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Dear Friend's & Family

As you all know Jake has had level 8-10 plus back pain for 8 months.

Because of all you & our family's prayers, Jake has undergone the surgery he so desperately needed. Jake is so stoked. We found the most wonderful Doctor - Dr. Bray - An Orthopedic Neurological Surgeon.
He was able to diagnose Jake with Spinal Arteriovenus Malformation (AVM) a rare disorder involving the spinal cord. Dr. Bray was able to find this malformation. The five previous surgeons Jake had seen prior did not. Dr. Bray performed the surgery today,  instead of taking his pre-planned vacation. He is truly a brilliant surgeon with a Heart of Gold! God has blessed Jake with the best in the Neuro Business and has provided more than we could ask or imagine!

Background: Jake started having severe back pain 8 months ago, beginning in June 2015. Jake continued surfing & traveling in an attempt to do his best as a Professional Surfer.  He traveled & surfed in excruciating pain. One day in the fall while surfing in Hawaii Jake was thrown over from a large wave & landed on his head. His head hit the reef and he felt the impact on his neck. He was afraid that he would be paralyzed. He was able to walk and immediately came home in severe pain.  The days following his arrival home in California, he began feeling the scary consequences of that head & neck trauma. He had 3 separate occasions when a random feeling of electric shock shot through his spine. The jolt went from his neck straight down to his low back and into his legs. Each time he described the need to stay very still. Afraid that if he moved even slightly he could become paralyzed.

He was already living with pain every day for months. But now in addition to pain, Jake exhibited scary spinal neurological problems. This began our journey to try and find help for Jake. From that day on, for 3 solid months, we sought help from multiple Orthopedic Brain & Spine Neuro Surgeon's. Multiple MRI's, CT scans and X-rays were performed. All in an attempt to get to the bottom of Jake's ongoing suffering.  Jake ended up in the emergency room 3 times. Jake experienced  back and stabbing  chest pains, severe head and neck pain, low back, leg & hip pain. Strange tingling down legs & feet, arms & hands. The feeling  of a jolt moving through his arm. Also, his left foot moving involuntarily on the exam table. Not a good sign. Jake literally felt like he could die. He was now exhibiting neurological symptoms .

Once Jake was seen by Dr. Bray, he reviewed all of his previous scans. He then requested a thorasic contrasting MRI which no other doctor had done. This new MRI revealed a huge throbbing vein on his spine between his T1 and T4 vertebrae and the correct diagnosis was finally made - A Spinal AVM.  The large size of the vein was disconcerting to the doctor so he scheduled surgery immediately. Such a scary experience. Jake's symptoms in the last 2-3 week's have moved very fast.

Dr. Bray has performed 32 Spinal AVM surgeries to date (33 now).  The procedure was minimally invasive but required a 4 inch incision to access the veins to be cauterize and removed. The surgery was successful and Jake is now recovering and will be undergoing rehab in the coming weeks. 

Please continue to pray for a complete recovery and if you feel led we are asking sincerely for donations to help Jake pay for the high cost of out of network spinal neuro surgery and for the months of rehabilitation costs to come.

Thank you with all our hearts and may God bless you!

Glen, Christie, Gabe, Luke, Jake & Micah Davis
The Davis Family

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 4, 2016

Posted on September 4, 2016

Our Son Jacob Davis Medical Update:

Posted on September 4, 2016

Posted on September 4, 2016

Thank you to all our Family & Friend's for  your immense support through the last 8 months.
Thank you for the overwhelming love & support from Jake's surgeon : Dr. Bray , our friend's family & even those we haven't met. So many amazing messages of love & encouragement were sent, incredible amount's of prayer's were lifted up, just an unbelievable amount of love & attention given to Jake .
Also, the Surf Community went over & above as a whole!       What a wonderful group of friend's !! Thank you all!! We Love You! 
You really pulled through for Jake with flying colors!! 

Bible Study Groups praying-  Thank you , thank you with all my whole heart!

