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The Story

Hi, my name is Isabel Rosa Araujo (a.k.a Izzy Hell Araujo) , I am a 31-year-old differently-abled neurodivergent Transgender Latina Woman who is recently formerly houseless in Portland, Oregon and i am struggling to rebuild after 5+ Years of Homelessness - as of February 2017, I have been housed permanently since October 2016 - a rather short 5 months now indoors. I struggle with Complex PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Bipolar II Depression - all of which affect my day-to-day functioning currently prevents me from holding down any traditional part-time employment. Also, I am dealing with a long-term cyberstalking/IRL stalking situation which has been escalating for the last two years. The situation has escalated to threats of violence against me and my partner, as well as threats of home invasion upon my new apartment.

My situation in Portland is that of constant needs between recurring and incidental expenses rebuilding from the years of being houseless with a few choice needs that have to happen within the next year or so. These needs are critical to my quality of life and survival, and yes I say - future prospects of reentry into education and/or employment. I personally do not intend to be on Social Security Disability and SNAP Benefits forever


Per my stated goal of reentry into education and/or employment - I will be needing creative software (such as Photoshop) as Spring and Summer 2017 come - I want to figure out if I am ready to return to college and pursue Computer Graphic Arts as a major (I was a CGA major prior to coming out Transgender back when I was living in the New Jersey suburbs of Metro Philadelphia) , I am also considering freelance photography as a source of employment if the college option does not materialize. I am also wanting to pursue my Tattooing license here in Oregon and going through all the vocational trainings and licensing associated with that goal. I will also be asking for help in funding a professional DSLR camera and associated camera equipment with pursuit of the freelance photography activities to supplement my income.

Rebuilding from 5+ years of homelessness has proven clearly to be obviously not an overnight process. This is not asking for a handout, but rather a hand and a leg up to catch up with all the lost economic opportunities of being houseless for 5+ years.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Isabel Rosa Araujo
Portland, OR
4 February 2017

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 6, 2017

Posted on March 6, 2017

Immediate Healthcare Needs - Spring 2017

Eyeglasses are still needed for bike riding so I can see traffic and road signs. I seriously need glasses, my last eye exam happened in April or May of 2009. So having proper eyecare and seeing an eye doctor needs to be a priority

Injectable Estrogen is needed soon, I am low with the current vial of hormones. My Gender transition remains very important to me.

Transportation and Computer Infrastructure - Spring/Summer 2017

Bike Needs: New handlebar grips are needed for my bike, as well as spare tires and tubes.

Electrical and Computer Hardware: I need a couple of extension cords and power strips, as well as Photoshop for my desktop and laptop computers and antivirus software (Kaspersky preferred) .

Posted on February 16, 2017

Posted on February 16, 2017


I need help with rent (some of my $362 a month rent) and utilities (PGE Electric, Water, Sewer and Trash) this month. As well as reimbursement for shipping costs ($108) AJ Luxton incurred moving my stuff out of storage in Oakland, California.

I also need funds to get an Oregon ID Card - I recently lost my California ID. Its really scary to leave the house without an ID as I regularly have to worry about being profiled by the police as a Trans Woman, double that risk with my Latinx surname with recent current events in the US.

Under the usual circumstances, because my partner Victoria Valimir would be able to cover the PGE Electric bill and Water/Sewer/Trash, and my Metro PCS phone bill- she will not be able to cover these costs next month due to a business trip she has to go to in Los Angeles, CA (March 1st-8th)

So, my hard ask is that I need about $250.00 to no more than $350.00 Maximum to cover a portion of the rent, and all utilities for the month of March as well as costs related to getting a new ID card.

Please help me, I do not want to lose my and Vikki's home I fought too long to get. So I am reaching out for help.

Posted on February 5, 2017

Posted on February 5, 2017



With the help on a trusted friend and their partner, they will be moving all the stuff I have sitting in storage in Oakland back home to Portland this weekend/early next week. And they will be able to get everything moved up in one trip!

I am trying to get the apartment ready for the influx of clothes and personal possessions I amassed while I was houseless. This is finally getting to be a home now. The diaspora is ending and I don't feel like my life is scattered across a hypercube of two states called California and Oregon

Other critical needs coming up soon

- Injectable Estrogen
- Eyeglasses (for far away viewing while cycling so I can see traffic and signs)
- Electrical surge protector (for an incoming desktop computer I have put volunteer hours in at FREE GEEK in the last two weeks of 2016)

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