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Jennifer's Lyme Disease Fund, Can't Make It Alone (Jennifer Steidl)
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The Story

The time has come my dear friends and family that after many years of battling illness I am starting a personal fundraiser page.
This has been a bittersweet journey because alongside the years of sickness, pain, isolation, trials and everything that comes with chronic illness, there have also been blessings along the way and continual deeper revelations of my God who walks with me every step of the way.

It is with humbleness and humility that I am starting this much needed fund, a lifeline really that may end up being an answer to prayer. Where I am today is realizing how much I need help. I am still in treatment, seeing good doctors, getting  IV's every other week along with all my other therapies. I go through what I call "good cycles" and "bad cycles" which can each last weeks or months. In the bad cycles I am barely surviving and there is little left of me. On the good cycles I feel a bit like my real self again and I am able to see friends and get a taste of normal. I work part time, and I feel intense guilt over this and want to get healthy enough to do more. A short list of things I deal with daily are fatigue, chronic edema, digestive issues, pain, cognitive issues and other symptoms.... These ebb and flow depending on many factors. But in the mean time I literally cannot pay my bills and debt has mounted up. This should not bring me the stress, fear and tears that it does, but they do get the better of me. I am leaning on my heavenly Father and learn to do better all the time. But neither do I want to be like the man in the illustrative story who is sitting on the roof of his house as the flood waters come, asking God for deliverance and turning down the neighbors in boats who are able to help Him.
It is with this prayerful spirit that I am seeking help as the floodwaters threaten to overwhelm me and I know I do not have the strength to swim.

Short history:
Myself and my family have battled chronic illness for decades, and going into the full myriad of history would be overwhelming. Our family medical bills have run over 300,000. We have been dealing with mold biotoxic illness and Lyme, possible heavy metals and other things. My situation now is that I am approximately 3 1/2 years into comprehensive Chronic Lyme treatment. I am including in this not only treatment for the Lyme (Borellia) itself but all the co-infections, hormonal disruptions, toxins, biotoxic mold illness, POTS, MTHFR, increased intestinal permeability....and other challenges of putting Dumpty together again. I guess the bottom line is when the dominoes start falling all over due to a long-term illness there are lots of pieces to put back together. I am blessedly in good hands but the battle goes on.

Links for info:
A Guide To Understanding The Struggle

Why Aren't You Better Yet? The Pressure To Heal

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 20, 2017

Posted on August 20, 2017

Could use your help today ❤️!!! Please continue reading...

Hello friends and family, this is Jennifer.
All those intense treatments we've been doing have been making a positive difference!
Although I am still struggling with autoimmune both my doctors told me that things are looking good and the viral and parasite infections are being successfully dealt with!
I'm in a good place for the autoimmune part of this disease to heal being that it has less to fight.
Prayers appreciated that my body will eventually reset back to normal. This will take prayer because after so many years it doesn't know what normal is anymore and an autoimmune disorder once engaged can be hard (or impossible) to reverse.

Prayer also needed for Holly as she is a few steps behind me with her protocol, and her neurological issues are still a challenge.

Now my dear friends and family we could use all the help available financially as we had another overwhelming month with expenses (11,000). Besides giving to our fund we could use help campaigning as I have been doing all this work all by myself. So sharing and trying to spread the word would also be very appreciated.


Posted on August 4, 2017

Posted on August 4, 2017

I just wanted to thank everyone who has donated for my (our) medical fund.

i wanted to be transparent and share where the money goes...
These past few months myself and my sister have been focusing on another layer to the chronic illness; anti-virals/anti-parasticis. One of our doctors is working with a specialist in New Mexico who is facilitating testing and sending samples to a University overseas where they are doing testing and treatments that are not available here.

Initial lab fees (each) $788
Specially and individually formulated anti-virals/anti-parasitics based on test results (I must add that they find and treat bacteria too) (each) $2,000

Retesting after Phase 1 meds to make sure what was found was being dealt with, and also to see what else "surfaced" from initial treatment (deeper infections coming to the surface, what was released from broken biofilm and cysts). (Each) $788 

Detox support and lymphatic drainage during treatment $100-$150 per session.

Then there are also the regular meds and supplements that Holly and I take outside of this treatment, and doctor visits, and gas for travel which are a few hundred a month give or take.  (Am I missing anything?.....)

Of course as always prayer is GREATLY appreciated because our God is the Great Physician and we continue to seek His guidance through all this. 

Blessings to you all ❤️

Posted on July 15, 2017

Posted on July 15, 2017

Hello friends, yesterday I started Phase 2 of a specific treatment protocol for some remaining Lyme coinfections and parasitic infections that showed up as present on my retest after Phase 1.
As (I think) I shared before Phase 1 was very difficult on my body and I felt I had regressed several years because of the way I felt in my body and my mind.
I am realizing symptoms of treatment were exacerbated by my not doing some recommended detox treatments along with it. I did not due to cost, but I'm also realizing that doing so this time will not only (hopefully) keep me from getting as sick but help the treatment to be fully effective.
I have already begun lymphatic therapies and other clinical treatments alongside the Phase 2 medications. So far so good,  it we shall see.

We are hoping the end of the journey is in sight but with Lyme you never know.
Holly is also going through the same protocol and is very ill and struggling. Besides the Lyme and dozens of coinfections we have been peeling back and treating over the years we are also dealing with the autoimmune disorders caused by the diseases, hormone imbalances, organs not functions properly like liver and kidneys, lymphatic and blood, and so much more that comes with all this. Phew.

As always we could use your prayers for healing and that we will be able to keep going as the years of our lives lost to illness compile behind us. We still try to hang on to hope for "life" and the opportunities that would come with it that we have not yet experienced.

Also we also humbly ask if anyone is able to contribute or tithe to medical expenses we would be very blessed as this year has already cost tens of thousands. 

I am including links under this post for educational purposes for anyone anyone who has questions as to why Lyme is so hard to treat and why it takes so long.
Also I am always open to answering any questions about our family's situation.


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