The only reason we didn't update this  post is sooner is because I didn't want to ask for more financial support. Especially with the outpouring of support received to date. 
I have decided to update you all because of friend requests . Our loving friend's are asking for an update. 
So here goes:      It is now 5 1/2 mths past Jake's surgery.

March -Thoracic  Spinal AVM Surgery

Jake lay on an ice machine day & night. He had to take high level pain med. to try & survive the ongoing post op. severe pain. 2-3 mths. 

May-    Jake received stem cell injections in his low back discs & knee (6 weeks post op)

-   This was for 2 degenerated discs with tears which caused Jake to live in level 10 pain all day every day.

This started while surfing June 2015-& live's in this pain today.
Stem cell injection's were given to heal & rebuild the discs. It will take one year .  

So we are talking about 2 levels of injury-

One to the low back- June 2015 needing stem cells ( harvested from his bone marrow & blood , inserted into 2 discs.

The 2nd injury Dec. 2015- Head injury which presented with a spinal AVM. It may have been congenital & brought to the surface from the trauma of hitting his head.
The AVM was life threatening. The neurological symptoms have been removed from the surgery.

The low back required stem cell injections-   Even  after all the AVM symptoms were removed from surgery, he was left with excruciating unbearable low back pain!
This was accomplished   at the same surgery center that Dr. Bray heroically performed  his  AVM surgery. 

From the time he received the injection's , for the next 2 month's Jake felt like dying. We did not expect this. Especially after all he had endured prior to & post AVM surgery. We were looking forward to Jake only improving. Little did we know, he would have to endure this also.

The Good News-
Jake had an insane inflammatory response to the stem cells ( which the disc tissue needs to rebuild )

The Bad News -
Jake would spend May - 2 Mths . later laying on an ice machine for 2 month. Not able to leave the house at all. Except to be driven to the ER by an ambulance  & another time by car. He received more CT scans, more MRIs to rule out bone infection ( thankfully was ruled out)
Injections of high level pain med ,that would wear off every 10 mins. He had to just go home dying in pain & lay there once again on ice . 

Dr. Bray decided to have Jake strip himself off all pain meds for good  health . 
Jake lay on ice for a solid week , allowing this med . to release from his body & was raw in pain. 
He was so strong . 
We found a rehab sports specialist who came recommended. Jake spent the next 2 weeks forced into intense movement & rigorous ballistic exercise. Right after Months of lying on his back in this terrible state of pain. Now forced into all these excercise's. 

The bad news:       2 weeks into it Jake felt wounded & overworked. 
The good news:       The movement gave Jake the desire to get in the ocean & start swimming around. 

Ever since that time to present:     Jake swim's 1- 2 times a day in the ocean. 

I am so very thankful Jake has the ocean for his therapy every day .  He then heads to North Beach Nutrition in San Clemente & has a huge nutritional shake 1-2 times per day.  
North Beach Nutrition is Jake's sponsor . There has never been a time when Jake needed this nutrition & love more than now!     Ed is the owner . He not only generously gives Jake the fuel he needs to heal each day free of charge . But he is also a wonderful friend & mentor. His North Beach Nutrition Bar provides nutrition & friendship all day to Jake on his road to recovery !    Thank you Ed !   We couldn't do it without you!

Today:     Jake continues to enjoy the ocean, he is still in low back pain, has started physical therapy with an awesome gal Belinda- 2 time's weekly. She is respected by the Pro Surfing Community & understands Jake's nerve pain & has experience with Avms . 
Jake will be starting with a neurological Dr. this week. We look forward to Jake's continual progress!

jake's out of network expenses total :    $30,000!

If you feel led to donate to his fund we more than appreciate it! 

Sincerely ,        Glen & Christie Davis

May God's Love & Abundant Blessings Be With You All !!!

Posted on April 3, 2016

Posted on April 3, 2016

It's been over a week now and Jake is slowly improving. He's been bed bound mostly but up and walking a little. We are overwhelmed with gratitude because of the incredible support from our family, friends and even strangers. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for sharing and caring. Will keep you updated as Jake's recovery progresses. 

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