and must admit that I was a little apprehensive about test results as it had been awhile.
I jokingly told him that I try to stay away because he usually finds a good reason to keep me in hospital for any number of excuses. I think they like me there LOL.
The recap of results is that my cell counts are holding up pretty well thanks to the discontinuation of certain medications.
Also my strength has improved over the past month thanks to special therapy. I am happy to say that, at home I am mobile even if at times it takes a special effort. I am relieved that I do not have to depend on "hon" for everything.
My therapist tells me I should be happy with my progress and believe me, I am.

The only negative on my report was potassium high and magnesium low. In this case one does not offset the other as they are both negatives. They are being worked on.

Thanks again to all for your kind wishes and prayers

As you can tell, things are getting better especially now that he is home. Your support has been so appreciated. 

Posted on August 28, 2016

Posted on August 28, 2016

I wanted to share the good news posted by Jeralyn on Caring Bridge: "
New Location. And remember, your donations, prayers and support have helped trememdously during this most difficult period in thier lives. Thank you all.

Journal entry by Jeralyn Lash-Sands — 25 minutes ago

After 25 days at UMH, Ivan was sped away Friday afternoon (as much as is possible on Florida's I-95) by hospital chariot to Memorial Regional Hospital South (MRH). He's in room 511 undergoing physical therapy rehabilitation. With only partaking in a few meals, he says the food is better at MRH than his other away-from-home residences. In fact, for tomorrow's breakfast he's ordered scrambled eggs, bacon and cream of wheat, with bacon being the winning food item.

Hopefully, MRH will help Ivan regain some much needed strength which was zapped from him due to long hospital stays, medications and illness. Hopefully too, he will be spared any more complications. 

On a less serious nature, I had a horribly funny surprise when first visiting Ivan at MRH. That hospital requires photo id before entering. Obediently, I whipped out my NY drivers licenses (I'm a die-hard still keeping that NY ID) and after entering it in the hospital system, was given my visitors badge. I didn't look at it until I was leaving the hospital. OMG! Who knew they kept me in their system from over a year ago when I had neck surgery at MRH!  It's a horrible picture of me wearing my post neck surgery brace. IS nothing sacred?

I also enjoyed a lovely visit from my Bahamian friend, Agatha. Both she and I visited Ivan while he was in UMH. Ivan enjoyed Agatha's company chatting about what's up in Bahamas. Agatha and I did some girl things like shop, and enjoyed tasting foods at different restaurants.

If you wish you contact Ivan, his cell again is:  (954) 562-7442.

Prayers still welcomed. Thank you.

Posted on August 7, 2016

Posted on August 7, 2016

I am posting Jeralyn's post to friends and family of Ivan: 
Released - Home - Back to UMH

By jeralyn lash-sands — Aug 3, 2016 2:39pm

Unfortunately, Ivan has had a few setbacks.

St. Catherine's released Ivan last week after two weeks of physiotherapy. As before, Ivan was home just one day when not only was it apparent he still needed ongoing physio, he also had difficulty breathing. Ed and I quickly drove Ivan to UMH Deerfield Beach. Testing showed Ivan's potassium level was too high and hemoglobin dangerously low. By ambulance, he was rushed to the emergency room at North Broward Hospital, as it was the nearest. There, another test indicated Ivan needed two units of blood. (The latter finding was not agreed upon by both institutions, but blood was given.)

Ivan was eventually moved from emergency to ICU. At the same time, UMH Miami contacted me stating further blood test showed the CMV had returned. The level was now at 1000. The virus needed to be treated immediately. 

It was hoped that from North Broward Hospital Ivan could be transferred to another (and hopefully better) physiotherapy facilitity in Boca - recommended highly by a Broward doctor, but UMH took the wheel and had Ivan return to them on Monday. 

Ivan is now back in room 419 at Miami University Hospital Sylvester. 


I'd like to thank a few people who recently visited Ivan including: FERGAL and his family who while vacationing, visited Ivan twice and in two different locations; ELAINE and SHARON; ED (more about Ed, later); SIMONE, who took time off from caring for Warrior Dog Zaar; and FONZIE, who on a business trip made a point of stopping in to see Ivan, and even brought a gift. Ivan was delighted by the visits, which are even more appreciated in his solitary hospital surroundings. Thank you.

Ivan's son, ALLISTER, along with Ivan's granddaughters KAITLYN and LUCAYA also visited. Allister said, "Kaitlyn brought a beautiful frame to put on his window sill with a picture of him with all his grand-kids from our Christmas trip. It is so good to see him given so much love from everywhere while he gets his strength back. Keep up the good work everybody. LOVE YOU DAD! A short and sweet trip but it was wonderful to see you. Hope to see you again soon. xox"

A special and HUGE THANKS goes to ED SPEAR, who in my absence visited Ivan almost daily; did Ivan's laundry; brought him Starbucks Frappuccinos and Old Salt Pretzels; spoke to doctors and nurses; told jokes; reminisced; and above all - warded off the boredom by keeping Ivan's mind occupied. EB! We Thank You kindly!!! 

Jeralyn and Ivan both know it was my pleasure to be with them and lend my assistance. The plan was Ivan would have been home by July 7th and I would be there to take care of his physical needs while he worked on rebuilding his strength. Well, we got I day out of the hospital and at home. He really enjoyed being in his own surroundings but it didn't last. I am back home now and we all talk every day. Jeralyn has the email information from all of you wonderful people who showed your support for their cause. Again, we thank you and please keep Ivan in your prayers. 

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Ivanhoe Sands needs funds to beat Lukemia for good.

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