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Jennifer was a passenger in a car that was involved in a serious car accident caused by a reckless driver in another vehicle. Despite wearing a seat belt, Jennifer's head hit the windshield through the airbag causing a traumatic brain injury along with a fractured nose, sprained back and neck, inner ear injury and vision damage.

Before the accident, Jennifer was an avid athlete who enjoyed running an hour a day, but now she has difficulty standing from balance problems. She also enjoyed bicycling, rock climbing, skiing, training her golden retriever for work at children's hospitals and volunteering in her community. She has lost the ability to do many basic tasks due to debilitating pain. 

Jennifer struggles to recover, but doesn't have the money to pay back the medical bills incurred by the accident or pay for the treatment needed to help her gain back her vision, balance, cognitive skills and physical stamina.

Her health insurance will not pay for any of her treatment because it was due to the car accident. The reckless driver's insurance refused to acknowledge the extensive tests which undoubtedly proved the brain injury to multiple specialist doctors and offered a settlement which would not even cover her medical bills. 

At this point, her future and her dreams which she consistently strived for have been stolen from her in a matter of seconds by a stranger's careless actions. 

A prolific writer and passionate artist and social justice activist prior to the accident, Jennifer loved sharing her passion for art and poetry through volunteer work and dreamed of starting camps for children. One of her primary career goals was to use her talents to write and illustrate children's books that would aid children and youth facing extraordinary obstacles.

She was also a strong advocate for young women facing crisis pregnancies. She spent countless hours connecting them with the support and resources needed to make informed decisions, enabling many to keep their baby or give him or her up for adoption, as they desired. Keenly aware of the difficulties many birth mother?#39;s and young single moms experience, she sought to ensure their best interest was given the upmost attention both short term and long term.

Ironically, she was informed by her lawyer that her case likely would not win in court due to the fact that she was involved in pro-life work and wrote articles for periodicals and magazines about her Christian faith and how it inspired her. A top lawyer, recognized nationwide, he counseled her that the jurors would be prejudiced against her and told her that if she lost she would owe him $30,000 or more in court costs beyond her existing medical bills.

Jennifer was never content to believe that impossible situations could not be redeemed. Let's believe that for her this time and help her reclaim what was suddenly and wrongfully stolen from her.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 1, 2016

Posted on October 1, 2016

Wow!!! Thank you all so much for your support!! You all encouraged me so much. Struggling with some really bad pain the last few days, but will thank you all individually as soon as I can!

Y'all are also welcome to follow my page on Facebook for more frequent updates:

Thank you!!

Posted on September 29, 2016

Posted on September 29, 2016


Another anniversary of the accident is here this September.  It's been 4 years since a reckless driver changed my life forever.  

Read my last update if you're new here and want to know more about what happened and what my daily life has been like the last few years:

There are lot of mixed thoughts and emotions as I think back — and look forward.  

Among them, gratefulness.  I am grateful that God protected my life, grateful the injuries weren't worse, grateful for those who have become my friends through all the loss during these last countless hard months.

Some things are better, but many things are still very difficult — some become more difficult as time passes.

This is pretty humbling to share details of my life like this with the whole world, but I've been surprised and honored by the kindness shown to me by complete strangers, it's encouraged me to invite you all to pray with me and see how God works.

I wrote up a prayer and support request, an update of sorts, to share with you all specifically what my current needs are and how you can help.  Thank you for your prayers and love.

Please pray for the following — and support me and my family financially, if you feel moved to and are able:

1.) DEBT

Pray that we would be able to pay off our debt (and not lose our small home).  This is the most urgent need — despite the pain and sickness I endure daily.

My current debt is almost $90,000.  That sounds like a lot, so I'll break it down.  Pretty early on, the result of the accident cumulated $30,000 in medical debt.  Since then, I have put off expensive testing and treatment, but emergency bills (when I've had to be taken to the ER) have accumulated another $10,000.  Add to that about $50,000 for 4 years of living expenses (food, rent, health insurance, car insurance and gas, the most basic necessities) due to being unable to hold a job because I've been very sick.  

2.) A CAR

We lost our family car due to the accident and had to sell the replacement in May to cover bills due.  We need a basic car — one that can transport me and my service dog to doctors appointments, etc.  We estimate the cost at around $10,000 to $15,000 for something accomodating to these needs and reliable.


The doctors have ordered several urgent tests to find out the causes for my symptoms and what to do next, among them:

Multiple detailed MRIs, $5,000 — to check for brain damage and for the possibility of tumors due to my extreme symptoms, insurance won't cover due to my high detuctable but the clinic is very kindly trying to negotiate the costs down for me.

Vestibular tests and surgery, $2,500 + surgery — I had some testing during a consultation with a neurotologist, but more is needed to determine the next course of action (surgery), we checked and insurance won't cover these tests or the surgery.

Retina and vision tests, (cost not yet determined) — the eye doctor urgently ordered these because I am still experiencing devastating vision loss, my insurance does not cover vision at all. 

Physical therapy, 2-3 years recommended to "full" recovery, $24,000 a year ($48,000 to $72,000 total) — not currently sure of the out of pocket cost, but it can be really difficult to negotiate coverage of PT long term, as needed for my injuries.

Vision therapy, 2 years recommended to "full" recovery, $7,000 a year ($14,000 total) — again, my insurance does not cover vision at all.

Cognitive testing and therapy, (cost not yet determined) — I had some testing done with a neuropsychologist, and while I've worked hard indepentantly to recover as much as I have (hence being able to write this letter — with a lot of help, but these are my words!), I still have a long way to go to get back to "normal" (that the doctors say I can work towards if we deal with my physical, vestibular and vision injuries).


$700 — this may seem like a strange request, but I've spent a lot of time stuck in bed and my very old mattress can get pretty painful for my injuries.  Due to my migraines (brain injury) and immune system issues (from being unhealthy so long) resulting from the accident — I'm also presented with the challenge of finding a new mattress made without chemicals that aggravate my symptoms.  After a lot of research, we found a local guy who handcrafts third-party certified organic chemical free prescription mattresses for less than 1/2 the cost of any nationally known company — and he's offered to give us an additional discount.


$1,000+ a month, 2 years estimated — in order to undergo testing, treatment, surgery, etc., and until I am well enough to be back on my feet and working a normal job (the goal!), I and my family need some help financially for the most basic stuff — food, rent, car insurance and gas, etc.  We've cut back on everything, but I'm still too sick to work and doctors estimate it will take me a couple years to recover enough once I can start treatment.

Posted on September 29, 2016

Posted on September 29, 2016

(Originally posted July 8, 2016)

Thank you for your support, friends! Several people have asked this question so we wanted to answer here for anybody else wondering:

Has Jennifer tried to obtain a new lawyer or sue her former lawyer for malpractice?

We contacted a few places that provide or recommend pro-life legal representation a while back and obtained a list of pro-life lawyers that practice in Jennifer's state. To be clear, Jennifer's first lawyer delayed, so the statue of limitations has run out for the insurance company or driver to be sued. So all that would be left would be to sue the lawyer for malpractice. We called all of the lawyers on the lists we were given and they were very interested in the case, until they found out the name of her former lawyer. He is a top lawyer with connections to other top lawyers so they said they weren't willing to go up against him. We were also informed that if they took it to court, it would likely be close to 2 years before Jennifer would see any compensation-- longer if there were delays. At this point, Jennifer and her family are at risk of losing their home and Jennifer's health is unfortunately continuing to worsen without treatment in some serious ways. She can't really afford to wait.

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