When Two Have Lived on Faith 10 Years - There is a Purpose

For: Jeff and Mylene Callarman
Santo Niño, SOCCSKSARGEN, Philippines
Organizer: Jeff Callarman
When Two Have Lived on Faith 10 Years - There is a Purpose (Jeff and Mylene Callarman)
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The Story

My name is Jeff Callarman, am an American that has been living in the Philippines since December 3rd, 2006 with no income; and not by choice because more than anything I would love being back to work as a welder, mechanic, or many other trades learned well from decades of hands-on experience. I will be 62 on June 22, 2017 -- therefore eligible for Social Security; however, my passport expired in June of 2015, and without two valid forms of identification, I cannot open a bank account for direct deposit. For that alone, the cost is $100 or 5000 pesos. Since my wife Mylene and I met in March of 2007 we have always lived pretty much day to day having many difficulties which included her health issues from Myoma, UTI, congenital heart and more causing her to live through great pain which finally caused her to stop teaching 4th grade, girl scouts, and many other activities she enjoyed over two years ago. Yet we have both endured a life while living off nothing for reasons that we can both spiritually understand -- and that is because we stay in prayer, and look to our Father always to make straight our paths. Proverbs 3:6

This verse below was not written for the meaning of earthly gain, but rather the future with a position in His millennial kingdom for those called out of this world and live in many hardships. (John 15:19)

"He raises the poor from the dust. He lifts the needy from the trash heap in order to make them sit with nobles and even to make them inherit a glorious throne. “The pillars of the earth are Yahweh’s. He has set the world on them. (1 Samuel 2:8)-(NOG)

Through so many years past to this day my only real life has been writing and sharing information on world conditions along with what the Bible speaks concerning signs of the times according to prophecy we now live in. Therefore I have created 16 free websites, written over 1000 blogs, and even had a 474-page book "Message For This Entire Human Race" published in 2012 when I actually had 4 months of work to cover the cost. The book never sold - thus was only another way for me to gain much worldly understanding through studies.

Concerning the many simple needs of my wife and I -- we have learned well how to live on faith according to Yehovah's plan for our life. The photo's show just a little of the way we live, a job for six dollars per day I had in October and November of 2016, and my wife's mom and dad that have never had much of anything in their 85 years -- yet stay together and with prayer even though living as satisfied have-nots all their life.

This link below is one of my latest writings which gives a better understanding of our need towards gaining Social Security, plus leads to more showing my efforts towards spiritual education along with how my wife and I have existed through this past decade.



https://ttimesoftrouble.wordpress.com/  -- In this link, when scrolled, any can see where my heart is through photos on slavery, human trafficking, refugees, genocide and much more which include world deception according to the Bible.

https://dochub.com/timesoftrouble-  And the same holds true for any wanting some information on subjects never really discussed or even taught in today's education or religions -- thus many interesting reads are available. 

http://timesofroubles.webs.com/mywritingsforgod.htm - Glimpse of a very small portion of my works for YHVH and humanity being years of continual nonstop effort to gain Spiritual Education. 

Please Share Because. . .

“Teacher, which commandment is the greatest in Moses’ Teachings?”

Yeshua answered him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ All of Moses’ Teachings and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:36-40)

"After having heard it all, this is the conclusion: Fear Elohim, and keep his commands, because this applies to everyone. Elohim will certainly judge everything that is done. This includes every secret thing, whether it is good or bad. (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 30, 2017

Posted on June 30, 2017

Because I turned 62 on June 22nd, for the first time in over 10 years I became eligible to receive some income from my social security that will begin in August. However, being we have no funds at this time, and also do our best in supplying needs for Mylene's parents, we need some help in just getting through the month of July; our main food is rice and we have little left. Also when the power bill comes around the 20th, we will have no way of paying the $40 which is the average amount. Any help no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. 

Posted on April 21, 2017


Posted on April 21, 2017

Here in the Philippines, in some cases to open a bank account can be a long and expensive battle for those without income; and because I need one for my Social Security to began in a couple of months, and because no help came, we sold the only thing in life we own being our 97 Nissan Jeep Wrangle with 2 wheel drive, needing tires, body repairs, windshield, and more. However, with thanks to our creator, it sold for 60000 pesos being about $1,200. 

Because my wife worked at getting me a senior citizen ID, and then a Philippine drivers license, and then a TIN or tax identification number -- with answered prayer I was able to open a passbook account while still needing to renew my passport and acquire ACR [alien certification registration].

Thus far one-third of our money is already gone because of those expenses, and our store is closed because we could not keep any kind of stock for just basic items.

Because our dream is so very simple, and because we have zero income, I want badly to work in a country where there is none for an American with age. And to travel into another country will cost much more than what we have. Also, my Immigration fee of about 150000 pesos was paid in 2012 when I had 4 months of good pay but was let go. So now, 5 years later, I probably owe at least 200,000 ($4000) that I will never be able to pay -- so can't even leave this country if I wanted to because I would not be allowed to return. Then there is still our home built in 2010-2011 that is near Dumaguete -- and because we cared, became a bank -- but when we had to move, the couple just stopped paying our needed 3000 pesos a month. Welcome to our world of kind people that really don't care about anyone but themselves. We both want to work, and we both want so very little in this life; yet after over ten years of hard times, we still have no simple pleasures to enjoy.  

Posted on April 18, 2017


Posted on April 18, 2017

Even with 170 shares, help never comes. Our power bill is 1700 pesos or about $35. Cable tv was cut off almost a year ago because the 350 pesos or $7 dollars a month was too much. Our water bill is always months behind also, but at least not shut off. The small store we have just as hundreds of thousands of others in the Philippines has nothing to sell and zero business, so not in use. Our damaged Jeep is for sale but not yet sold. I still need 5000 pesos to open a bank account, and 5000 more to renew my passport. Mylene also needs 500 pesos or $10 to get her teacher's license renewed. On top of everything else, I want to go to work in the UK because Scotland, Wales, and England have positions for a welder. Another problem is we have is no food, and that is really nothing new just as all the problems we have had for 10 years with this world of Christianity being the last to care in any way while being the perfect hypocrites as described in the Bible; however, there are good people everywhere, thus living on faith can be a wait that lasts a decade, or until death while knowing there has been a position earned within the 1000 year millennial kingdom. Revelation 5:10, Luke 12:32, etc. I asked YOUCARING where they get that $37 dollar figure when people share, and was told that it is just an estimate of what people will donate -- so in truth -- no truth because my 170 shares have accomplished a big zero -- but through faith what have I to lose if I keep trying? Absolutely nothing.

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When Two Have Lived on Faith 10 Years - There is a Purpose

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