Manifesting India: Integrating Permaculture and Ayurveda

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Manifesting India: Integrating Permaculture and Ayurveda (Jennifer English Morgan)
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The Story

I envision a world where all of us access pathways for finding peace. We can create healthy and meaningful connections with ourselves, our families, communities, eco-social systems and the planet. Beginning with myself, I’m dedicating my life work to understanding and creating supportive relationships. Much of my inspiration links to traditional teachings from India.   

I want to help bring more love into the world. I have a fantastic opportunity to deeply explore my passion of studying and practicing Permaculture with Ayurveda. Both of these sciences look to patterns in nature for interacting with and designing our human experience. I believe these two fields contain a lot of wisdom for accessing love. I want to share this love and reverence for nature with others.   

In 2016, I was invited by the core organizing team in India, to help facilitate the International Permaculture Convergence this November. Originally I was hoping to get paid. That money didn't come through. Committed to the project, I am now volunteering for IPC and using my own resources to pay for the entire trip. However, an unexpected construction project at my Permaculture homestead has significantly impaired my ability to afford travel expenses. I’ve dreamed of going to India my entire life, so I'm determined to go regardless.

Thank you for making this learning journey possible with your contribution towards the $2000 required to cover the portion of my travel expenses that are outside of my financial reach - mainly train and plane tickets. Anything else I raise will cover other course expenses. Any amount you can contribute will help me immensely, and those who are familiar with me, know that this will be paid forward many times over.

I see myself in India helping facilitate the International Permaculture Convergence, serving as an ambassador for the International Permaculture Co-Lab and Gaia University International, and traveling the country researching the intersection of Ayurveda and Permaculture. I hope to return from India and offer my local and international communities reflections on my learning, through community events, skill shares, webinars, writing articles, and just generally being a more peaceful and productive person contributing to society and the well-being of others. 

My pathway has been one of service. I have a wealth of experience, yet not money. I care so deeply about eco-social work, and that’s made me want to contribute. Over the last two decades, I’ve volunteered more than 4000 hours and almost always worked for reduced pay. At this moment in my life, I need financial support to take some essential next steps, and India is a significant leap in my ability to access traditional teachings and support the integration of Permaculture and Ayurveda.

About Me: I'm an Emergent Designer, Facilitator, Healer and Life Coach! I love to be fully engaged! I'm inspired to be alive! I seek to live my values, express my passions and create my dreams, while supporting others to do the same. I view the world through energy, whole systems, patterns, and cycles. I play with shifting and adapting. I relish diversity. I feel absolute awe and inspiration for life. My heart connection to culture and nature integrates me - makes me whole. I feel the suffering of the world, and I use that to propel me into applied action. I balance my intensity with a lot of play, compassion, self-care and regenerative holistic healing. 

I started studying alternative health and healing in 1996. My first training out of college was in Yoga and Ayurveda. By 2003, I had worked with two herbalists, received more than a half-dozen certificates in healing, such as Yoga and Ayurvedic Thai Bodywork, and Reiki, and completed my MSc and ND in Natural Health. I also regularly taught Yoga, Stress Management, and Detoxification Classes from 1999-2008. During those years I was also offering life coaching sessions using my knowledge of Simple, Sustainable and Holistic Living. In 2004, I joined the development team for establishing Gaia University, and am now in my 12th year working with the University and its fantastic team of action learners and designers. I've been very involved with deconstructing oppression and growing resilient communities through my job with the University.  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 21, 2017

Posted on November 21, 2017

Leaving for India in 2-hrs! Super thrilled! Looking forward to reactivating this fundraiser again after being so busy taking care of sick animals and family members. Thanks for your love and support.

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Manifesting India: Integrating Permaculture and Ayurveda

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